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Achievement of the Week Challenge #3

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Posted: 28 Feb, 2014 20:08
Popo probably left it on frame skip overnight or something. It should only take less than 10 minutes to get 10 lives on a decent computer though with full frame skip.

Posted: 28 Feb, 2014 20:15
ah... a decent computer... one can only dream... :P

Posted: 28 Feb, 2014 22:08
i've been playing this crap all day, i'm to the point at which i can get to the castle without losing but one or two lives but i always lose them all in 5-1 or the world 5 boss (even though he's easy as hell -- i just get super nervous by the time i get to him and mess up)

gotta be honest, where the challenge of the week is supposed to get us to appreciate games we may not have played ever or in a long time, it's made me very soundly loathe this one

Posted: 01 Mar, 2014 01:53
Phew! Put me down for 2 please.

Posted: 01 Mar, 2014 03:03
*stumbles into the thread, weak with blood, sweat and dirt covering his brow*

I-I've done it, men. I've become a mighty mouse. I can now die peacefully.

*curls up on the floor and just kinda lays there like that*

(O-On hardcore, by the way. So 2.)

Posted: 01 Mar, 2014 04:01

Take that game!... hardest week achievement so far... I get so nervous at the final, like everyone here I bet!

Hardcore :3

Now time to master it

Posted: 01 Mar, 2014 07:33
Untill which Monday the challenge stops?

Posted: 01 Mar, 2014 08:38
This Monday. On the front page, under News, it says "Post in the forum if you can accomplish this goal before next Monday the 3rd." So, there ya go. :D

Posted: 01 Mar, 2014 20:53
Got it on hardcore! Hardest challenge of the week so far!

Posted: 02 Mar, 2014 09:30
Add me to list please! I did the achievement on hard mode

Posted: 02 Mar, 2014 09:30
Add me to list please! I did the achievement on hard mode

Posted: 02 Mar, 2014 15:36
Hardcore get.
Wow, this one was really hard, I almost lost all hope I could complete the game by midnight. That clock tower in world 5 is insane.

Posted: 02 Mar, 2014 21:28
HC here too, took us a whole week.

Posted: 02 Mar, 2014 22:29
IM not gonna make it in time... but i really want to get this cheev so ill just try and get it even if its late.

Posted: 02 Mar, 2014 23:59
Hi all - anyone finding this achievement tough might appreciate this latest update to RAGens that comes directly from - RAGens is now RAGens REWiND! If you don't mind missing out on that second point for achieving this in hardcore, you can now use the rewind facility - mapped by default to key 'V', but you can remap this to any controller key you wish! Download the latest RAGens here:
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