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Crash Team Racing

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Posted: 09 Oct, 2019 16:14
After day-after-day testing on the game, I'd mostly just like some time to rest a little before that happens and I need to do more troubleshoot-testing. I test as much as I can in Local so I can fix things rapidly by using Notepad++ to Find-Replace things, if they can be. Otherwise the rules have changed several times, and I'm not sure if we need to give time for others to say what they want on it. And there are still some things I want to try doing to make sure they work, or don't-work when saves are loaded(although none of them should, but there are always quirks and things you didn't think of).

As far as things I didn't do, I probably could have done the "race around the overworld" thing, but the timer-address I wanted to use could just as easily loop(although it would take 25 minutes and resets when an actual race is started) with no indication that it had, and anyone who tried to do the achievement could possibly lose due to that. Also several other reasons, map-IDs aren't in a predictable-order for greater-than/less-than checks, etc etc.

Relics were a strange thing in RAM, instead of being accumulative, sapphires and golds single-bits turn off if you get gold or platinum respectively, and they're inter-mixed in such a weird way you can't make logical checks to easily know if they got one or improved and got the other. I was going to group them per-world but that would have required a massively exponential amount of checks.

So I just went with the Crash-3 method of getting gold-or-better on each track, even though the game doesn't care what color relic you have and only rewards you for getting all of them. Sapphires could be made but that would require 3 alt-group checks and I dislike having too many alt-checks if I don't need to, and it would spam another 18 achievements to the set. I originally was going to use Platinum-only but it's pretty absurdly difficult when the game doesn't require platinum-only anywhere(although salvador tells me the Oxide time-trial-ghosts are way harder, so I dunno).

All "bad" cheats should be refuted. Character cheats shouldn't matter, unless someone links a version that shouldn't be here. Couldn't find boosts in RAM for some reason, so didn't make anything related to those ... but the amount of achievements is already large enough without trivial things like that anyway(and you'll be using plenty of boosts in the relic and ghost challenges, so that's basically covered in those). I think everything else was covered.

Posted: 09 Oct, 2019 17:34
>I probably could have done the "race around the overworld" thing, but the timer-address I wanted to use could just as easily loop

you can use a delta!=mem hit counter to reset after a certain amount of hits.

Though i disagree i understand. Day 1 tickets always suck.

I did shit on you a bit for your mk64 save protection a while back but you're overall a good dev. Was looking forward to the set ever since i saw you took over as lead. Guess i can wait a few more days.

Posted: 09 Oct, 2019 20:58
Yeah, that might work, it's been a while since they've added hit-counters to ResetIfs, I still haven't quite used that yet. I was kind of hoping each area's ID would be in some kind of consecutive order, but they were jumbled around, so detecting movement between each area is difficult to know without them just going back and forth between the same two areas.

Nah don't worry about it, I definitely understand the frustration. Might not have to be a few days, but I just want to poke around a bit and make sure I have the right idea on things. Otherwise yeah, having other people play on it is the best way to get feedback since they'll do things I wouldn't do, since I'm trying to make sure it works, rather than always think about how it wouldn't work.

Posted: 09 Oct, 2019 21:46
shortcut achivement planned ?

I'm not a developer and I don't know if it's difficult to made an achievement but it would be cool to have one

Posted: 09 Oct, 2019 21:51
doesn't look like it from the unofficial achievements, though you'll probably need them to get a quick enough time for some of these. While i agree shortcut achievements should be included apparently they're hard to code, though I doubt they're impossible. If i ever decide to work on some for mk64 i might take a look here.

Posted: 09 Oct, 2019 22:01
okayy, thanks for your answer. ;)

Posted: 10 Oct, 2019 01:18
One of the main ways for checking shortcuts was through coordinates, and those are pretty hard to get to line up without being way-too-precise and require a pixel-perfect area that many people would likely miss. Maybe with the new tools we have, it could be slightly-more possible with things like AndNext, but I've barely started using those to know how they work.... that's why I didn't include them in MK64, although some coordinates were more one-directional, so doing things like visit-Peach-Castle-then-win weren't too difficult, but others were.

But yeah, shortcuts will need to be used extensively throughout the game anyway, sometimes to get the CTR tokens, and especially to get relics, or N.Tropy and Oxide ghosts. You will basically be getting shortcut-achievements through those.

Posted: 10 Oct, 2019 01:21
Andnext is the greatest thing since sliced kitchen sink. I highly recommend leaning how to use it. Such a good addition to the toolkit.

Posted: 19 Oct, 2019 11:35
The 500 points thing was a joke.

Neither The Completionist nor Caddicarus are "overly-popular Youtubers", but they are well-known.

I can understand why you didn't select my set of criteria. I'm just sad you didn't put any unique achievements; defeating bosses and collecting stuff are standard and commonplace. That and 'Boneless Pizza' didn't make the cut.

