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Achievement Set News (only post news in this thread)


Posted: 04 Oct, 2017 08:45
Last Edit: 04 Oct, 2017 08:51
I'll be posting daily achievement news that has been being posted only in discord #news in this thread. To see previous game new posts before this date check the discord #achievement-news channel: (

Posted: 04 Oct, 2017 08:45
Last Edit: 04 Oct, 2017 11:32
New set by published 1 October 2017

Game Preview:

A 1-player fantasy ARPG with a birds-eye-view. It's best described as a Ys-like or RPGed Zelda-like with a broad variety of weapons. It was a Japan-only release but a translation is available. This is a stand-out title on the Mega-Drive, as there are few like it on the system in this style or presentation.
As a young fighter you're tasked with retrieving your master's stolen sword, but it's not quite that simple...
[Mega Drive](Sega Enterprises)<1992>
Sources:,,, pikachunich

In this set(45): Progress/events/collecting items(16), defeat bosses or major enemies(13), open all chests in a region(8),level benchmarks(5), win coliseum fights without healing(2), activate a power-up(1).

Posted: 05 Oct, 2017 04:57
Last Edit: 05 Oct, 2017 05:04
New set by published 1 October 2017

Game Preview:

A 1-2 player (coop) top-down action beat-em-up/shooter, best described as a commando-like with fists. 1 of 4 ports. This time around weapon-play is simplified and limited but the gameplay is more bad-ass than ever. It's not about who has the bigger guns but who's punch, kick, and roundhouse is harder. Roundhouse your way to glory through all 6 acts.

Bad guys have captured the President's daughter. Using your superior Martial Arts skills — are you a bad enough dude to rescue her from 'Crime Ghost'?
Source: the game manual, gamefaqs, wikia, youtube: NES Longplays

In this set(18): Defeat bosses without taking harm(8), progress(6), score benchmarks(2), complete the game without continue/kicking(2)

Posted: 05 Oct, 2017 05:03
Last Edit: 05 Oct, 2017 05:04
A bug smash has been executed by on 1-2 October 2017

Game preview:

A side-view 2d-scrolling 1-2 player (taking turns) fantasy action platformer. On his quest to rescue Pluto, Micky can uses 3 different costumes, a wizard, a fireman, and a climber, each with different abilities to overcome the challenges of the game's 6 stages.

"To Laugh at yourself is to love yourself." — Micky Mouse
Source: mobygames, wikipedia,

12 tickets with 6 issue longstanding issues have been resolved. The game is looking clean as a whistle.

Posted: 07 Oct, 2017 22:11
Last Edit: 08 Oct, 2017 02:07
New set by first time developer

Game preview:

A top-down combat racing game. You'll use weapons and gadgets to to damage your opponents giving you the edge you'll need to find victory. You'll earn money along the way to upgrade your car. There are 24 different tracks and eight characters each with different strenghts and weaknesses.
[Genesis](Accolade Inc.)<1994>```Source: wikipedia,
In this set(29): Complete each track(24), fully upgrade your vehicle(4), have one weapon remaining(1).


Game Preview:

New set by published 3 October 2017

A single player platformer with light collectathon elements and an emphasis on tongue physics, you can lick and stick to most anything your heart desires. Explore every nook and cranny of 6 lands as you hunt down the knickknacks needed to unlock minigames and more. Whether you're swinging on poles or eating enemies, there's sure to be something to delight every FurAffinity user with an oral fixation.

Billed as "High Voltage Screaming Action" despite there being very little electricity or vocalization.
[N64](Japan Supply System)<1998>``` source: based

In this set(31): Beat levels(6), collect all level coins(6), beat level challenges(6), clear training rooms fast(9), do well in minigames(4).


Game Preview:

Special revision by @TailsMK4 published 3 October 2017, including 6 learderboards

A 1 player sci-fi 3rd-person 3d rail-shooter. It's One of the only truly 3d games for the SNES. Originally unfinished and cancelled in 1993 this game has been fully updated in 2017 to the Final Version of Star Fox 2 published exclusively for the SNES Classic Mini console. The Beta version will no long work for this entry. Beyond Star Fox (ov) the game includes All-Range-Mode, 6 playable characters, the introduction of Star Wolf, the Landmaster, non-linear stage selection with a semi-real time aspect, Expert mode, and other special moments.

Andross is back to his crazy shit again. Can you blast his giant head into tens of polygonal bits?
[SNES][Argonaut Games, Nintendo]<1993,2017>```Sources: wikipedia, wikia, gamespot,

In this set:(21 new): Earn star ranks(7), destroy enemy bases on Expert quickly(7), Find General Pepper Coins (3), get help from your teammate(1), Star Wolf member joins the battle(1), defeat andross at low life(1), visit the secret base(1).


