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~Bonus~ Mega Man X2


Posted: 12 Feb, 2018 21:16
Last Edit: 21 Jul, 2018 13:04
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Created 12 Feb, 2018 21:16 by

1. Mega Man X2 (Bonus).sfc
Patch + Mega Man X2 (USA) [947B0355].sfc
RA Checksum: e53bac43ed9049ed28751477e4cc844d
CRC32 Checksum: 4C53A1B7

To properly link your ROM to the list you need to:
1. Download patch
2. Download Floating IPS software
3. Apply the patch on a ROM file, which meets specifications:
No-Intro file name: Mega Man X2 (USA).sfc
GoodTools file name:Megaman X2 (U) [!].smc
CRC32: 947b0355
You can check the the CRC32 checksum by dropping your ROM file onto this site
4. In result you should recieve a file with the following checksum:
CRC32: 4c53a1b7
5. Open the patched ROM

Posted: 06 May, 2018 06:08
Last Edit: 06 May, 2018 16:34
Suggestion of new achievements for this set:

1) Defeat Wire Sponge without letting him rage.
2) Defeat Wheel Gator without letting him dive.
3) Get the heart tank from Crab's stage without having the Bubble Splash and without climbing, grabbing or sliding over any submerged wall.
4) Get the heart tank from Moth's stage without having Crystal Hunter and Giga Crush.
5) Defeat the Moth's casule form without letting him turn the trash on the floor.
6) After cause the first damage at Magna Centipede in his stage, defeat him without let him teleport.
7) Defeat Violen using a shoryuken.
8) Once you started the Counter Hunter Stage 2 stage, reach the boss door in up to 40 seconds.
9) Defeat Serges using a shoryuken.
10) Get the life at beginning of Counter Hunter Stage 3.
11) Once you started to fight against Gator at boss rush, defeat him with a shoryuken without letting him dive.
12) Start the fight against Sigma with invencibility mode active.
13) Defeat Sigma Virus without letting him use his red laser.

Posted: 09 Jun, 2019 14:38
Since the current icon lost in #icon-gauntlet for lack of votes, I'm replacing the old icon from the bonus set with the new icon from




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