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Wave Race 64


Posted: 20 Nov, 2017 18:37
Last Edit: 15 May, 2019 02:14
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Created 20 Nov, 2017 18:37 by

Wave Race 64 (USA).z64
Wave Race 64 (U) (V1.0) [!].z64
Wave Race 64 Rev 0 (1996)(Nintendo)(US).bin
RA Checksum: ae480013f39d4aec86eea1b4995600d1
CRC32 Checksum: 74A7B725


Posted: 26 Apr, 2018 04:40
are you adding achievements

Posted: 30 Sep, 2018 17:57
Last Edit: 30 Sep, 2018 17:58
I've added game icon, screenshots, boxart and game info to the page. (If someone develops achievements, feel free to replace the icon -- but it's better than the default).

Posted: 08 Nov, 2018 19:42
how do you replace the icon

Posted: 08 Nov, 2018 19:45
i want to do the icon for Super Releasio 64

Posted: 26 Jan, 2019 21:10
Last Edit: 26 Jan, 2019 21:13
I figure I'd post some ideas I had when I originally worked on this since the game seems to be getting various visitors lately, including developers. I worked on this a bit last year, but stopped once I realized I was just making achievements that could be entirely covered by competitive leaderboards.

Basic Ideas Were to have Single Lap, 3 Lap, and 9 Lap Records you had to beat. They would all be reasonable and easy provided you were actually using good technique. I had these planned for each of the unique stages, which you unlock after completing them in game. Beating Normal unlocks Hard. Hard Unlocks Expert, Expert Unlocks Reverse.

I also planned some cheevos for completing entire while doing a reverse handlebar grip or handstand or other trick for the all 3 laps. It's very doable with a bit of practice. There would be a time requirement as well, but I never got far enought to gauge what might be appropriate. These would have been peppered throughout various stages and competitions.

Special achievements in championship mode where you were required to get 1st place in every race for challenge and just win for progression cheevo. Also, certain stages would require a special requirement such as finding the shortcut (some are only easily available on hard+), or winning the race (1st place) after letting the lead racer lap you (stay still until they do). A Category that I was disappointed may not be possible to implement is playing dirty and taking out the competition. No matter how hard or fast I hit them, no one seemed to slow down for more than a slit second, and I was never able to dislodge them from their craft.

For stunts, there was the turn your dolphin into a whale and make your scooter a dolphin cheevos. Plus very high score requirements which are possible if you use proper techniques. This is also probably better handled by a leaderboard. Besides this, I wasn't at good at hard/expert as I needed to be, and It was harder to master than I remembered, so I Left the set where it was and didn't upload any more from local.

FYI these were coded, just to give an idea of reasonable times that aren't speed run level, but still require skill.

Right out of the Gate II (5 points) - Have Max Power at the beginning of the Race (10 times)
This is something you need to be able to do EVERY time. Not worth finishing the race most of the time if you don't unless you're only looking for progress.

Keeping it Nice and Round (Drake Lake) (5 points) Complete a lap in under 0'26"
Drake Lake Jet Setter (5 points) Complete a 3 lap run in under 1'24"
Keeping it Nice and Round (Marine Fortress) (5 Points) Complete a lap in under 0'27" (I forget if this was practiced on hard or not)
Marine Fortress Jet Setter (5 points) Complete a 3 lap run in under 1'27"
Sunny Beach Long Setter (5 Points) Complete a 9 lap run in under 3'23"

I had a table for times for other tracks I never fully filled out. Not to mention I wasn't good enough.

It's a pretty good game to play. But designing a well rounded set is a bit difficult if you aren't a pretty expert player.

