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Posted: 17 Feb, 2020 10:34
Last Edit: 17 Feb, 2020 10:37
Spoiler (Click to show):
There are three different lines your pc can say if you keep on talking.

Posted: 17 Feb, 2020 11:13
Yes, I'm aware of that. Ok, I can incorporate it I suppose.

Posted: 18 Feb, 2020 03:00

I'm sorry I'm not good at creating cheevos names or their descriptions.

Posted: 18 Feb, 2020 04:32
Actually it sounded good... I was gonna go with it.

Posted: 19 Feb, 2020 07:12
Last Edit: 19 Feb, 2020 07:25
Maybe for the hardcore gamers, add cheevos for killing each boss without taking damages.

And kill each boss without any equipment.

After you can add some for items, like sell X items.

All your slots have an item that is indestructible.

Other things is the drink of potions. Because in this game you have to drink a lot of potion. So maybe drink 10 000 potions

There is also some cheats on playstation, like infinite gold. It would be nice there is an achievment you earn when you are cheating and this will block all others achievments you can earn with that character.

Posted: 19 Feb, 2020 11:22
Infinite gold... You talking about duping?

Posted: 19 Feb, 2020 18:59
Yes, exactly duping ;)

Posted: 23 Mar, 2020 17:44
50 out of 75 achievements completed and in unofficial. Thanks to for offering his help and testing.

Posted: 28 Mar, 2020 05:24
Leaderboard created and active and now up to 70/75 achievements created. Still need to finish with the last 5 achievements and then more testing and tweaking. Stay tuned, shouldnt be long now.
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