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~Bonus~ Little Mermaid, The


Posted: 12 Jan, 2018 19:18
Last Edit: 21 Jul, 2018 14:09
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Created 12 Jan, 2018 19:18 by

1. Patch + Little Mermaid, The (USA).gb
RA Checksum: 7a3757ce00ed456890f953a8accb3e2a
CRC32 Checksum: 5A063787

To properly link your ROM to the list you need to:
1. Download patch
2. Download Floating IPS software
3. Apply the patch on a ROM file, which meets specifications:
No-Intro file name: Little Mermaid, The (USA).gb
GoodTools file name: Little Mermaid, The (U) [!].gb
CRC32: d7c517e5
ou can check the the CRC32 checksum by dropping your ROM file here
4. In result you should recieve a file with the following checksum:
CRC32: 5a063787
5. Open the patched ROM in RAVBA

Posted: 12 Jan, 2018 20:48
Last Edit: 14 Jan, 2018 22:31
Here are the exceptions in "without pressing left" cheevos, you can move freely between the red lines:

Sunken Ship (1)

Sunken Ship (2)

Sea of Ice

Undersea Volcano


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