Posted: 20 Oct, 2019 01:25
Sorry psportal, I do like adding in unique/interesting achievements that make use of the game in ways you didn't think of or expect. But I personally like to keep the sets balanced with similar-series achievements that have some kind of well-known meaning or interest; and especially these days, I also don't go too far out of my way to code things that might end up not working well, and need a ton of maintenance to keep fixing over and over.

If they're just for the sake of a clever/meme title name, then I might put them to the side until I can see if I can pair them up with a full-series to match them, or eventually give up on them if there just aren't enough of them and they don't really match up with something else.

As it is, using an invincibility-item while flattened doesn't really accomplish anything, it's not really an achievement. You basically need to just find a level with something that can squash you, and then hope you got a random item from a crate that happened to be invincibility. It's not really unique or a challenge, it's just a really specific chain of events that involves a random item that is more about a meme than anything else.

Add to that, I don't feel confident that I can accurately check for all those things, especially the missile one, as it relies on knowing the player shot a missile and that the other opponent took the hit and that it happened a specific number of times. Even if I could code that, I wouldn't want to wait around to find out what's wrong with it when people unintentionally find ways to make it not-work. It also just feels like part of the process for beating Papu Papu in the first place, and not really unique as an achievement, just something you would more or less do anyway.

Again this is nothing against you, I'm just trying to walk through why I didn't use these ideas.

I DID try to do the "around the world map" race, but the different areas just aren't setup in such a way that I can stop the player from just moving back-and-forth between two areas repeatedly and not win the achievement that way.

In this game's case, just the normal achievements themselves started giving me trouble, especially with how buried and weirdly out of order the progression-bits were arranged, so just making sure I got those working took up most of my time and interest(and I got my own code-notes backwards a few times and had to re-code a few of them). I was going to require only-platinum-relics achievements because of that difficulty, but I went ahead and did my best to allow gold, but the way the RAM works it required Alt-Groups because it turns OFF Sapphire/Gold if you get Gold/Platinum respectively, so they needed to be carefully set up right on each one.

After all that exhaustion, the most I could manage to do was add in Penta since he was the one unique character not tied to an in-game reward like the gem-races were.

Posted: 20 Oct, 2019 03:00
Last Edit: 20 Oct, 2019 03:00
Im fine with joke/filler achievements personally but im not crying over them not being there. Race around the hub would be fun too but again not really crying over it.

I would prefer platinum only for the relics - while they are difficult, it doesnt feel right being able to master the game without them. They're perfectly doable and a part of completing the game.

Posted: 31 Oct, 2019 00:04
Just started playing this set, looks great, I'm pretty happy it was done, thanks guys. However, I agree with here, it should be platinum relics only. It kinda feels wrong to allow gold relics and say someone "mastered" the game. I know I'm reasonably good at this game from playing it more than a decade ago (so I'm not starting as a newcomer), I already know how to use the slide boosts and stuff, but I mean, it's not that difficult to learn it, Aku Aku teaches you really early in the game. I suppose things are going to get at least a little bit tougher as the game progresses, but for now I got the platinum relic from the first race on my first try, and from the second race on my second try. Please, consider changing this.

Posted: 31 Oct, 2019 14:20
When salvador and I both saw how the RAM worked for relics(turning off previous relics, or skipping them altogether), we gave up our first plan to group them by-world(and only have 5 achievements for them all) and decided on Platinum only.... but near the end we got worried that it might be too difficult and backed them down to gold/platinum instead, since the game never requires more than sapphire, and it seemed like a good compromise to use Crash-3 logic to require gold-or-better instead.

But yeah, I've also been told that platinums are not as hard as Oxide Time Trials, so I suppose it isn't much of a stretch to make them platinum-only as well. However, I will also be adding sapphire-or-better achievements just in case people wish for those as well.

The problem is that if people already got platinum, if I battery-save-protect them, you can't get them again. Sapphires, if they already have gold they will get them when they get platinum. So there may be some who need to restart a new Adventure file to get back their platinums.

Anyway, I'll see about getting them up today if possible. They all use the same code, they just need different tiers of Alt-Groups or no-alt-groups to make them work, and a little more gradual research to find Sapphires since they're in the same nearby space of RAM.

Posted: 31 Oct, 2019 16:59
i don't see much of an issue with platinums only personally.

Posted: 31 Oct, 2019 17:16
Last Edit: 31 Oct, 2019 18:28
If there's one thing I wish would be fixed, it's this problem where Local Achievements Mode now unlocks anything in other modes. I use Local Achievements Mode to make, test, and fix things - I don't want Official Achievements being evaluated or "earned" when I'm in Local Achievements Mode.

I don't know when this change happened, but it is extremely unhelpful and irritating. Yes, I can uncheck "Process Achievements" but that prevents any possibility of Local Achievements processing too, so they can't be tested. The whole point of fixing/making achievements in Local Achievements is so that I don't interact with Official Achievements. At the very least, it would be helpful if "Process Achievements" was a checkbox for each individual Mode - not all of them.

....anyway, Local-Achievement-wise, all 36 of those are documented and ready for upload, will try to in a bit.

Alright, they're up.
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