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Final Fantasy VII

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Posted: 19 Nov, 2017 04:34
Last Edit: 30 Oct, 2019 15:32
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Created 19 Nov, 2017 04:34 by

Final Fantasy VII (USA) (Disc 1) [SCUS_941.63]
RA Checksum: 665933b4dbbdfa04b328a2deccea2a30

Final Fantasy VII (USA) (Disc 2) [SCUS_941.64]
RA Checksum: 22e745953a67496b8d2f41e091de3811

Final Fantasy VII (USA) (Disc 3) [SCUS_941.65]
RA Checksum: f0bab44902aa941830a686bb11f85356

Yes. Full list here

List of all people interested in working on a set for this game:

1. Final Fantasy VII (USA) (Disc 1 of 3).bin/cue
BIN Checksum: cce4e76d020b47847fe8e2f81ff613db
RA Checksum: 665933b4dbbdfa04b328a2deccea2a30

2. Final Fantasy VII (USA) (Disc 2 of 3).bin/cue
BIN Checksum: ccf63cd314d3e79878323199eb09d7dd
RA Checksum: 22e745953a67496b8d2f41e091de3811

3. Final Fantasy VII (USA) (Disc 3 of 3).bin/cue
BIN Checksum: eac916b42d5c24f951c8dec2f13a63de
RA Checksum: f0bab44902aa941830a686bb11f85356

Some important information to note regarding the Aerith only challenges in the ~bonus~ set can be found in this pastebin to avoid spoilers.

1. Final Fantasy VII (USA) (Disc 1 of 3).bin/cue + ~Bonus~ patch
Original BIN Checksum: cce4e76d020b47847fe8e2f81ff613db
Original RA Checksum: 665933b4dbbdfa04b328a2deccea2a30
Patched BIN Checksum: fe66ad7a5f8c0402f5fd799041c6fecc
Patched RA Checksum: 56b51ed5c62a82fdbd4534b5988f1471

2. Final Fantasy VII (USA) (Disc 2 of 3).bin/cue + ~Bonus~ patch
Original BIN Checksum: ccf63cd314d3e79878323199eb09d7dd
Original RA Checksum: 22e745953a67496b8d2f41e091de3811
Patched BIN Checksum: fb0a662636a2b4cc1e739043684fd9bb
Patched RA Checksum: 42c4d95f128cbd162cef987a60493f28

3. Final Fantasy VII (USA) (Disc 3 of 3).bin/cue + ~Bonus~ patch
Original BIN Checksum: eac916b42d5c24f951c8dec2f13a63de
Original RA Checksum: f0bab44902aa941830a686bb11f85356
Patched BIN Checksum: 689257f70dfa4bb83056195859bb9250
Patched RA Checksum: c8625f30ef75bd54353a76da276001d9

4. SaGa Frontier (USA).bin/cue + ~Bonus~ patch
Original BIN Checksum: 95f57b8f33470e6763c0a947b9e1a13f
Original RA Checksum: adac89b48ca06ec74c29222fa7dba568
Patched BIN Checksum: 6b656fd6305ba31a933f6fe0448978fd
Patched RA Checksum: c7d956f5cc57efa0d7cbd954d16f7f19

Posted: 19 Nov, 2017 04:34
Last Edit: 03 Jan, 2018 18:35
List of ideas/planned achievements:

- beat Sephiroth with nobody passing level 30 (Low Level Game)
- beat Sephiroth with Cloud at level 8, Tifa at level 7, and Yuffie at level 17 (Lowest Level Party)
- revisit the church in Sector 5 on disc 2 or 3 (Aerith's Ghost)
- beat the Midgar Zolom before viewing the cutscene with the impaled Zolom (Not Impressed, I Can Do That Too!)
- steal a young boy's life savings in Sector 5 (Cloud - The Anti-hero)
- go on a date with Barret (Bromance)
- beat Emerald Weapon without the Underwater materia (We've Managed To Avoid Drowning!)

Posted: 02 Jan, 2018 21:18
I wouldn't mind helping out where I can

Posted: 03 Jan, 2018 02:20
Last Edit: 03 Jan, 2018 02:25
If you're open to achievement suggestions I have a couple in mind:

Low Level game
Beat Sephiroth with nobody passing level 30.

Lowest Level Party
Beat Sephiroth with Cloud at level 8, Tifa at level 7, and Yuffie at level 17.

Aerith's Ghost
Revisit the church in Sector 5 on disc 2 or 3.

Not Impressed, I Can Do That Too!
Beat the Midgar Zolom before viewing the cutscene with the impaled Zolom.

Cloud the Anti-hero
Steal a young boy's life savings in Sector 5.

Go on a date with Barret.

We've Managed To Avoid Drowning!
Beat Emerald Weapon without the Underwater materia.

Posted: 03 Jan, 2018 02:59
When PS1 support arrives, FF VII should be a collaborative effort between a pair or team of developers w/ open idea support from RA players. There is a lot of content and virtually everyone is either a fanboy (or at least very familiar with this game)

Posted: 03 Jan, 2018 13:04
I would like to be a part of this.

