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Posted: 17 May, 2018 15:46
Flackbyte, I had this problem with a particular rom set. Try a different source for the SNES roms. This fixed it for me.

Posted: 18 May, 2018 18:45
Last Edit: 18 May, 2018 18:47
Save states can make those mario achievements fail. I think

Posted: 26 Jun, 2018 18:27
OK, so we are all still in agreement that snes 9x2010 is the best? Over the 'next' version?

Posted: 26 Jun, 2018 19:16
snes9x2010 works fine for me. I'm not sure if better than other snes cores. I'm having trouble getting correct cheevos pop up for WiiU retroarch core Genesis Plus gx. not sure of it is a wiiu retroarch, genesis plus core, or game cheevo code issue.

Posted: 26 Jun, 2018 20:12
uhhh, wiiu retroarch you say? Got a link for me to follow, mine is already jailbroken I believe.

Posted: 27 Jun, 2018 13:14
@coldjacket, it could be due to endian-ness, WiiU is big endian not sure if that changes anything but it may affect how the memory is represented

Posted: 27 Jun, 2018 15:46
interesting. takes me back to programming classes. OnlyHuman, it is awesome and my fav version of retroarch. the gba temp thread, WiiU retroarch gbatemp thread

Posted: 13 Jul, 2018 04:36
Last Edit: 13 Jul, 2018 05:35
Guys i added a bounty on retroarch to temporarily solve the problem of people loosing achievements unlocked when the connection drop

If anybody from the team wants it can try to add the feature, it would help a lot.

Posted: 29 Nov, 2018 04:45
Last Edit: 29 Nov, 2018 18:45
What's The problem with The GĂȘnesis Plus GX Achievements? It doesn't pop up anymore on Wii u. Anybody Help? Solution to fix It?
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