Posted: 13 May, 2019 23:03
Last Edit: 13 May, 2019 23:37
Hey @caricatur, I like the ideas for your achievements for time trial records on single, 3, and 9 laps. I believe that they should be at least required to complete the default times on stages or a little bit under but doable for a challenge. That would come out to 24 achievements for the 8 tracks not including Dolphin Park since I believe you can’t do Time Trials on it since it’s a warmup stage for Championship. We can follow this format for all stages: Single Lap - Drake Lake, 3 Lap - Drake Lake, and 9 Lap - Drake Lake and the description would be “Beat this [List Time here] on [List Track here].”

There should be an achievement for landing all stunts correctly (meaning your character doesn’t fall off his jet ski when you land on water after doing the trick). My idea was to call it Stunt Double and the description would tell you to “Land all 14 different stunts successfully.” I can see this achievement being difficult to program/code into working because some of the stunts may not honestly be considered stunts and I’m talking about the stuff you do on water. You can maybe make it to where you only have to do the 9 ramp stunts and not the “on the water” stuff like Handstands,Ride Backwards, Ride Standing, Backwards Spin, and a Standing Backflip. I honestly don’t know if you could consider a “Dive” off the ramp as a ramp stunt but the list I am looking at says it is. If not, just worry about coding the other 8 legitimate ramp stunts, which are No Hands,
Backflip, Barrel Roll, Double Flip, Helicopter Flip, Helicopter Double Flip, Triple Flip, and Helicopter Triple Flip. I would like it if you could make it work for all stunts, but we will have to see about it.

I agree with your ideas to have achievements for starting any race at maximum power, that sounds good. I assume you’re doing 2 achievements under that description since you mentioned Right Out of the Gate II being to do it 10 times and the first one is probably for 1 time. Am I correct about that?

Here are some achievements related to progression:
- Unlock the Hard Championship/“Complete the Normal Championship in 1st place.”
- Unlock Twilight City/“Complete the Hard Championship in 1st place.”
- Unlock Glacier Coast/“Complete the Expert Championship.”
- Unlock Reverse Mode/“Complete the Expert Championship in 1st place.”
- All Done OR Reverse? Really?/“Complete Reverse Mode in 1st place.”

There should also be achievements for getting a certain amount of points where it’ll be not too hard but not too easy in Stunt Mode for each track. I believe this will include Dolphin Park, so 9 tracks in total. If you’d like an idea of how many points to ask for, apparently back in the day getting 3,000 points on some of the harder tracks like Glacier Coast was a big deal. So I would recommend maybe asking for 2,500 or 2,750 across all tracks, but you can switch up the difficulty and change the requirements per track if you want to. You can name this achievement similarly to my “Stunt Double” idea, maybe something like Stunt Man with the description stating to “Get 2,750 points on all tracks.” OR split it up into 9 different achievements each being called Stunt Man - Sunny Beach and Stunt Man - Drake Lake and Stunt Man - Southern Island and so on with them having a custom or standard requirement for points on each stage.

There should also be achievements related to using the shortcuts for tracks that have them. This would apply to finding the 2 shortcuts in Marine Fortress, 1 shortcut in Port Blue, 1 shortcut in Twilight City, and the 2 shortcuts in Southern Island; 4 tracks. You can make it 4 different achievements OR just 1 for finding all shortcuts with the title of Shortcut! OR Shortcut! - Port Blue and Shortcut! - Marine Fortress and so on. (We can also take out the ! in the Shortcut! title if you don’t like it).

We can also have 1 achievement for playing all the characters and completing 1 race with them (maybe require a 1st place finish to make it not too easy). You can call it something like Aquatic Versatility. It can be a different title, but I like it the way it is.

Let’s have 8 different achievements for not missing a single buoy on each Championship track and coming out in 1st place. You can name them something silly like Oh Buoy - Port Blue and Oh Buoy - Drake Lake and so on. (We can change the title of them if anyone has a better idea).

We can have Challenge Achievements for when you customize your controls before starting a Championship like No Handling with a description like “Finish 1 Race in 1st place with the lowest handling.” You would copy this idea to the other controls like No Engine and No Grip for a total of 3 achievements. (You can change the requirements for this, but it seems like a decent challenge).

