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Breath of Fire IV

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Posted: 29 Feb, 2020 20:11
My suggestions: Get all possible skills (learned from masters and enemies), kill the trean / trunked, make a combo of 135+ hits, best equipment for all characters, kill the trean in two turns, get all the items from fishing points, beat trunked with Fou Lo.

Posted: 29 Feb, 2020 22:16
Hey DaniloZlatan thanks for the suggestions.

I wasn't sure if any of the skills were missable but I did some more research and it doesn't look like any of them are so I will definitely include learning them all and probably also another for learning half of them.

I think the game only requires a 70 hit combo as the highest for any master but making a higher one like 135+ sounds good too for a challenge.

Probably won't make one for just killing trean/trunked (although maybe if doing that as Fou Lou a good challenge?) but killing them in one or two turns was planned.

Best equipment I was intending to do but I think can be somewhat subjective depending on who you ask so I'm going to need to do more research on that but will try to include at least one piece for each character. If you have specific suggestions for this please let me know.

Fishing point items I'm still trying to figure out how I want to handle. Render costs 99 stamps which I read requires a ton of grinding so I'm not sure if I want to include that but I might. If not then I will make it for a cheaper item that is available. I'll have to see how bad the grind is when I get there. Also if there is any tracking of types of fish you caught or maybe just fishing spots then I'll try to include that.

Posted: 01 Mar, 2020 05:43
Best equipment:
Ryu: Goo King Sword, Royal Armor
Scias: Cleaver, King's Armor
Cray: Nunchaku, Gideon's Garb
Nina: Ouroboros , Angel's Vest
Ursula: Electrifier, Angel's Vest
Ershin: Mass Driver, Chopam Plate

Posted: 01 Mar, 2020 06:01
Really grinding for the Render is not worth it, besides not being fun, for me you can stay out of the set. The fairy village deserves some achievements.

Posted: 26 Mar, 2020 02:03
Glad someone is finally making this, Breath of Fire 4 is one of my favorite games, and even back then the tasks you do in game for masters and whatnot felt a lot like today's achievements.

But I don't know if it's a good idea to add achievements for equipment if the chances to get the items are extremely low. From my experience low chance RNG farming is just not fun in video games. I don't know what the chances for the items to drop are, but I do remember Goo King being a pain in the ass. If I have to use an example of a case of un-fun farming, recently I tried to earn the achievements in Earthbound, and I had to stop on the Bionic Kraken, because not only the monster appears super rarely, the item had only a 1/128 chance of dropping. It would take hours or even days to get it, unless I got so lucky I may as well go for the lottery.

I know getting best equipment in rpgs is considered a custom in achievement hunting at this point, but I say prioritize fun before customs, that's my opinion.

Posted: 01 May, 2020 17:47
Searo, I believe that your set will be perfect, I can hardly wait to play, I am sure it will be as good as the BoF 3 made by Televandalist.

Posted: 01 May, 2020 21:14
Thanks I hope I don't let you guys down and hope it can match up to Tele's BoF III set. You can take a look at what I currently have finished and in unofficial here. I try to update the main progress post but I can give a quick updaté here as to what I have left.

I have the achievements for the three secret combos and the three super combos almost finished I just need to find an address to determine who is casting the spell since I'm pretty sure there are a few enemies that can cast those and that would give false triggers.

I need to find a good way to track which skills you have unlocked/obtained so I can make the learn first ability, half of the abilities and all abilities achievements. I found the addresses for bitflags that makes them appear in the menu selection I just need to test that it works how I want.

Faerie village stuff I just need to finish deciding on what achievements I want to add for the specific buildings.

Equipment related ones will probably just be for Goo King Sword, full Dragon set, steal Royal Armor and Sword, craft an armor for Ershin and awaken Slayer.

I want to add at least a few challenge fight achievements which will probably be the hardest ones to figure out so I'll save those for last. Likely going to try something like buff a Lavoid/Orochi/Legion 10+ times and kill it. Kill all Treans/Trunked on the first turn. Acquire over 100k exp fróm the Bots trick. Kill Rider. Probably one or two defeat X without Ryu transforming achievements as well like against Rider. I would like to do something for the fight against Ight where Ryu tranforms into Kaiser but I don't know what, something like last X turns against it before Ryu transforms.

I have a lot more free time now so I'm hoping to have the set finished in the next week or two. If you have any more feedback on what I have finished or what I'm missing feel free.

Posted: 01 May, 2020 22:21
Last Edit: 01 May, 2020 22:28
Do you have any missable achievements?

Posted: 01 May, 2020 23:31
I'm still mad I forgot to do something for super combo hits.

Posted: 02 May, 2020 00:18
Yes there are a few missables I might as well list them out here but they are marked with [] around the name (for now). Most of them are just because you can get a reward for certain interactions/minigames and aren't difficult but the Mast Battle one will take some practice but it is easy to retry as long as you don't finish it. If I add any other boss challenges those would be missable as well but I might just do one for the final boss so it wouldn't really matter.

Posted: 02 May, 2020 04:42
Missable in [] actually looks better than [m] in the end.
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