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Final Fantasy VII

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Posted: 04 Mar, 2018 21:32
I'll go ahead and join everyone else on developing for this game, I'm especially interested in the eventual ~Bonus~ set.

Posted: 31 Oct, 2018 04:07
Last Edit: 31 Oct, 2018 05:12
Definitely Achievements for major story beats or boss battles.

For party-based RPGs, Achievements for acquiring different party characters are a good idea:
- &^#$#: Recruit Barret into your party.
- The Busty Brawler: Recruit Tifa into your party.
- Flower Girl: Recruit Aerith into your party.
- Is That Your Real Name?: Recruit Red XIII into your party.
- You Call THAT a Weapon?!?!: Recruit Cait Sith into your party.
- Tea and Cigarettes: Recruit Cid into your party.
- The Single White Rose of Wutai!: Recruit Yuffie into your party.
- The Crimson Vampire: Recruit Vincent into your party.

Completionist Achievements are an easy fit into any RPG:
- Weapons Master: Obtain every weapon.
- WEAPON Master: Defeat every WEAPON.
- Ooh, Shiny!: Obtain one of every Materia.
- The Essence of Magic: Master one of every Materia
- Gonna Fly Now: Reach Level 99 with any character.

There are several mini-games or set-pieces throughout FFVII that could fit an achievement or two:
- It's a Trap!: Trick Don Corneo into choosing Cloud.
- Motorized Cavalry: Complete the motorcycle chase sequence without any damage to the truck.
- Hut - 2 - 3 - 4: Flawlessly complete the Junon Harbour Parade.

There are also some popular community challenges that would make great Achievements:
- Been There, Done That: Defeat the Midgar Zolom before seeing that Sephiroth has.
- Hold Your Breath: Defeat Emerald Weapon without using the Underwater Materia.
- Coming Out: Go on a date with Barret.

If you want anything more from me, feel free to shoot me a PM.

Posted: 06 Nov, 2018 08:33
My ideas :

- Lucky day: execute 7777 damage
- Pleasure men: take a bath with guys to Wall Market
- Master of the carnival: get get all the rewards to Gold saucer
- Crazy swamp: Crosses the marsh without meeting the snake (Midgar Zolom) or no Chocobo
- Perfect learning: Get the 24 talent of the enemy
- Master perfect learning: Get every (four) 24 talent of the enemy
- Fair fight: Defeated emerald weapon and ruby weapon without using materia or 7777 damage
- Source of happiness: Upgrade 255 stat every 8 caracteres
- Hurry up in Midgar: Beat the game in less than 12 hours
- Precious Bagrisk: Get a Vagyrisk's claw (item very rare)
- A bit of courage: Enter the building Shinra only with the stairs

Posted: 24 Dec, 2018 03:55
Tourists at a Tea Party- Barge into the Shinra building through the front door

Posted: 09 Aug, 2019 03:34
Working on a set for this game with and .

Current set plan can be found here

Posted: 13 Aug, 2019 22:04
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Posted: 14 Aug, 2019 21:07

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