New Bonus set by

**In this set(21):** Complete stages only using special weapons but not getting ammo(10), complete stages without taking damage(10), Complete the game without taking damage(1).


New set by published 5 October 2017 with one leaderboard

A very rare diagnostics tool for World Class Service Centers testing NESs.

In this set(10): Finish challenges within the tests(6) Complete tool tests(4).

Posted: 08 Oct, 2017 09:07
Last Edit: 08 Oct, 2017 09:07
The admin have recently made some decisions for a few set changes:

1. The Set Panel De Pom was converted into a bonus set for Tetris Attack.

2. The entire set for Strip Fighters II (PCE) has been demoted (removed), not because of the game's content but because the set was so poorly put together and incredibly bug ridden with tens of achievements triggering at wrong times. It was a long list of duplicate achievements for defeating each character on multiple difficulties, ignoring most actual aspects of the game. A dev who's interested in working on this game can start from the ground up and do a much better job.

3. We determined to completely remove Street Fucker from our database. We're not banning adult games, especially licenced ones. But we've determined that this game is too obscene for our library; it isn't licenced and isn't even a close to being a good game. It has no redeeming values in our eyes, even as a joke.

4. Slylock has been approved for a full revision of Snoboarder Kids (N64). A large portion of the set will be removed and replaced with achievements that have better protection and cover the game more adequately. Some of the old set will remain but will recieve additional save protection, and any other changes Sly sees as fit.

5. Four demotions were approved for Super Mario RPG by LupineDream, these were redundant cheeves for killing bosses that are rewarded moments later by getting stars. He's also adding a few achievements to cover some aspects of the game that were previously passed by.

6. One achievement was approved for demotion, suggested by Luuh for Ghostbusters (Gen). It's an achievement to complete the game without using continues. No one has completed it in the four years this set has been up.

If you have any questions about any of these changes, or would like to see needed changes like these to existing game contact the active admins and we'll discuss and vote on the proposed changes.

Posted: 19 Oct, 2017 01:41
Last Edit: 22 Oct, 2017 19:57
The admin voted on and recently approved set changes:
1. For < Castlevania (NES) > by Salsa. Including demotions, merges and transfers to the Bonus set. Specific details can be found in the forum post for the game.

2. For < Super Tennis (SNES) > by Thoreau. 15 demotions mostly of grind heavy achievements. He's also adding a bunch of new stuff, you should check it out!


New set by published 15 October 2017

A 1-player 2.5D action platformer. It also has 1-4 player mini-games. In all Kirby games you play as Kirby, who has the ability to inhale enemies, copying their abilities. In K64 there are 7 basic abilities to copy: Burning, Stone, Ice, Needle, Bomb, Spark, and Cutter. You have the power to combine any two basic abilities giving a total of 35 unique combinations to help you on your way.
Kirby was originally to be names Popopo (ポポポ) until the name "Kirby" was chosen in honor of lawyer John Kirby, who defended Nintendo in the Universal City Studios, Inc. v. Nintendo Co., Ltd. court case.
[N64](Hal Laboratory)<2000>
Source: Wikipedia, the game

In this set(38): Defeat bosses normally/under special conditions(17), transform into all possible abilities(7), catch all the crystals of each Star(7), win the mini-games vs COMs on the hardest skill level(3), Complete Boss Battles Mini-game normally/with full health(2), find invincible candy(1), find and open all enemy info cards(1).



Revision and new Bonus set by published 14 October 2017

A 1-4 player tennis game with a 3rd person bird-eye view. It has 40 players to choose from each with unique strengths and weaknesses. On all court types (grass, hard, clay) play singles, doubles, and on a World Circuit mode with four minor and four major tournaments.
"The best representation of the sport to date." — Mean Machines Magazine: October 1991
[SNES][Tokyo Shoseki Co.]<1991>
Source: wikipedia, mobygames

In the revision(-15,+20): Demoted: Beat the game as xx characters(14)[meaningless grind], 1 other (see forum).
Added: Cheat code protection. Winning each regional Open(8), Winning a match on court types(3), win every point while serving/receiving/in a set(3), win with less points/lose with more points(2), beat characters in unusual circumstances, win doubles vs a COM(1).
In the Bonus set(9): Win every point: In a minor, a major, all minor, all major, all tournaments(7). Beat Don J perfectly(2), in circuit mode with every point in a 3/5 set match(2).(edited)


Minor revision by published 15 October 2017

A 1-player top-down & 1st-person turn-based RPG survival horror game.
Can you escape the mansion?
Source: mobygames

Added(1): Destroying the end boss, thereby winning the game.(edited)
Sweet Home (NES)
Game Info for Sweet Home (NES)


