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Digimon World 2003


Posted: 19 Nov, 2017 16:23
Last Edit: 19 Nov, 2017 22:11
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Created 19 Nov, 2017 16:23 by

List of all developers interested in working on a set for this game:

Posted: 19 Nov, 2017 22:11
List of ideas/planned achievements:

Posted: 09 Aug, 2019 23:37
Going to start on this one.
I will use the PAL version (Digimon World 2003) because of the extra content not available at NTSC version.

Posted: 11 Aug, 2019 02:22
Though I am not entirely sure on the achievement process, I would like to suggest a small set of achievements. Since you can DNA Digivolve in the game for a powerful move, but the combinations are hidden (to what I remember) you could have an achievement for each combination

Posted: 11 Aug, 2019 02:59
Yes, I was thinking about that, but some of them require highly evolved digivolutions and I am not sure if they are too grindy to be achieved on a regular set. Feel free to suggest any achievement :)

Posted: 13 Aug, 2019 22:08
Last Edit: 19 Aug, 2019 00:15
Achievement Progress:

Created so far:

- Time to Duel! (1) - Receive the Folder Bag
- So there you are! (1) - Find the Gabumon Card
- Prepare to Kick (3) - Receive the Tree Boots
- Prepare to Fish (3) - Receive the Fishing Pole
- Pharaoh sent back to tomb (5) - Defeat Pharaohmon
- Welcome to Jurassic Park (5) - Defeat MasterTyrannomon


- Gain access to El Dorado
- Play card game for first time
- Recruit Digimons (x8)
- Digivolutions (x40+)
- Defeat leaders (x8)
- Find the digi-eggs (x2)
- (Try to) defeat Bulbmon
- Defeat Metalgreymon
- Defeat Wargrowlmon
- Defeat Warumonzaemon
- Defeat Datamon
- Clear Magasta Base before time runs out
- Defeat Galacticmon
- Win the Sun Trophy
- Collect epic cards (x15)
- Defeat tamers in card duel (x5)
- Complete card album
- Perform an ultimate card combo
- DNA digivolution (x10)
- Complete an exclusive equipment set (x8)
- Collect a legendary weapon (x5)
- Get rid of zanbamon using the Smelly Herb
- Obtain the lucky mouse pass to enter asuka city
- Defeat Black Imperialdramon
- Defeat Black MegaGargomon
- Defeat Black KingNumemon
- Defeat BlackWargreymon
- Defeat Black Seraphimon
- Defeat Black Wargrowlmon
- Complete the optional dungeons in amaterasu server (x?)
- Beat kingdivermon in a card game
- Beat kingEtemon in a card game
- Defeat the game master in Asuka city
- Defeat the leader of A.o.A in Amaterasu city
- Defeat Bulbmon for real in the bug maze
- Obtain the gold ticket
- Have all elemental S powers
- Max stats (x2 or x5)

That's just an initial draft, probably I forgot some important stuff.
A lot may be removed or added as long as the development proceeds.

Posted: 14 Aug, 2019 11:53
Looks good! Maybe one could add an achievement for the digimon gym. If I recall it correctly, you could train your digimon there and enhance them there.

Posted: 14 Aug, 2019 19:43
- have each accessory elemental S?
- have 1 status with 999?

Posted: 14 Aug, 2019 19:58
get rid of zanbamon using the Smelly Herb (5)
obtain the lucky mouse pass to enter asuka city (5)
defeat black imperialdramon
defeat black MegaGargomon
defeat black king numemon
defeat blackwargreymon
defeat black Seraphimon
defeat black wargrowlmon
complete the optional dungeons in amaterasu server
beat kingdivermon in a card game
beat kingEtemon in a card game
defeat the game master in asuka city
defeat the leader of A.o.A in amaterasu city
defeat bulbmon for real in the bug maze
obtain the gold ticket (this one is easy to miss, because is in a chest unlike the other tickets that are given to you, for defeating certain bosses in the game)

Posted: 14 Aug, 2019 20:10
I added most of the suggestion to initial draft, except for:
- Gym achievement: Training is heavily based on luck and RNG achievements are not very welcome, if I find a proper challenge related to gyms I may add it. Perhaps visiting all gyms or something like that if the memory address allow me.
- Have 999 status: For now I wont include it, but I can change my mind. Main reason is that Digimon base stats and weapon stats are recorded separated on game memory. So if I add it probably will be an achievement to reach 999 when unequipped. But still not sure if that would be excessive grindy.

Thanks for all the feedback and feel free to continue suggesting :)

Posted: 14 Aug, 2019 20:35
999's status to get before lvl 40 and if I'm not mistaken in amaterasu city also to buy the status boosting item so it's pretty reasonable

Posted: 14 Aug, 2019 20:37
maybe also get each item from the auction? but these items can also be obtained in amaterasu city and in auction they are a lost item so I don't know if it would be a good idea to put them

Posted: 14 Aug, 2019 23:24
Added max stats to list, some changes can occur since I didnt find all addresses needed yet. I remember I maxed Strength when I used to play at PS1, not sure how hard is to max other stats though.
About auction items I think all of them should be covered on "Complete an exclusive equipment set (x8)". Can't remember if there are any other auction item other than exclusive equipment.

Posted: 14 Aug, 2019 23:51
Last Edit: 14 Aug, 2019 23:54
all are exclusive item

as for status the easiest to maximize are str, spd, and def which are required to finish the game smoothly the rest I think at most 300 is enough to catch all the evolutions that need status


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