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Snail Maze - Sega Master System BIOS (SMS)


Posted: 14 Jan, 2018 19:44
Last Edit: 18 Mar, 2018 16:59
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Created 14 Jan, 2018 19:44 by

1. [BIOS] Sega Master System (USA, Europe) (v1.3).sms
SMS BIOS V1.3 (UE).sms
Sega Master System BIOS v1.3 (1986)(Sega)(EU-US)(en).bin
RA Checksum: 840481177270d5642a14ca71ee72844c
CRC32 Checksum: 0072ED54

2. SMS BIOS V1.3 (UE) [h1].sms
Sega Master System BIOS v1.3 (1986)(Sega)(EU-US)(en)[h].bin
RA Checksum: 4f47e48248f6498bff9018789f26c9f8
CRC32 Checksum: 5AD6EDAC

3. Snail Music Demo by Eric Quinn (PD).sms
Snail Music Demo (2000)(Quinn, Eric).bin
RA Checksum: ffcb0fedde6b7f8377ca99232c123597
CRC32 Checksum: 304FE02B



"Snail Maze" is the unofficial name for the secret game built in to early Master System consoles - those with no other built-in game, or with Hang On and Safari Hunt or Hang On built in. It can be activated by pressing Up and buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously on the "ENJOY!!!" screen, or holding these on startup if there is a regular built-in game.

Posted: 14 Jan, 2018 19:45
Last Edit: 15 Jan, 2018 05:33

[BIOS] Sega Master System (USA, Europe) (v1.3)

Current ROM MD5: 840481177270d5642a14ca71ee72844c

__/ Trivia \____________________________________

* This was a classic which was built into the Sega Master System original console as a easter egg.

* Fans have worked to keep the game from becoming an obscure footnote in video game history. In 2004 a port of Snail Maze was made for the Japanese MSX computer platform. The port included enhanced graphics as well as a new title screen. A version of Snail Maze was included on the Coleco Sonic handheld system, created in 2006. A port of Snail Maze was released in December 2015 for the TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator, written in eZ80 assembly language by James Vernon.

* In Round 11 there are actually two paths, and one is shorter than another.

Information about Master System:

Posted: 15 Jan, 2018 03:26
Awesome idea for a set, though I'm not sure what makes this "unofficial" outside the name since it's part of the system boot ROM. That's not even a tag we've used before.

If we don't want to name the set after something unofficial maybe we can just call it "Sega Master System BIOS" after the image name? Personally I'm fine with just "Snail Maze," though.

Posted: 15 Jan, 2018 03:33
Last Edit: 15 Jan, 2018 19:43
Alright, the first meme set of Sega Master System is done!

I recreated the box art using some of the Wonder Boy art and font from other games, because a box art never existed.

The set has 25 points 13 cheevos, 12 of them are one for each maze.

Rich Presence:

Guiding a 🐌 through the maze on Round 1
Map symbols: 🐌=Snail

After loading the ROM, press Up and the buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously and of course, you'll receive your first trophy :)

Posted: 15 Jan, 2018 03:51
Last Edit: 16 Jan, 2018 00:51
Maybe you is correct about this ! So if other developers and admins agree we can revert this!

When I was looking for many of sites specialized in SMS always mentions that "Snail Maze" is an unofficial name since it was never released on a cartridge, so I thought that designation would be correct with the history. But honestly, although I tried to follow a logic, I don't like the name I gave too.

Snail Maze - Sega Master System BIOS sounds good to me!


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