Revision and new Bonus set published 15,16 October 2017

A linear 1-player side-view fantasy horror action platformer. This is where it all started; the first of 39 (and counting) Castlevania titles. Using a holy whip known as Vampire Killer along with other holy sub-weapons Simon Belmont must enter Dracula's castle and hunt him down! There are 18 stages in total clumped in blocks of 3, where a boss awaits at the end of each.
" What is a man? ... A miserable little pile of secrets!" — Dracula (Symphony of the Night)
source: wikipedia

Revision changes: So many. See:

Bonus set(36): Complete groups of stages: without using whip(6), without gaining points(6), without getting sub-weapons or upgrading your whip(6), quickly(6), without taking damage(6). Defeat bosses with plain whip and no sub-weapons(2). Finish the game without dying(1).
2nd Quest: Uncover 15 treasures deathless before stage 28(1), finish without dying/using continue(2), Uncover 15 treasures deathless before stage 28(1).

Posted: 22 Oct, 2017 19:47
Last Edit: 22 Oct, 2017 20:00
New Achievement News!

New set by published 16 October 2017

A single player side-view 2D-scrolling action platformer, also the only faithful console/handheld port. After choosing to play as Jake or Elwood, you're trying to find 5 items they need to perform their comeback concert. Their way is obstructed by several kinds of enemies, which can be neutralized by throwing wooden crates at them. There are a total of 5 levels, increasing in difficulty and complexity. Collect 100 records (loose or boxed) to increase your health and avoid broken records or exploding boxes.
The Blues Brothers are back in town and you'd better be ready!
[GB](Titus Interactive)<1994>
Source: (comeback concert, tagline): Manual

In this set(23): Collect hidden/semi-hidden items(7), and under certain conditions(2), finish levels unharmed(5), finish levels with either character(4), finish final level with each character(2),have maximum health(1), finish the game without dying(1), eliminate a certain amount of enemies(1).
Written by


New set by published 15-20 October 2017

Introducing the One, the Only...Ms. Pac-Man!
Ms. Pac-Man is completely dazzling with her red ribbon and long eyelashes.

With classic style and tradition, she munches her way through maze after maze. Round and round, back and forth she races to gobble up dots, energizers, fruit, and pretzels.

But can she escape the marauding ghosts that inhabit every maze? Will she ever make it out of the mazes and be able to live happily ever after? (And consume a more balanced diet?)

Find out by helping Ms. Pac-Man through 25 different mazes and many levels. Play hard, then put your feet up and enjoy the entertaining Pac-cartoons between certain levels.
Game Informer put Ms. Pac-Man 10th on their list of "The Top 200 Games of All Time", saying that it "trumped [the original Pac-Man] in nearly every way".
Source: Atariage, Game Informer

In this set(36): Hi-Score(16), Eating Fruit(14), Eating Ghosts(4), Saving up Lives(1), Credit(1).
Written by


New set by published 21 October 2017 with 25 leaderboard entries.

A 1-4 player futuristic racing game with a 3rd-person birds-eye-view behind the machine. There are 21 tracks, which each one has its own hazards to deal with, and 10 machines (4 at the start) to play with, each machine having its own strengths and weaknesses. In Grand Prix, the main mode, there are 4 difficulties (3 at the start) which determine the aggressiveness of the computer and you must finish above a certain rank on each lap to keep racing, finishing in the top 3 on the final lap to finish a track, each Cup having 5 tracks each. Each machine also has a power bar, drive over the green pit areas to recharge, but you lose your machine if your power hits zero or you land off-course after a jump.
"...there came a rise in the number of daring men and women looking to get rich quick the only way left to F-Zero pilots." ~From the story in the instruction booklet
Source: Instruction Booklet

In this set(37): Clear Cups on certain difficulties(12), unlock the hidden machines(6), complete all Master Class Cups using a certain machine(10), complete track shortcuts on the first lap(4), complete a Master Class Cup without losing your machine(1), win all 5 tracks in first place in a Master Class Cup(1), dropping first to rank 19 then finishing a Master Class track in first place(1), complete a track without taking damage(1), finish the Championship Circuit 15 seconds faster than the track's default ghost(1).
Written by


New set by published 20 October 2017

A 1-player turn-based fantasy/sci-fi anime-style JRPG with a top-down and 1st-person (battle) view. Obvious sequel to Phatasy star II (gen) and everything you'd expect from a well made early 90s JRPG.
An unusual feature: The game's story spans three generations of characters, beginning with Rhys and ending with his grandchildren.
[Genesis][Sega AM8]<1991>
Source: Mobygames

In this set(55): Get key items/vehicles(9), plot events(9), recruit characters(8), defeat key enemies(7), opening all the treasure of a region(7), marriages(6), Reach level 20 with characters(4), game endings(4), have a whole lot of meseta(money)(1).


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