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Posted: 30 Dec, 2018 00:45
Last Edit: 30 Dec, 2018 02:30
would be cool to have achivements on stage 1 and 2, like defeting the bosses or like the first secret you find or something like that

Posted: 11 Jan, 2019 01:23
While I like the most recent game icon Salsa provided, I still think the old one was better, I don't know if it's done on purpose but almost all Castlevania games icon features the main hero holding the whip, it looks pretty neat to see the whole series identity represented like this. I don't really want to request a change but that's just my opinion.

Posted: 11 Jan, 2019 07:17
Salsa made both, for what it's worth.

Posted: 17 Jan, 2019 18:07
Last Edit: 17 Jan, 2019 18:08
Most Bonus Cheevos could be easily in Core as the current Core Set is very simplistic and has no real challenge for a above average player.

Complete Stages x to x without using Vampire Killer

This can easily be in Core if the code allows to use Whip for destroying objects but nothing else like killing enemies. Simply allow to kill enemies with Sub-Weapons but no with Whip. Ain't difficult and shouldn't be in Bonus.

Complete Stages x, x and reach boss on x, without gaining points

This can also be easily in Core if the code allows to get Score the regular way but not by picking up any Score Bags, simply exclude picking up Score Bags and its not that difficult.

Walkthrough Stages x to x without picking up subweapons and upgrading VK

Thats not even a challenge and should be in Core. Judging by the descriptions the player doesn't even have to beat the current Stage Boss to get this, just walking through the Stage.

Defeat Grim Reaper with no subweapons and unupgraded Vampire Killer

Defeat Dracula with no subweapons and unupgraded Vampire Killer

Both can be a fair challenge and requires to learn the boss moving pattern but doesn't necessary be in Bonus, it can be in Core as well. Its possible with a bit training.

Complete Stages x, x and reach boss on x, having xxx seconds or more left

Speedrunning Castlevania is much easier than Contra or any other game due to the constancy of enemy patterns, even the Bosses aren't a challenge if you know what Sub-Weapon to use, most Bosses won't even able to harm you so this can be in Core as well.

Complete Stages x, x, and reach boss on x without being damaged

Core content as well, you don't even have to beat the Boss, just walking through the Stage which can be very easy when using the right Sub-Weapon. The Clock Tower can be a bit annoying but its possible due to the fixed moving pattern of the enemies.

Uncover 15 treasures in 2nd quest deathless before finishing Stage 28

Based on how short and relative easy the game is except for Death & Dracula, i don't see why it should be in Bonus. The Game has more than just one loop as well.

Finish 2nd quest without using Continue

Thats a fair challenge, the loop Mode (Hard Mode) has many 1-up pickups which makes this Cheevo easier than it it, you also keep all the lives from first mode.

Finish the game without losing a life

That can be challenge but based on how fixed everything is in this game, from enemies moving pattern and to bosses can be beaten without taking damage when using the right Sub-Weapon, i don't see how its Bonus content. Only real challenge here is the last fight with Dracula in its first form.

Finish 2nd quest without losing a life

Ok, thats Bonus content and shouldn't be in Core even when some speedrunners can do it fairly easy, it not something a good player can get on first try unless he is really good and knows the game in and out.

Overall, all the Cheevos except for can be in Core and it wouldn't be to difficult.

Posted: 17 Jan, 2019 21:07
Even if the difficulty of some bonus achievements are fine for core, having achievements for doing everything under the sun is more tedious than fun for most people, and Bonus exists for those who want to do more. As for "no real challenge", the hardest achievement has a 3% unlock rate. Seems fine to me.

Posted: 18 Jan, 2019 00:44
As far as I'm concerned, for main game sets, I'm fine with a couple of achievements like beat X stage without using Vampire Killer, beat X stage in less than XX minutes, but just a couple of achievements for specific levels, all levels with these requirements is boring, frustrating and plain not fun if you're not a die-hard fan of the game.

I like some good challenge, but "mastering" a game doesn't mean you can play it without watching the screen, beating Castlevania without dying is a quite solid achievement, it's more or less easy to do when you know it by heart, but most people, including me, don't think it's fun to play the same game 20 times in a row, to unlock anything or not. Just imagine if every platformer / space shooter / action games had sets like that on the site. Maybe 20 people would bother to master games they're not fond of, and they would be right.

We got the opportunity to do these challenges and earn a new badge for the effort with bonus sets, it's pretty fine like that.

Posted: 18 Jan, 2019 12:45
So we are moving Cheevos which are considered as 'tedious' despite of the difficulty to Bonus Sets now? to please those players who want a Completion/Mastered Badge in the profile?

The current method of Mastering a Set/Completion Badge is the root of all evil on this Site, it not only encourages to create easier Cheevos but also a pain to deal with when working on Revision Updates, to not hurt someones feelings about completion getting ruined.

If we move most interesting Cheevos to Bonus and keep Core mostly for progression stuff with few challenges then it contradicts the purpose of this Site (Achievements), its more like then as barely nobody will care about Achievements anymore in this sense, only for having a Completion Badge in the profile claiming Mastered something.

made a good suggestion about how the Completion Badges could be handled and it would solve most issues when Core/Bonus being on same Page.

We got the opportunity to do these challenges and earn a new badge for the effort with bonus sets, it's pretty fine like that.

