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Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return

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Posted: 29 Jan, 2020 21:01
You can find the pots of life's locations here. Maybe the gem you're missing is also close.

Posted: 30 Jan, 2020 05:06
I got all the pots but no idea where I could be missing a gem/gems

Posted: 30 Jan, 2020 05:06
I got all the pots but no idea where I could be missing a gem/gems

Posted: 30 Jan, 2020 08:43
is there somewhere that shows where to get all gems ? I seriously doubt it xD

Posted: 18 Feb, 2020 00:15
Hey ! I had trouble with some missing gems, maybe it'll help you.

There are 3 (or 4, irc) in Donglin forest hitting the little mushroom with the hammer, they pop out of the water and they COUNT for this achievement.

There is 1 in the clouds where you get the 1/2 life when you roll in the snowball after pulling the rope DURING the snow (If you beat the Evil pig, then you will miss this one). You have to go into the trampolin while being covered in snow and rolling. You can control the ball speed pressing the pad buttons.

Hope this helps

Posted: 10 Mar, 2020 21:41
Can anyone help me please? I can't load Data from Tomba 1.
These are the steps I'm following:

- I launch Tomba! 2 and load the game.
- I move Tomba! 2 .srm and .mrc fles from save folder to another one
- I copy the Tomba! 1 .srm and .mrc files and rename them like the oler Tomba! 2 ones
- I try to load data but never found any save data from Tomba! 1

What am I doing wrong? help me please!

Posted: 11 Mar, 2020 01:01
You can't do it that way, need to enable shared memory cards

Go into the metal gear solid forum topic and it will explain how to do this

Posted: 11 Mar, 2020 08:43
Last Edit: 11 Mar, 2020 12:32
Thank you .
So, once I started a game without using shared memory cards (and having Memory Card 0 setted to Libretro) there is no way to unlock Tomba's 1 events?

Posted: 11 Mar, 2020 18:29
Last Edit: 11 Mar, 2020 18:45
Logically, the game has to be told to check your memory card. And I really doubt they programmed it where the game is constantly checking your card, it's most likely that it only does that check initially when you choose to import a save or whatever. Take that with a grain of salt as I haven't started this yet to see if that's the case or not, but I would say with 99% certainty you will have to start over and make sure the save file registers. There's the 1% chance it functions like MGS and there's a trigger just before the events that check your memory card, you can test that yourself. In your emulator find the option to open the disc tray before loading the ISO and make sure your tomba 1 save shows up in the memory card reader, then give it a shot.

Personally I don't like achievements that require save-carry overs or external influences for reasons like this. It's usually a hassle to get it working and even moreso to have to start over for it. But that's up to the dev if they want to include it or not.
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