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Digimon World


Posted: 19 Nov, 2017 16:22
Last Edit: 19 Nov, 2017 22:08
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Created 19 Nov, 2017 16:22 by

List of all developers interested in working on a set for this game:

Posted: 19 Nov, 2017 22:08
List of ideas/planned achievements:

Posted: 01 Dec, 2018 22:55
icon for game

Posted: 30 Aug, 2019 14:27
Achievements for each digimon acquired? Also for all champions, all rookies etc.

And for each digimon brought back to the town.

Would love to develop a set for this but firstly I have no experience making achievements and also never completed this game. Do love it though, brings back memories!

Posted: 07 Sep, 2019 02:22
Last Edit: 21 Sep, 2019 04:47
Developer: Bandai, Flying Tiger Development for U.S.
Publisher: Bandai
Genre: Role-Playing,digital pet simulation
U.S. Release: May 23rd, 2000

Checksum (USA):8bc2620ebf5b44d0cc96ae1e5b2dc66a

Also, note that the U.S. version has a different icon from the PAL version.

Posted: 10 Sep, 2019 00:28
Is there anyone interested in developing for this game? I'd love to play this through with achievements.

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 00:52
I'd be interested in helping doing a set for this game, I would also like to get the USA ISO linked into the database.

Posted: 12 Sep, 2019 08:38
I would be interested in helping!

Posted: 16 Sep, 2019 01:10
Got some ideas for a set.

-Get Agumon to join the city
-Get Airdramon to join the city
-Get Andromon to join the city
-Get Angemon to join the city
-Get Bakemon to join the city
-Get Betamon to join the city
-Get Birdramon to join the city
-Get Biyomon to join the city
-Get Centarumon to join the city
-Get Coelamon to join the city
-Get Devimon to join the city
-Get Digitamamon to join the city
-Get Drimogemon to join the city
-Get Elecmon to join the city
-Get Etemon to join the city
-Get Frigimon to join the city
-Get Gabumon to join the city
-Get Garurumon to join the city
-Get Gekomon to join the city
-Get Giromon to join the city
-Get Greymon to join the city
-Get Kabuterimon to join the city
-Get Kokatorimon to join the city
-Get Kunemon to join the city
-Get Kuawagamon to join the city
-Get Leomon to join the city
-Get Mamemon to join the city
-Get Megadramon to join the city
-Get Meramon to join the city
-Get MetalGreymon to join the city
-Get MetalMamemon to join the city
-Get Mojyamon to join the city
-Get Monochromon to join the city
-Get Monzaemon to join the city
-Get Nanimon to join the city
-Get Ninjamon to join the city
-Get Numemon to join the city
-Get Ogremon to join the city
-Get Palmon to join the city
-Get Patamon to join the city
-Get Penguinmon to join the city
-Get Pixiemon to join the city
-Get Seadramon to join the city
-Get Shellmon to join the city
-Get SkullGreymon to join the city
-Get Sukamon to join the city
-Get Tyrannomon to join the city
-Get Unimon to join the city
-Get Vegimon to join the city
-Get Whamon to join the city
-Raise Botamon
-Raise Punimon
-Raise Poyomon
-Raise Yuramon
-Raise Koromon
-Raise Tsunomon
-Raise Tokomon
-Raise Tanemon
-Raise Agumon
-Raise Gabumon
-Raise Patamon
-Raise Biyomon
-Raise Kunemon
-Raise Palmon
-Raise Betamon
-Raise Elecmon
-Raise Penguinmon
-Raise Greymon
-Raise Tyrannomon
-Raise Angemon
-Raise Devimon
-Raise Meramon
-Raise Airdramon
-Raise Seadramon
-Raise Kabuterimon
-Raise Garurumon
-Raise Frigimon
-Raise Birdramon
-Raise Whamon
-Raise Vegiemon
-Raise Unimon
-Raise Centarumon
-Raise Ogremon
-Raise Bakemon
-Raise Shellmon
-Raise Drimogemon
-Raise Monochromon
-Raise Kokatorimon
-Raise Leomon
-Raise Kuwagamon
-Raise Mojyamon
-Raise Coelamon
-Raise Ninjamon
-Raise Nanimon
-Raise Sukamon
-Raise Numemon
-Raise Vademon
-Raise Digitamamon
-Raise Monzaemon
-Raise Etemon
-Raise MetalGreymon
-Raise SkullGreymon
-Raise Mamemon
-Raise MetalMamemon
-Raise Andromon
-Raise Giromon
-Raise Megadramon
-Raise Pixiemon
-Raise MegaSeadramon
-Raise Hercules Kabuterimon
-Raise Phoenixmon
-Raise SaberLeomon (might be wrong)
-Raise MetalEtemon (might be wrong)
-Raise Gigadramon (might be wrong)
-Defeat Ogremon the first time at the Great Canyon
-Defeat Ogremon the second time at the Great Canyon
-Defeat Ogremon inside the Ogre Fortress
-Defeat Ogremon inside the Drill Tunnel
-Defeat Machinedramon
(Other battles which need to be researched. The harder ones only, or the important ones)
-Survive for 300 days
-Catch 100 fish
-Complete the championship 100 times
-Collect 999,999 bits
-Collect all Digimon Cards
-Raise all 61 Digimon (might be 64, but that may involve cheats/glitches in which case don't it's 61)
-Finish the game
-Win D, C, B, A and S Cup
-Max all abilities
-Get a perfect score in the curling minigame
-Master all 56 techs
-Get Jijimon to say the town is flourishing
-Win in all of the Type Cups
-Win in all of the Version Cups
-Learn all Fire techniques
-Learn all Battle techniques
-Learn all Air techniques
-Learn all Earth techniques
-Learn all Water techniques
-Learn all Mech techniques
-Learn all Filth techniques
-Get the Attack command
-Get the Moderate command
-Get the Distance command
-Get the Change Target command
-Get the Defend command
-Get the Technique command
-Get the Blue Flute
-Get the Mansion Key
-Get the Fridge Key
-Get Leomon's Stone
-Get the Gear
-Get the Old Fishrod
-Get the Amazing Fishrod
-Get the Digital Keychain
-Get the Xenotype Keychain
-Get a Gold Acorn
-Get a Digipine
-Get a Happy Mushroom
-Get a Super Carrot
-Get a Hawk Raddish
-Get a Red Berry
-Get a Blue Apple
-Get a Chain Melon
-Get an Ice Mushroom
(Maybe other items, esp rare ones)
-Fail to get to the Toilet on time
-Get your Digimon to the highest discipline level
-Get your Digimon to the lowest discipline level
-Have your Digimon die from natural causes
-Have your Digimon die from neglect
(Other Digimon care related achievements)
-Clear the path through the Drill Tunnel
(Also, more progress related achievements)

A long list, but most are similar idea wise. Such a long time is spent with each of the Digimon I think they'd each be worth an achievement. Hope to be able to help more on the set, but I'm definitely no expert on this game. Just played it a lot and loved it as a kid.

Posted: 29 Oct, 2019 16:14
I agree with most of the above ideas, except the neglect a digimon one. Cheevos for failing are super uncool. Most people aren't going to want to kill their digimon on purpose, and it's also rewarding bad gameplay.


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