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Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil


Posted: 02 Feb, 2018 05:29
Last Edit: 18 Dec, 2018 08:07
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Created 2 Feb, 2018 05:29 by

1. Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil (USA).z64
Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil (U) (V1.0) [!].z64
Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil Rev 0 (1998)(Acclaim - Iguana Entertainment)(US).bin
RA Checksum: fad4da8e17ce12f68cdf29180cdd4a90
CRC32 Checksum: FF5E7636

2. Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil (USA) (Rev A).z64
Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil (U) (V1.1).z64
Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil Rev 1 (1998)(Acclaim - Iguana Entertainment)(US).bin
RA Checksum: 166221365db70d446c4206083d422dd1
CRC32 Checksum: 57F1FBF5

3. turok 2 - seeds of evil (usa) (rev a).bin
RA Checksum: 15877e23f64eef6f66a616da7b24d6e2
CRC32 Checksum: ADEC745F

4. nus-nt2e-0.u1
RA Checksum: 76557ab6a4d86107ef31603b4822dae2
CRC32 Checksum: FE3527AE


Posted: 02 Feb, 2018 05:30

Posted: 08 Oct, 2018 19:19
Last Edit: 13 Oct, 2018 03:56
First of all thanks to for find almost every data for the collectibles in the memory inspector

Now about the achievements, will not trigger if you have any type of cheat activated, even if you only introduced the Master cheat

The achievements for River of Souls won't trigger if you have the Blood option "Off", that's to prevent the player to use the exploit to not receiving damage from the zombies

Also the only achievement that work even if the Master Cheat is activated is the one that is clear Level 4 without using the map. The reason is because is a requeriment to watch the intro cutscene of that level and the only time you can see the cutscene is the first time you enter the level, so if you wanna try to unlock this achievement you can enter the Master Cheat and go directly to Level 4.
Btw if you do this remember to restart the game to erase the master cheat, if you wanna unlock all the other achievements

And final, bows challenges achievements won't trigger only if you shot with any other weapon that's isn't one of the 2 bows, that means there is no problem if you accidentally pick up a weapon or you start a boss fight without carrying the bow

Posted: 08 Nov, 2018 13:23
Splendid. I'll play this one soon, the Steam version released some times ago is great but right now, it's unfortunately too far from the original experience. Improved movement is a good thing but the original game worked around this so it feels broken in many fights. The simplified map design however is unexcusable...

Thanks for the set !!

Posted: 09 Nov, 2018 05:41
A huge thanks for the set, and also for tackling problems so fast. Been holding off replaying this until someone came along to make a set. Some fun challenges there too.

Posted: 09 Nov, 2018 09:09
Last Edit: 09 Nov, 2018 09:11
@Evilman I disagree, I loved the Remastered version! in especial because the gameplay (t h a n k s!)
But what I did not like at all was in fact the achievements, in my opinion it was a loss of huge potential.

When I was making this set I was with the idea of the achievements that I would have liked to see at the Remastered version
I really appreciate your words @Evilman and @LordAchantos, enjoy 😁


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