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Punisher, The


Posted: 13 Mar, 2018 01:54
Last Edit: 04 Dec, 2018 15:53
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Created 13 Mar, 2018 01:54 by

Parent set: punisher
The Punisher (930422 etc)


Posted: 07 Jun, 2018 03:11
Last Edit: 08 Jun, 2018 03:03
Some new ideas to add more variety and individual touch to the set.

- place pizza on the casino table and eat it (The Pizzanisher)
- gather maximum number of grenades before entering the castle (The Exclusive Pineapple Delivery)
- free both Barbara's from prison but don't let them touch you (Truehearted)
- claim a big number of Pretty Heads at waterfront (Get Ready For Surprise!)
- break all rolling barrels in the forest (Why is the Rum Gone?)
- use up one knife completely to stab enemies while grappling (The Knife Master I)
- use up one knife completely to stab enemies while not grappling (The Knife Master II)
- claim a big number of dynamite in the elevator shaft (The Powdermonkeynisher)
- break all collumns and most pipes in the hotel (The Predemolinishner)
- time attack achievements for boss fights (The Prontonisher I-VI)

More "Need no Bangs to Trash You, Punks!" achievements
- defeat Bone Breaker without using your gun (III)
- get on the train without using your gun (IV)
- either get through the sewers or defeat Guardroid2 without using your gun (V) (two chances)
- either get to the hotel corridor, defeat Jigsaw or defeat Kingpin without using your gun (VI) (three chances)

- maybe more "The Purgamentonishser" achievements (finishing the stage without claiming items) (if anyone would like)

Posted: 08 Jun, 2018 03:03
Waiting for any feedback

Posted: 08 Jun, 2018 03:42
More acheevs for this awesome game would be great

Posted: 08 Jun, 2018 14:58
Sound great. I like your ideas.

Posted: 08 Jun, 2018 19:13
O jogo ja tem 50 conquistas, se encher muito, as conquistas perdem seu valor, fica muita coisa valendo poucos pontos e desanima tentar.

Posted: 08 Jun, 2018 19:24
Interessante seria separar um pouco esses sets inchados de conquistas pra um bonus set, o Garou eh um jogo que seria interessante um set bonus ao inves daquele monte de conquistas.

Posted: 07 Aug, 2018 02:59
Hey Salsa,

Can you give any hints for Yousofian and It's over 9 millions?

Posted: 08 Aug, 2018 01:46
The key here are boss fights and enemies throwing knives. Each kinfe will increase your complete bonus and at bosses the enemies just keep comming, and all of them counts. The most "minion spamming" bosses are Bushwacker and Kingpin. Remember to defeat each boss with full health.

Posted: 14 Sep, 2018 15:25

I tried everything I can, but the achievements won't work on RetroArch


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