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Kickle Cubicle


Posted: 21 Feb, 2014 05:37
Last Edit: 03 Jan, 2019 10:15
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Created 21 Feb, 2014 05:37 by

1. Kickle Cubicle (USA).nes
Kickle Cubicle (U) [!].nes
Kickle Cubicle (1990-09)(Irem Corporation)(US).nes
V14- RA Checksum: 71a8fdb0f17c36fab3655ab3783b3420
V15+ RA Checksum: b764dcf61b2b9b3bedb4a3e1bf0ebfe7
ROM Checksum: d4951408a8970c17ab247d40e9f89647
CRC32 Checksum: E783D470

Plus 4 unique ROM Checksum variations with the same V14- RA Checksum (6 total)
Kickle Cubicle (U) {[b1], [b1][o1], [b2], [o1]}
Kickle Cubicle (1990-09)(Irem Corporation)(US){, [h Vimm][iNES title]}

[b]2. Kickle Cubicle (Europe).nes

Kickle Cubicle (E) [!].nes
Kickle Cubicle (1990)(Nintendo)(EU).nes
V14- RA Checksum: c7773fe1ba7144be2fd4806d98ee5053
V15+ RA Checksum: 402f24161ebd8899d07474f6d887969b
ROM Checksum: d5854cdb9a80dd5df478a00407c5f5be
CRC32 Checksum: CF03120B

3. Kickle Cubicle (E) [T+Fre99.5%_YF06].nes
Kickle Cubicle (1990)(Nintendo)(EU)[tr fr YF06][99,5%].nes
RA Checksum: 8b8dfb85e94a392fd36fd190ae93a528
ROM Checksum: 37ce81170ffbf9f4d4448f933e2e5c9b
CRC32 Checksum: 895E0461


Posted: 21 Feb, 2014 23:35
One of the first games I looked for on this site. Definitely needs some achievements :)

Posted: 22 Feb, 2014 01:16
it has 101 now

Posted: 24 Feb, 2014 04:36
Might as well share my thoughts on this game.

I went into it completely blind..well, aside from reading about it in Nintendo Power decades ago.
After a little stumbling around the game started to click. It's essentially an action-puzzle game, kinda like Bubble Bobble, Snow Brothers, and so on. More specifically, Kickle Cubicle is "Sliding-block puzzle: the game".

This is usually something I dread when I play action-adventure games. However with Kickle Cubicle, it usually works. The stages are very short and the solution is usually pretty obvious. The goal is completing the stage as fast as possible, since almost all points are tied to time left over. This gives the game an arcade appeal and for the most part it's pretty enjoyable.

The special mode though...WOW. I never want to see another sliding block puzzle in any game ever again. A lot of these post-game stages involve using hammers to knock blocks around. I grew to hate those damn things. Also I bled through several continues to get through almost all of the stages in special mode. In the main game I continued once(?) maybe twice. Needless to say the difficulty balance was way off. Still I didn't mind it too much.

But then it all comes to a head on Special stage 30. WHAT IN THE WORLD? Even if you know the solution (which is obtuse as all hell because it's all hammers) you'll be hard-pressed to get through the stage. The controls really don't work for this stage, which is odd because for the rest of the game they work rather well. Kickle moves one block at a time, but the movement is analogous enough that you can change directions immediately, which is necessary for freezing those pesky foes without pumping into them. On the other hand moving quickly enough to outrun a flying block while maneuvering around narrow passages just doesn't suit Kickle. Needless to say I died numerous times just from sticking to a wall for a fraction of a second.

To sum it all up. The first half (the story mode) is good fun, the second half (special mode) starts off challenging but goes for the nuts before too long.

Posted: 09 Jan, 2018 00:07
Added leaderboards few days ago. 107 in total. 97 for best time in every level, 10 is top score at certain point.

Posted: 18 Jan, 2018 14:43
Last Edit: 30 May, 2018 08:50
Glitched score submition (like 20620000) was reset in all score leaderbords. Points like this were submitted during the first day of leaderboard when all the score was calculated wrong. Also Cake master don't works normally. Primary objective to fix it.

Also have 2 cheevos in mind to complete the set. Popsticks based.

EDIT: I want to add 3 popsticks challenges (from world 3 and special world) and 1 cheevo based on code (Ninja Cubicle) to make the set complete (400 points).

Posted: 04 Jun, 2018 21:08
Did 6 cheevos (haven't uploaded yet). 2 more to go. I guess I'll have to cut some points from Complete World X cheevos.

Posted: 08 Jun, 2018 16:39
Last Edit: 06 Dec, 2018 01:25
Here's the plan:
(5*5) 5 new popsticles achievements (worlds 3-S).
(5*2) 2 new speedrun achievements (world 3)
(15) 1 bonus land achievement (get 80 items after getting Mira's ring). Hard.
(2*4) 4 cheat code achievements

Status: 90% is ready.
Badges: 20%.

So I need 58 points. 30 are free.
10 points will be taken from here. 5 instead of 15. 18 left.
10 points will be taken from here. 15 instead of 25. 8 left.
5 points will be taken from here. 20 instead of 25. 3 left.
3 points will be taken from here. 22 instead of 25. Done.

Points are modified.

Special World achievements now require to clear 5 levels in the row. 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 etc. Not 5-10, 10-15. Passwords for levels 1, 6, 11, 16 etc. are allowed.

Posted: 12 Jun, 2018 02:18
Added better badges.

Posted: 13 Dec, 2018 23:39
Last Edit: 14 Dec, 2018 00:05
Finally, I'm ready to post revision plan.

Set is unbalanced. No base cheevo. Some players do only this cheevo , some do only this one and thus, 96 of 129 did .

So this is the plan.
Change to base cheevo "Beat any level" and cut points to 1. As most players did it.
Change to "Beat Garden Land". Mira's Ring cheevos will be added by me.

1 new popsticle achievents (looks like impossible to crush in that level), similar to
3 new speedrun achievements, similar to
4 new "crush" achievements, similar to
4 code achievements to let player see hidden stuff (actually 3 codes and one for just pressing Select button to restart the level).
11 Mira's rings achievements for certain levels. Once you find how to summon one ring, you'll find how to summon others.
1 "lord of the rings" achievements to collect all rings in one session and give them to Princess Mira. Passwords aren't allowed. Some secret code is.
1 score achievement. Get 5.000.000 points. It's just "beat 3 worlds and part of 4th world without losing using continue and playing as last sucker".
1 collection achievement. Get 100 items in Mira's bonus stage before times out. Can be done only in certain layout.
(optional) 1 enemy achievement. Crush 4 enemies by 1 ice block.

49 (50) in total.

Posted: 15 Mar, 2019 05:24
Update to the plans. Nothing is changed. Will try to finish revision this month.


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