Let’s have 2 achievements for triggering secrets. We can have 1 achievement for unlocking the ability to ride a dolphin in Warmup Mode. We can call it The Best Jetski OR something like Look! I am Riding a Dolphin! with the description hinting at doing stunts while following the dolphin in Dolphin Park in Stunt Mode. The other achievement is for having the baby dolphin and whale show up and follow you in Warmup Mode. We can call it Oh Lookie Here OR What a Beautiful Family.

Lastly, we can have 2 easy achievements for changing your character’s colors before a race starts and changing your name in the Options. We can call the first one Changing Colors and the second one Changing Names.

If all of these were implemented, we would have a total of 61 achievements. This would make for an awesome set to an awesome game. Thanks for reading.

*Please give feedback on this idea for a set by suggesting new names for them, new achievements and anything else you might want to add. I would like to also mention that I can be a tester, so please reach out to me on here or preferably Discord. I have the same name on Discord, so just type @Deroga in your message and I’ll respond to you.*

Posted: 14 May, 2019 14:49
Last Edit: 16 May, 2019 18:50
Alright, to make this set, I'll be teaming up with Deroga and caricatur using No-intro ROM: ae480013f39d4aec86eea1b4995600d1

We're still making preparations, plan will be added soon and update everytime we come up with new achievements.

- Unlocking every difficulty (Normal, Hard, Expert, Reverse)
- Unlocking every tracks
- Objective times
- Miscellanous (Max Power, etc)

Achievements into unofficial:

Objective Time:
- [Prototype] Sunny Beach Competitor - Reach the finish line with less than 1'10"000 (Optimized from caricatur's code)
- [Prototype] Southern Island Competitor - Reach the finish line with less than 1'25"000

- Perfect Quick Star - Start any race with power gauge to the maximum (Optimized from caricatur's code)
- [Prototype] Perfect Quick Star II - Start every race with power gauge to the maximum in Normal difficulty
- Look! I am Riding a Dolphin! - Ride a Dolphin in Warmup Mode

It will be achievement from scratch, I'll be taking care of existing achievements and optimize them if needed.

Update will be done frequently, we will do our best to make this set as original as possible.
Note: Prototype achievements are still not perfect/tested.

Posted: 16 May, 2019 18:51
Last Edit: 16 May, 2019 18:54
I've joined the team. I'll be focusing most of my effort on LBs.

I'll also be contributing some achievements, here and there. Hoping to make this a really fun set.

Currently, as you may have noticed, there are some LBs:
Best time lap (any mode but stunt)
Best 3 lap run (easiest difficulty available per stage)
1 per mode [default 3 lap] time to complete 6-8 stages.

Also have some for stunts. Will also have some for 5 lap and 9 lap.

Will be adding soon:
High score per stunt level [9]
Best time while collecting all rings [9]

Anything else we can come up with.

Pause will disable achievements and LB. Not just for the stunt mode glitch but other reasons as well.
Pause does not disable the full run LBs currently but I may add it. Currently, retiring via misses or menu cancles the LB.

Posted: 22 Jul, 2019 14:42
Last Edit: 22 Jul, 2019 14:44
Hello there !
Just some informations about the set, I will cease working on that.

Recently, my lack of motivation began to be felt on my side. I had racing game experience when I was working on Ridge Racer 64. I never imagined it to be so different from what I used to do.
Clearly, I can not find how to create some achievements due to my lack of talent on this game which is relatively technical on some points even when it comes of using some tools that supposed to help.

Plus, I had some issues from my personal life that got me stuck for some months (health problems) that not helped.

That's why I'm retiring from this set. This game is really good, but I'm not willing to release some kind of set only based on progression, I would be too bad for such an amazing game.

Posted: 10 Dec, 2019 10:34
Cant develop for n64 but im willing to test achievements out. Love this game and would really like to see a good set


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