I suggest we start working on a Bonus Set parallel to the Core Set right from the beginning because the Game has so much content to cover which won't fit into a single Core Set.

I would also suggest to have the Reach Max Level of X Achievements in the Bonus Set instead of Core mainly because grinding is not fun for most people with of course the exception of some Materias but overall grinding should be in Bonus, not Core.

Posted: 03 Jan, 2018 15:57
Hard to remember stuff. I remember ruby weapon was hard af. And getting knights of the round summon was hard to get. Ill have to look that up. Probs be some casino cheevos. Other than that plz dont make me hate this set. I dont wanna play thru the game 7 times.

Posted: 03 Jan, 2018 19:20
~Bonus~ was designed to be a place for exceptional challenge, and that means mostly creative meta-game (a challenge or task that is not being suggested by the game itself). If grinding is not fun at all better just simply forget about it, because it won't bring much of satisfaction. Here I would propose one achievement for all characters having equipped the best weapons, and having all limit breaks, and one for gathering all materia.

Don't even suggest just beating Ruby and Emerald to be in Bonus - it need to be in core. They are not that difficult, you only need proper preparation and tactics. Same with obtaining KotR, for that you just need patience and a bit of luck.

Posted: 03 Jan, 2018 19:58
Yes i agree with all that weapon bosses and all materia should be in core. Its a big part of game. Id be dissapointed if beat ruby weapon wasnt in the main set

Posted: 03 Jan, 2018 20:04
I would ban those unnecessary grinding and similar no-fun Achievements completely but some people are asking for such Achievements and some Devs are even suggesting them as well. All i am saying is if people want them then please put them in Bonus for those Hardcore Players.

Posted: 03 Jan, 2018 22:19
I'm not ok with low level party in the core, that could be a bonus for play again (With more low level party challenge) and in fact it's something that I'd like to try.
some ideas:

- Get All Limit with all characters.
- Get All Materias.
- Get All Weapons.
- Open All Chest.
- Master All Materias.
- Defeat All weapons.

The WEAPON can have many cool challenge (This can be adjusted):
- Defeat to Emerald Weapon without materias.
- Defeat to Ruby without get a hit; with 1 character; or without summon.
- Defeat to Ultima using only limit break.
- Defeat to Diamond without materia or weapons; with 1 character.

- See all flash back (Zack, Lucrecia,...)
- Get a Gold Chocobo.
- Complete the Battle Arena with Aerith
- Gold Saucer Minigame
- Buy A house at Costa del Sol
- Damage, turn bosses.
- Get the huge materia with a single try.

There ir more but for now i just remembet it and I would like to help for this set.

Posted: 03 Jan, 2018 23:25
I can see Low Level challenges being more applicable to the bonus set, maybe have "Lowest Level Party" be a core achievement since you don't really need to have a plan other than "Keep Cloud & Tifa dead for every battle and recruit Yuffie just before beating Sephiroth." While a regular Low Level game will be a bonus set seeing as you need to follow a battle plan pretty strictly (especially if the level limit is 27/28 instead of 30).

What kind of low level challenges did you have in mind? Other than Low Level, No Limit Breaks none of the ones I had in mind seemed like they would be very feasible from a programming standpoint.

On another note if we're going to be talking about bonus achievements right from the outset we have to have one for 1-shotting Emerald Weapon and maybe have one for the Duplicate Boss glitch.

Posted: 03 Jan, 2018 23:27
A separate achievement for getting Yuffie and Vincent to join the party as they are non required characters in the game.

Getting to the nest with the 10 phoenix downs.

Beating any timed events in under a certain time.

Getting to certain parts of the game within a certain time.

getting all items in the matercia that has the enemy spells. (you have to have it equiped and have certain enemies perform a spell on you to learn it.

Get certain scores in each of the saucer minigames (once unlocked, maybe one for unlocking them too in progression acheievements)

performing the Army gun routine correctly.

Defending the egg challenge.

Have one for either not fighting the turks in the final battle or fighting them.

Dress perfectly as a woman.

Visit the 6 posters and collect your prize.

there is a place on the map that is a cave that gives you something at a certain time, maybe that too.

sorry if they don't all make sense, It's been years since I played the game.

Posted: 03 Jan, 2018 23:52
Thats why i don't see good in the core and I include it in the low level as bonus . The achievement is something that I tried a long time ago and I never completed it and I would like to do it again I dont say that the challenge is wrong cuz from there more funny cheevos can be made :D

Posted: 04 Jan, 2018 06:00
Last Edit: 04 Jan, 2018 06:05
Some Achievement ideas:
As for Savegame Protection i would suggest to make some of the Achievements based on segments by disallowing certain Saving Spots such as saving on the Map or outside of Towns, you have to make it from Save Spot A to point B, if you fail you can always use a old Savegame but it has to be for this segment.

-Finish certain segments of the Game (include Bosses) with/without X.

buying/using Items.
buying/using Magic.
1~2 Party Members being on Status Y.
certain Party Members being in the Party (this includes Aerith as well).
being Level Y or higher.

-Learn Beta from Midgar Zolom without dying before entering the Cave.
-Make it out of Midgar under time.
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