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Devs & Designers partnership thread


Posted: 06 Jan, 2018 22:31
Are you a dev excited to do a set, but lack skills in doing pretty good-looking badges for the game and its achievements?

Are you a designer (or a regular user, really) who always wanted to give a little back to RA in some way, but have no idea how to develop sets and that's not really your thing?

This is the thread where you can meet each other! Devs can do sets, designers can do badges (or actually anything you want to agree on).

Post the help you need or the games where you'd like to contribute, and maybe someone will show up to help you!

Posted: 06 Jan, 2018 22:42
So, I will start things here: I'm currently revising the set to , as well as doing a ~Bonus~ set where the most difficult cheevos will be. I already designed every new cheevo, and I'm currently in the mid of developing them. What would be really helpful to me if anyone wanted to volunteer:

- someone to do nice titles to the achievements (I have already made every description), as I'm not a native english speaker and I don't feel comfortable to do more than generic titles.

- someone to do the badges to the new achievements, as I totally lack skills with anything better than MS Paint. To be honest, even if you don't have much skills, but are willing to do the badges just from taking screenshots and choosing the coolest frames, that would be very helpful too!

Posted: 07 Jan, 2018 04:04
Does this game really have enough depth or challenge to warrant a separate bonus set? I don't know this game but there's no sense making the core set suffer by putting everything that's actually challenging into ~Bonus~

Posted: 12 Jan, 2018 21:56
Last Edit: 12 Jan, 2018 23:20
Yes, it does.

Well, I ended up doing everything myself. Enjoy, everyone!


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