That could work very well with Salsa's Completion Badge suggestion. Having a additional Star for each sub-group of Cheevos.

Posted: 18 Jan, 2019 19:10
Last Edit: 18 Jan, 2019 19:18
"So we are moving Cheevos which are considered as 'tedious' despite of the difficulty to Bonus Sets now? to please those players who want a Completion/Mastered Badge in the profile? "

It's a bit exaggerated imo, most achievements in bonus sets on the site are made for people really enjoying the games, familiars with it and above the average player when it comes to skill. As I said, it's not fun to play the same game 20 times in a row if you're not that much fond of it just to be able to master it.

The goal of a set is to be challenging of course, but also fun to play for most people. If we're on this website, I guess we have no problems with old-school games difficulty to begin with, so we're not affraid of challenges, but not everyone is on the same level. I don't play for points or leaderboards to be honest, but I like to complete all challenges created for different sets, it's just that there's some challenges requiring a lot more than being good or familiar with the games, and most cheevos for this bonus set requires a lot of patience imo considering you have to go through the game multiple times and replay some levels multiple times too in case you fail one the requirements (speedruns, no damages etc. ). I like this game a lot, I could go through it, but I don't think most people will, and that's understandable.

Overall this set is more than fine, some of the bonus cheevos could be implemented for sure, just to give players some new ways to beat some bosses or levels, as long as it's specific to some levels imo. Forcing the player to play the whole game differently than he's supposed to is not a challenge I consider as fun for someone who's not really fond of the game.

For this set we got no damages achievements, no death, no continues, second playthrough in a row, find all treasures, overall score achievement... It gives enough challenge for someone who never played it, and also for someone familiar with it. I don't go hunting all treasures every time I play Castlevania for example, nor I'm trying to beat each boss without getting damaged.

What I'm trying to say, we got a very decent set here, and a huge database to cover, if you ask me I think our devs should focus on very incomplete sets, or games not having any, instead of covering everything possible in a single game and adding more and more to it each 5 months.

I'm no dev and every dev is free to do what he wants, considering we basically enjoy their work without other rewards for them than seeing people enjoying their ideas, but my opinion is that a whole new set for a new game is better than 4 new achievements on a already decently covered game.

About 's idea for the badges, it seems like a very good idea to me, maybe difficult to implement right now though. Not sure how this could be implemented and if that would require some sort of extra work from the devs or just the website administration. The percentage completion thing is clever.

Posted: 18 Jan, 2019 19:31
agreed with the man above me

Posted: 18 Jan, 2019 21:45
Last Edit: 18 Jan, 2019 22:25
You made some good points, yea. Thats why i brought this up to see what you all think about this case as its unusually to the other Bonus Sets (this here has relative easy cheevos unlike the others). Its good to hear other community members opinion on this.

It seems we don't have fixed rules for what is considered Bonus and what not based on the judgement of this Set. I am sure once Core/Bonus Sets are on same page it will be much better than it being splitted as it is right now, also Salsa suggestion of the Completion Badge is gonna make it much easier for everyone, those who want to get the full reward (all Stars on the Badge) can do it, others who just want the regular cheevos can do it as well, everyone gets the Badge, it will just be different from how many Stars the Completion Badge has.

Posted: 19 Jan, 2019 09:44
Last Edit: 19 Jan, 2019 09:47
In my view, the Castlevania core set is excellent in it's current state.

About Bonus sets:

Bonus sets are for die-hards of the game who are looking for more to do after they've finished all the achievements in the core set. They don't have to be super hard to qualify.

It's always been this way.

Posted: 19 Jan, 2019 16:36
It's always been this way.
I disagree, it shouldn't be like this.

This case is different, some of the Bonus Cheevos could easily be in Core without making it to tedious and the Core set is poor and not exciting enough. Its better we don't start making Core sets as easy as possible to please completionists because that defeats the purpose of this Site and may backfire and turn the Site into nothing but Progression Log, when its Achievements and Achievements should be challenging. But thats just my opinion on it and i am sure most are disagreeing with what i say, they have all rights to do so and i can't blame them, i just don't see how the Site would function when every Set is to easy/basic.

Posted: 19 Jan, 2019 21:00
Last Edit: 19 Jan, 2019 21:15
Calling the game easy doesnt seem right. Cheevos seemed too tedious to me. I couldnt hit all candles in stage 5 and gave up. Or some stage. (edit) although i plan to try a third time. Just need more practice

Posted: 15 Feb, 2019 06:59
Last Edit: 15 Feb, 2019 15:23
How does a RA user request a new leaderboard for a game? I've spent some time combing through this website trying to find a resource about this. If someone can point me in the right direction, that would be awesome.

I'm brainstorming on a new leaderboard for Castlevania NES and would like to propose a third leaderboard for this game. I've discovered several score farming locations in the game and I am sure I am not the only player that knows about them. I want to design or propose a new leaderboard that would prevent a player from farming for score to get a high rank on the leaderboard.

Discussions and ideas are welcome.

Thank you and happy gaming!

Posted: 15 Feb, 2019 15:13
Leaderboard are created by developers using address and logics similar to the ones used to create achievements, so due to limitations there are some ideas that is not possible to implement using the actual toolkit. I am not a specialist on the game, but I think will be tricky to make this idea work. If you have a good knowledge of the game and know a bit about the logic behind it then I will be glad to help you to create it.
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