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Metal Max Returns


Posted: 13 Nov, 2017 04:55
Last Edit: 13 Nov, 2017 06:58
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Created 13 Nov, 2017 04:55 by


Posted: 14 Nov, 2017 13:43
Last Edit: 14 Nov, 2017 16:42
* Clear!: Revive Hunt or an ally at Dr. Mince
* Another Failure: Witness Dr. Mince failing to resuscitate a specimen
* Skeleton Key: Obtain the Lock Hacker
* Error! Error! Error!: Teleport to Yoshida Life Sciences Lab
* Around the World: Have all Teleportation points active
* Mechanic and Medic: Have Aegi's (Mechanic's) inventory full of Repair tools and Healing items (No Weapons or Armor)
* COMPUTER: Acquire all ID Cards and have them all on one character
* Unrivalled Power: Create the Best Laser Bazooka (500 Atk Single Target)
* Richest Man in Crime Country: Have the money count reach Billions
* Really Throwing your Cash around: Pay for a round of drinks in each bar around Crime Country
* Iron Clad Defense: Obtain the best shield around in exchange for 24 Protector Scrap
* Waste of Money: Mature all Gold Eating Insects bought from Issac's Spring and the one at Mince's Lab
* Fully Decorated: Buy all Interior Shop items aside from the Gold Eating Insects
* Restored Functionality: Activate the Auto-Escape and Satellite Cannon functions of the BSCon
* Bountyhead Collectible Card Collection: Obtain all Bountyhead Baddie Promos (Including Rodriguez)
* I will Wait for you: Defeat Bad Valdez without bringing the Red Wolf Tank with you
* I will Join you in Death: Defeat Bad Valdez by bringing the Red Wolf Tank with you
* Tanks a Lot: Find the Mosquito
* Florist: Find the Buggy
* Medic: Find the Van
* APV: Obtain the LAV
* Buried Treasure: Dig up the Tiger
* Excavator's Intuition: Dig up the Tiger without using the Metal Detector
* Haggler: Buy the Abrams
* Crimson Fangs: Find the Red Wolf
* Specter Tank: Find the WhiteMuu
* Vroom!: Equip the V100 Kong on a Tank
* Beep Beep!: Have both Horn Alpha and Horn-Z on a Tank
* Bang!: Obtain the 220m Gaia
* Environmental Adaptation: Equip Auto-AC, Cooler, Ventilation System, and Heater on one Tank
* Playing with Matches: Defeat Salmonella Clan
* Herbacide: Defeat Dr. Rafflesia
* Frogman Corps: Defeat Dos Piranhas
* Experimental Surgeon: Defeat Mad Muscle
* Ice Age Extinction: Defeat Mammoth Tank
* Punch Buggy Blue: Defeat Beetla
* Oh, Hush Up!: Defeat Brass Banshee
* Shocker: Defeat Zeppelin
* Bomb on Stilts: Defeat Mr. Kamikaze
* Tremors: Defeat Mukadelon
* Stop! Hammer Time: Defeat Gomez
* Dust to Dust: Defeat Dust Franken
* Pyromaniac: Defeat Salmonella HQ
* Showdown at High Noon: Defeat Rodriguez with Hunt
* Mechanical Frontiersman: Defeat Rodriguez with Aegi
* Calamity Jane: Defeat Rodriguez with Anne
* Desert Fox: Defeat Rommel Ghost
* Badder than Bad: Defeat Bad Valdez
* System Shutdown: Defeat Noah
* System Overload: Defeat Noah without Tanks
* Live to Tell the Tale: Finish the game (Defeat Noah and return home) with none of your team dying at any point.
* Human Tank: Have Hunt reach level 60
* Iron Magician: Have Aegi reach level 60
* Ultimate Weapon: Have Anne reach level 48
* Overpowered: Have all characters at level 99

Maybe a cheevo for the medals too, but this should be a good start for ideas for a set.


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