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Posted: 19 Nov, 2017 15:52
Last Edit: 13 Oct, 2020 01:58
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Created 19 Nov, 2017 15:52 by

1. Suikoden (USA) (v1.0).cue + Bugfix Patch
Checksum: c1b140d408d060ebdf2db55592e7a1c6
CRC: E7191BB6
++ Suikoden (USA) (v1.0).bin
Checksum: a1fbf4546adcd06e0542ad713d8f4d3a
CRC: 4E581F91
RA Checksum: 3a9d602530b5073574b153886dc516ec

2. Suikoden (USA) (Rev 1).cue
Checksum: f0e7107e8a956fdbd18f3f7432bb28cb
CRC: AF0306A7
++ Suikoden (USA) (Rev 1).bin
Checksum: 0a5aaa5aaa7649b1cb48a900f1649c8c
RA Checksum: 18b43be49e69cd9de1891c5afae48c62

3. Gensou Suikoden (Japan) (PlayStation the Best).cue
Checksum: ebdc36ea49d385204d21bbfcc14d19da
CRC: 14B15D3A
++ Gensou Suikoden (Japan) (PlayStation the Best).bin
Checksum: ce38147d9865d7a211e71e96f8d6ea2d
RA Checksum: 3544359ecdc0d4037e47f523bfb468cf

4. Suikoden (Europe) [T+SPA1.0_Vagrant_Traducciones] [SLES_005.27]
Suikoden (Europe) [SLES_005.27] + ppf Patch
RA Checksum: 1cf50cc263c064757698569ff51c4e7e

Posted: 19 Nov, 2017 20:50
List of ideas/planned achievements:

Posted: 02 Jan, 2018 21:08
I wouldn't mind helping out where I can

Posted: 25 Jul, 2018 03:02
Last Edit: 06 Oct, 2018 18:13
I've played this and Suikoden II annually since their releases, so I'm definitely all about helping with them. Making a fake trophy list for it is also what led me to find RA a few years ago.

"Thanks a lot, Ted." - Complete the game after executing all generals and having the bare minimum number of recruits.

As for the actual recruits, I think dishing out achievements for Castle Level 2, 3, and 4 instead of an achievement for individual recruits would be best... EXCEPT for the recruits where a level 4 castle is mandatory (Pesmerga, Clive, Mace, Leon, Crowley, etc). Recruiting Leon and Mace definitely deserve their own achievements since the windows of opportunity are so small and easy to miss. Either that, dishing out achievements by recruiting everyone in certain areas, or by recruiting all members of what group they're in during the major battles (ex: Recruit the Tricksters - Jabba, Meg, and Juppo. Recruit the Experts: Clive, Pesmerga, and Mace, etc.)

Other than that:
- Collect all Old Books and return them to Hugo
- Collect all Window settings and return them to Window
- Collect all Sound settings and return them to Melodye.
- Max Out Your Money Playing Chinchirorin
- Take Clive to Rockland and Look at the Tombstone
- Obtain the Fortune Rune in Sarady
- Obtain the Prosperity Rune in Sarady
- View Five Different Scenes in Sansuke's Sauna
- Win Every Major Battle Without Ever Deploying a Thief or Ninja
- Catch Lotte's cat without Stallion in your party
- Do not visit a shop or armory until after recruiting Chandler/Chapman and speaking with them
- Complete Neclord's castle from start to finish without Hix getting knocked out
- Help Ivanov finish his painting
- Have three rune pieces attached to three different weapons
- Perform the Quint Unite Attack
- Perform all Triple Unite Attacks
- Perform all Dual Unite Attacks (or a certain number, there's a ton)
- Perform a Runic Attack (when two different characters use certain runes' level 4 attack)
- Find the Opal and Nameless Urn before talking to Esmeralda and Jabba, respectively

Posted: 06 Oct, 2018 18:16
Last Edit: 06 Oct, 2018 18:17
Is everyone cool with the box art being the North American manual cover rather than the actual box art on the double-decker case? It's more in line with every other release of the game (even NA PSN). Anything but that hideous official NA box art.

Posted: 08 Dec, 2018 12:28
Last Edit: 08 Dec, 2018 12:29
° Revive Gremio
° Beat Teo in Duel as Pahn
° Win each Grand Battle without losing x number of Soldiers and no Character died
° Find all Rare Items
° Beat certain parts of the Game without using any Magic (choose your Party wisely)
° Beat certain parts of the Game without using any Items (choose your Party wisely)
° Beat certain parts of the Game only using mandatory Characters

I have finished Suikoden many times but its long time ago so my memory may not be 100% accurate but from what i remember is that there is only one instance where your Party has 4 mandatory Characters, any other part of the Game can be beaten by only 2-3 members in Team, its usually just Tir (Main) and Victor that is mandatory with one additional Character based on current part of the Story.

