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Hybrid Heaven


Posted: 01 Nov, 2017 18:13
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Created 01 Nov, 2017 18:13 by


Posted: 06 Dec, 2018 07:52
Hybrid Heaven (USA).z64
Hybrid Heaven (U) [!].z64
Hybrid Heaven (1999)(Konami)(US).bin
RA Checksum: c47e95bb32ab132c41d67bd243f9e02a
CRC32 Checksum: 15B57EF8

Posted: 06 Dec, 2018 12:18
Took some minutes to provide a game icon. I wish I could have come with something more original / better, but there's not a lot of arts for this game and most are hand drawed, it doesn't look great on icon format. So, nothing special but it should be okay I guess.

Beside that, I'm really looking forward to see achievements for this game. It's a hate it or love it case, but this game is unique in so many ways still to this day, the mix between exploration / RPG and especially the fighting mechanics are quite surprising and fresh. I never saw another game using a fighting system like that actually, it was awesome. Animations were top notch too when it came out, clearly among the best that N64 has seen. For the rest, the monster design and storyline was criticized and I can understand why, I really likes it personnally, it's sometimes funny / weird / gross but I guess that's what should be expected from bio-weapon mutants... right ?

The soundtrack is really awesome beside that. One awesome game to play for anyone who never gave it a try, think of David Lynch directing a Matrix videogame, you got the idea.

What really sucks is the story behind the press releases at the time, I remember it was advertised everywhere as the "Metal Gear" for N64, just because Konami was behind it, people were expecting something similar, but the final result had nothing to see with MG obviously, no wonder why the reception was mixed with that in mind. Still, overall I've seen more positive comments about this game than negatives ones from people who played it until the end. It might not be perfect, but it sure is a very unique title.


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