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Developer Set Achievement Awards for 2017


Posted: 30 Jan, 2018 18:30
Last Edit: 30 Jan, 2018 18:38
About 6 months ago some of us were discussing the idea of Achievement Awards for recognizing excellent developer work. One reason for the 2017 Year In Review was to open the path for these Awards.

Here's what I've got so far. Mind you there are brainstorm level ideas. Please share how you think it could be improved or should change.

Potential Categories
"...of the year"
- Best overall set
- Best NES/SNES/N64/Mega/GB/GBA/MS set (not the ones with too few entries)
- Best badges in a set
- Most improved set (revision)
- Most creative achievements in a new set
- Best developed set for a known terrible game
- Most humorous set
- Hardest set of the year
- Best titles and descriptions

"...of the month"
- Best set

-Most sophisticated achievment coding (by nomination)

Deciding winners
Player Choice, Judge Panel or some of both.

**Players Choice**
- More community involvement
- Players may just vote for their favorite games, not looking at achievment sets' merits.

**Judge Panel**
- Expert judges would take their role seriously meaning great more balanced results.

About Judges
**Possible Judges**
Some of the Top 10-20 Globally ranked players.
-- Reason: They've played a whole bunch of sets and are not developers.
Longstanding admin users who are not recent developers like ,
, , .
-- Reason: They've shown a long term vested interest in the community, but have a expert understand of achievment making, yet aren't recent developers.

**Judge Quantity**
Between 3-6 judges seems good to me.

The Actual Award
Awards would be recognized by developer(s) and by game. A trophy would be made for the developer profile and recognition posted in the game forum/game page wall.

Concerns and Potential Problems
1. Too many award could water down the meaningfulness each.
2. Players/Judges voting for sets and games they've never seen or played, not giving due consideration
3. Too much to review could make for bad or insincere results.
4. Inherent biases or voting for favorite developer, not judging objectively.

1. Cut down or keep the final list small.
2. ??
3. Dividing votes first by month reviewing 15-30 at once. Then having an overall vote.
4. ??

Final Thoughts
- If this became a hit we could have a monthly player's choice/judgement panel each new month in the future.
- For this to happen in a good way it would need good community support.

Should we?
Post your view in this strawpoll:

Post your thoughts, ideas, suggestion here in this forum, what happens will depend on community feedback.

Posted: 31 Jan, 2018 15:43
Another potential problem:
Encourage competition and discourage colaboration

A question: how a co-work will be judged?
Example, when I work with my friend Alena, she do most part of the RAM digging and I do the code stuff. This makes the cheevos have my name, but it was a joint effort.

Posted: 01 Feb, 2018 00:57
Dev awards sholud be there. But also constest awards. And it should be more than just 6 random images of Santa Clause in the contest winner's set (for Skynet, you got the idea). People were fighting over a month to get it.

Posted: 01 Feb, 2018 14:07
You're right . And I've not forgotten about those trophies, but I have had some technical and other delays with Skynet, as skynet is trying to talk over the world and kill all mankind.

Both types of trophies will be using the same method, but that's all little off topic here. I'll talk with you about it in #devs.

Posted: 05 Feb, 2018 16:38
About the best badges+titles/descriptions of a set.. how would you determine who created those? If going just by who developed the achievement/set then that seems unreliable since anyone could later change the badge and not get credited.. I say this because I've created numerous badges for sets over the past few years without being the developer of them.. :p

In the past some devs would just get a set done without any art or just basic desctiptions and my ocd just forced me to make some lol!

Posted: 05 Feb, 2018 16:39


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