The huge number of playable Characters is what makes this Game unique, i don't want to see this Set being just progression only when we can have much more variety due to the selection of so many Characters and each of them having different Stats/Weapons/Abilities/Unit Attack/Magic, we shouldn't miss this opportunity.

Posted: 09 Dec, 2018 12:27
I do like the limited party approach. Roughly the first half of the game can be cheesed through with Tir and Kai's unite attack. Same with the end game sections once you have Crowley + Rubi with a Cyclone Rune.

Posted: 09 Dec, 2018 13:40
@: Yes! thats what i mean, there is a lot of variety in the Unit combos and overall Characters abilities. It would be nice to being able to beat the game with all Blacksmiths in the party but thats sadly not possible due to Flik become a mandatory Character during the end.

Posted: 10 Dec, 2018 22:42
Yeah the game is short lots of possibilities for using certain characters and unite attacks

Posted: 13 Dec, 2018 14:11
Get at least 10 tips from Onil
Find the Nameless Urn before talking to Jabba
Find the Opal before talking to Esmeralda
High scores in Georges' matching game
Lose more money than you can carry by bribing enemies
Obtain the Fortune Crystal in Saraday
Obtain the Prosperity Crystal in Saraday

Posted: 13 Dec, 2018 20:26
Last Edit: 13 Dec, 2018 20:39
My suggestions:

Hints are given in brackets, which should not be part of the achievement description.

I want to emphasize that all achievements are possible. I did everything in the list.

Of course, you should add some progress achievements as well, but I won't list them here.

Rune Master
Collect all runes in one save file

Deliver all old books

Colorful Garden
Deliver all seeds

Great Art
Deliver all paintings

Window Expert
Deliver all window settings

Sound Expert
Deliver all sound settings

Store at least one piece of every antique in your vault

No Secrets Anymore
Hear every single of Onils secrets

Elephantine Memory
Beat every record on Geoges game

Eagle Eyes
Beat every stage of Marcos game

Luck is a matter of timing
Win 999.999 bits from Gaspar

Armor Collector
Store at least one piece of every equipment in your vault

You knew there had to be a second one
Collect both Goldlets

Spin, Spin, Spin
Collect a Fortune rune piece at the wheel of fortune

Who needs a friend?
Find the Fortune crystal at Sarady

A good friend
Find the Prosperity crystal at Sarady

Bath Maker
Visit every of the four bath types

Bloody Tears
See the evil bath scene

Blossoming Flowers
See the flower bath scene

Make a wish
See the genie bath scene

See the peeing bath scene

So pretty ...
Decorate the bath with 6 Celadon Urns

You have a good taste
Decorate the male bath with 3 Goddess Statues and the female bath with 3 Knight Statues and two Beautys of Nature

Heaten up in the bath

On the other side
Watch Milich bathing secret

Watch Fumas bathing secret

Treasure Hunter
Open all treasure boxes

108 Stars of Destiny
Beat the game with 108 characters alive

That's all?
Beat the game with 45 recruits

Big Losses
Beat the game with a maximum of 35 characters alive

Master ...
See Sanchos alternative ending

It's a trick
Watch Clives special scene at Rockland

Watch Megs special scene at Lenankamp

Heh heh heh
Watch Krins special scene at Lenankamp

Such a weakling
Watch Windys special scene at Panna Yakuta Castle

Let me do it
Let Camille get her revenge

Sleep well
Rest at one of the coffins at Neclord's castle

No work for heroes
Work in Antei to pay your debts

Wizard of Toran
Cast every single spell at least once

Crowley's legacy
Cast every combined magic

Here we go!
Use every possible unite attack

Let Viki warp to to every possible location

Early Big Castle
Reach Castle Level 4 at the earliest possible time (return from Neclord's Castle)

Late Little Castle
Reach Castle Level 2 at the latest possible time (recruit Gen)

Here's the plan and make sure you obey it!
Use every war battle unit at least once in one save file (difficult!)

The Power of the Individual
Reach lv 99 with one character

The Power of the Group
Have a party of six lv 99 characters

Maximum Ability
Have a character with any stat at 255

So you want to see my magic?
Have a character with max MP (9/9/9/9)

Have a character with at least 999 HP

Quick Healer
Have a character with a HP regeneration of 70

May the 100 runes within me...
Have all five high elemental runes equipped in your party

Can't take any more ...
Have a character with nine rune pieces attached to the weapon

Few remaining things must be set right
Forge all weapons of your army to their maximum level (all lv 16, Mace lv 15)

Monster Hunter
Kill at least one of every enemy type in the game

Inflict the highest amount of damage possible in a single hit (4580 dmg)

No tricks on me
Beat Neclord without using any items

Careful ...
Beat the Crystal Core without using any weapons

No Runes Allowed
Beat the Shell Venus without using any runes

No Fear
Beat Ain Gide using only McDohl, Flik and Victor

Beat the Golden Hydra without any piece of equipment

Finish the game and never buy anything

We can't be late!
Finish the game without anyone ever dying in battle

Posted: 13 Dec, 2018 20:54
@: really good list, but i would exclude the unnecessary max status and level 99 grinding.

