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Crash Bash


Posted: 19 Nov, 2017 19:57
Last Edit: 30 Oct, 2019 04:57
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Created 19 Nov, 2017 19:57 by

Crash Bash (Greatest Hits) (USA) [SCUS_945.70]
RA Checksum: 1bcf6824547b02ba5138d1a540dbeb0a

Crash Bash (USA) [SCUS_945.70]
RA Checksum: c051dfe204ea27051f661ba5fb8fe7d7

List of all developers interested in working on a set for this game:

Posted: 19 Nov, 2017 19:58
List of ideas/planned achievements:

Posted: 21 Aug, 2019 00:38
Last Edit: 12 Sep, 2019 00:30
Linked roms:

Crash Bash [SCUS-94570]

RA checksum: c051dfe204ea27051f661ba5fb8fe7d7

Crash Bash (Usa)

Ra checksum: 1bcf6824547b02ba5138d1a540dbeb0a

Posted: 23 Aug, 2019 19:19
Maybe one for beating Oxide as each class of character?

Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 23:30
Which version should I use? USA, PAL or Japan?

Posted: 08 Sep, 2019 23:54
Usa for sure

Posted: 09 Sep, 2019 10:34
The checksum doesn't match with this entry.

Posted: 11 Sep, 2019 22:14
Last Edit: 11 Sep, 2019 22:24
actually this might be a redump release, rachecksum isnt the same as the bins checksum

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 00:30
I added the other version

Posted: 15 Nov, 2019 16:40
Can anyone test the compatibility with the PAL version? Just wanted to ask.

Posted: 15 Nov, 2019 16:50
It isn't compatible. I'll make it compatible when I finish Tomba, Spyro and the other Crash games.

Posted: 28 Nov, 2019 19:26
Last Edit: 25 Dec, 2019 06:12
Leaderboard Crate Crush Time activated when starting the second minigame on the Pogo Pandemonium Tournament, then cancelled when the first round ended. Then from that point, on every round that started in the tournament, or every first round of each new minigame (can't remember) it activated again to be cancelled again when the round ended.

edit 1: Leaderboard Polar Push Time is recording the longest times on the top scores, when it should be the opposite. The shortest time you beat the minigame the greater is your merit. Same seems to be true to every other leaderboard based on time: Crate Crush Time, Tank Wars Time and Crash Dash Time.

edit 2: Actually I have no idea what kind of calculation the leaderboard is doing. I just played Polar Push Time again, timer starts on 1:30 and it decreases down to 0:00. I beat the round with 0:34 left on the clock, and the leaderboard submit my time as 0:20.42 (???). And it's working only on the first round of the Battle Mode, the next rounds it doesn't work. Also, each one of the four minigames within the Polar Push category deserves its own leaderboard. Having just a single leaderboard for the four minigames doesn't make much sense. People who cares will find the one which is faster and ignore the 3 other minigames.

Spoiler (Click to show):
Ballistix Score
Get best score in ballistix game
Score / Lower is Better -> no

Pogo Pandemonium Score
Get best score in pogo game
Score / Lower is Better -> no

Crate Crush Time
Get most time in crate crush
Time (Milliseconds) / Lower is Better -> no

Polar Push Time
Get most time in polar push
Time (Milliseconds) / Lower is Better -> no

Tank Wars Time
Get most time in tank wars
Time (Milliseconds) / Lower is Better -> no

Crash Dash Time
Get most time in crash dash
Time (Milliseconds) / Lower is Better -> no

Posted: 05 Dec, 2019 22:38
Last Edit: 06 Dec, 2019 20:00
I want to do a revision to this game:

Looking for someone to improve the game icon and badges. They're low quality at the moment, but it's not my speciality. I have designed the revision and will code everything.


- Defeat Papu Papu as an evil character (Dr. Neo Cortex, Dr. N. Brio, Koala Kong or Rilla Roo)
- Defeat Bearminator as an evil character
- Defeat Komodo Brothers as an evil character
- Defeat Nitros Oxide as an evil character

reason: different cutscenes before the boss battles, and for beating the game.

Out of curiosity, there's also different cutscenes in Multiplayer mode before the boss battles for beating Komodo Brothers and Nitros Oxide (only when playing with a good and an evil character). Then, when beating the game, there's another unique cutscene which leads to a best-of-five battle between the two players in an exclusive Crate Crush like stage. Depending on who wins, the good or the evil ending is shown. This all would be great content to a ~Multi~ set. Currently regular sets are for single player mode, so I won't cover this.

- Get all Gold Relics in Warp Room 1
- Get all Gold Relics in Warp Room 2
- Get all Gold Relics in Warp Room 3
- Get all Gold Relics in Warp Room 4
- Get all Gold Relics in Warp Room 5

reason: first of all, there's no Sapphire relics in this game, only Gold and Platinum. Unlike every other Crash Bandicoot games on the PS1, relics in Crash Bash doesn't override the lower one. You gotta earn both the Gold and the Platinum relics to beat the game 200%, and you keep both.


- , this actually was "Beat the game with 200% completion", which didn't make any sense because there wasn't any special ending for it, and also was so broken and had so many tickets that the developer decided to turn into "Reach 200 percent", which also is unnecessary, there's gonna be achievements for every item that leads to the 200 percent completion. I don't like redundancy.

- All 10 stage based Battle Mode achievements (example: ). They are requiring the player to beat these stages 3 times in a row, which is the exact same requirement for earning the platinum relics in Adventure Mode. It just makes the player do the exact same thing twice for mastering the set, doesn't make sense.

Keep as it is:

- All "Get all trophies/gems/crystal/platinum relics in Warp Room X", as they're our usual progress achievements for Adventure Mode.
- All 7 Tournament achievements, yes, you gotta play the same minigames from Adventure Mode, but they're grouped differently, as the ones which looks more alike each other, and have rounds won in each stage counted towards winning the whole tournament. In brief, they're fun and provide enough of a different experience.


- Turn all 8 character based Battle Mode achievements into "Beat a Tournament as <character>", so the player still gotta play a little bit as every character, but can earn these along with the Tournaments achievements, so redudancy is avoided. Just a reminder: in Adventure Mode you select your character at the beginning and gotta play the entire Mode with that same character, so it's good for these ones to exist.
- Turn every "Beat boss in Warp Room X" in "Beat boss in Warp Room X as a good character (Crash Bandicoot, Coco Bandicoot, Tiny Tiger or Dingodile)", as evil characters "Beat the boss" achievements are going to be implemented, and people who got these achievements already most likely got them with a good character.


- Remove all six leaderboards as they're completely broken (post backup on forums). Maybe I fix them but won't promise, I don't care much for leaderboards.

Achievement titles:

- Improve them as they currently look like placeholders.


- Improve the descriptions as a whole so everything gets clear. Fix typos, put capital letters where they should be, change "world X" for "Warp Room X", standardize the descriptions for achievements in the same categories, etc.

Posted: 02 Jan, 2020 04:09
Last Edit: 03 Jan, 2020 16:08
The old icon was outvoted and replaced, here's a backup of it:

The old badges were outvoted and replaced, here's a backup of them:

Posted: 10 Mar, 2020 12:08
Is there a difference in difficulty when playing on an emulator compared to running it on the actual hardware? It feels like its running way faster.
I've watched youtube videos of people playing, most notably on the ballistix levels where balls dont seem to go nearly as fast
Or is it just placebo?


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