Make low (minimum) level instead based on all levels from all Characters (not just the 6 in the group), it would add good strategy when to pick which Character to keep the average level as low as possible and will force the player to switch Characters constantly.

Posted: 14 Dec, 2018 04:34
Last Edit: 06 Aug, 2019 13:55
Yeah, after level 65ish, you only get 5 exp per battle no matter what you fight. That's about 7000 more battles just to get to 99. Who knows how long that would take. - keeping this in mind

Aug 6th Update:

-Deliver the Astral Projections
-Obtain the Soul Eater
-Name your castle
-Defeat Kwanda Rosman's Army and decide his fate
-The Soul Eater has reached level 2
-Defeat Milich's Army and decide his fate
-The Soul Eater has reached level 3
-Obtain the Star Dragon Sword
-Defeat Neclord
-The Soul Eater has reached level 4
-Major Battle at Northern Checkpoint
-Defeat Sonya at the Floating Fortress
-Defeat Yuber and Windy's Army
-Defeat the Golden Hydra
-Escape Gregminister Castle
-Recruit Lorelai, Quincy, and Mina
-Recruit Rubi, Georges, and Marco
-Recruit Maas, Meese, and Moose
-Recruit Luc, Crowley, and Lotte
-Recruit Antonio, Lester, and Rock
-Recruit Sergei, Hugo, and Templeton
-Recruit Clive, Pesmerga, and Mace
-Recruit Blackman, Zen, and Ivanov
-Recruit Marie, Onil, and Sansuke
-Recruit Kwanda, Eikei, and Gaspar
-Recruit Max, Sancho, and Qlon
-Recruit Kuromimi, Fu Su Lu, and Gon
-Recruit Lepant, Eileen, and Sheena
-Recruit Jeane, Hellion, and Viki
-Recruit Kun To, Chapman, and Chandler
-Recruit Methiu, Leon, and Apple
-Recruit Kasios, Melodye, and Window
-Recruit Milich, Vincent, and Esmeralda
-Recruit Kai, Luikan, and Fuiken
-Recruit Anji, Leonardo, and Kanak
-Recruit Mose, Ronnie Bell, and Sarah
-Recruit Cleo, Camille, and Sonya
-Recruit Juppo, Jabba, and Meg
-Recruit Kreutz, Morgan, and Kirke
-Recruit Kage, Fuma, and Kasumi
-Open all treasure chests in the Arlus Region
-Open all treasure chests in the Gouran Region
-Open all treasure chests in the Great Forest Region
-Open all treasure chests in the Kunan Region
-Open all treasure chests in the Dana Region
-Open all treasure chests in the Lorimar Region
-Open all treasure chests in the Dragon Knight's Domain
-Open all treasure chests in Toran
-Open all treasure chests in the Floating Fortress
-Obtain the Fortune Crystal in Saraday
-Obtain the Prosperity Crystal in Saraday
-Save the kids in Rockland
-Obtain the Suiko Map
-Obtain the Blinking Mirror
-Perform the Pupil Attack
-Perform a Triple Unite Attack (No Blacksmiths)
-Perform the Quint Unite Attack
-Perform a Runic Attack
-Sharpen your party's weapons to level 9
-Sharpen your party's weapons to level 12
-Sharpen your party's weapons to level 16
-Have three rune pieces attached to a weapon
-Help Ivanov finish his painting
-Give all Old Books to Hugo and view their contents
-Deliver all window settings to... Window
-Deliver all sound settings to Melodye
-Win 50,000 bits playing Marco's cup game
-Go from 100 to 999,999 bits in one session of Chinchirorin
-Catch Lotte's cat without Stallion in your party or a Holy Rune equipped
-Have Kasios play a song for you
-Have Pahn be well prepared for his big moment
-Do not visit a shop or armory until after recruiting Chandler/Chapman
-Defeat Neclord without Hix ever being knocked out
-Beat Georges' score in the matching game
-Defeat the Shell Venus without using Runes
-Win the battle against Yuber without deploying a thief or ninja
-Defeat Ain Gide using only McDohl, Flik, and Viktor
-Have all 108 Stars of Destiny before the final battle
-Take Clive to visit the grave in Rockland
-View every possible bath scene
Store at least one piece of every antique in your vault
-Kill Milich with Camilie in your party
-Complete the game with no more than 45 Stars of Destiny on the tablet

Posted: 07 Aug, 2019 00:35
Last Edit: 07 Aug, 2019 00:36
Most of the plan is up there.

Some badges:

Pretty much every address I need is found and I can definitely have the set ready for launch.

Oh, and Suikoden II is in the same boat as this.

Posted: 09 Aug, 2019 02:52
So yeah... set reservation and all that jazz.

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