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F-Zero X


Posted: 26 Sep, 2017 05:27
Last Edit: 18 Mar, 2018 17:12
Official Topic Post for discussion about

1. F-Zero X (USA).z64 / F-ZERO X (U) [!].z64 / F-Zero X (1998)(Nintendo)(US).bin
RA Checksum: 753437d0d8ada1d12f3f9cf0f0a5171f
CRC32 Checksum: 0B561FBA

2. F-Zero X (Europe).z64 / F-ZERO X (E) [!].z64 / F-Zero X (1998)(Nintendo)(EU)(en).bin
RA Checksum: ee79a8fe287b5dcaea584439363342fc
CRC32 Checksum: 2D6F7E8B

3. f-zero x (usa).bin
RA Checksum: dee6ef2cbaac89846a59983e19a55348
CRC32 Checksum: 9408C2C1

4. f-zero x (europe).bin
RA Checksum: 7b2d9e24e6535be213ba036efe618e31
CRC32 Checksum: 3D95DF80

5. nus-cfzj-0.u1
RA Checksum: 60297b40a16ac569dee8659062b08b7f
CRC32 Checksum: 927387B6

Set made using F-Zero X (USA).z64
Checksum: 753437D0D8ADA1D12F3F9CF0F0A5171F

Bonus Set:


Posted: 26 Sep, 2017 05:38
Last Edit: 26 Sep, 2017 05:39
Looking into making a set for this, but I'm not the best racer around.

Anyone have any interesting achievement ideas?
Beyond the standard "beat each cup on any/master difficulty" and "beat the staff ghosts" ones?

Posted: 26 Sep, 2017 10:09
Im brainstorming a little

Death races leaderboard
Something like kiling everyone in a race (if possible)
Killing 5 racers in 10 seconds
Killing rivals...

Posted: 26 Sep, 2017 20:51
Last Edit: 26 Sep, 2017 20:52
Death Race already has a leaderboard, along with every static track. As far as achievements go, I'm planning on having one for winning Death Race and another for winning Death Race in a fast enough time (thinking somewhere between 1-3 minutes, suggestions for the time are welcome).

No idea if that's possible, but killing a certain number of racers in a normal race isn't a bad idea.

I'm not sure if currently supported development tools would allow for a timer like that.

Killing rivals is something I'm planning on, either killing a rival once or killing a few rivals in a row.

Posted: 26 Sep, 2017 23:38
I have some ideas:

Death Race Mode

First of all, I will agree with Slyshock on the range on the UPPER end. Three minutes is perfect, IMO.

Ditto with the Death Race finish achievement.

Grand Prix Mode

If my memory hasn't failed me since I last played it, there are the following:


Joker (clear the above three on special to unlock)
X (Clear Joker on Expert to unlock)


Master (win all four cups on all three difficulties)

Unlocking all vehicles:

2nd row of vehicles = 3 X marks
3rd row of vehicles = 6 X marks
4th row of vehicles = 9 X marks
5th row of vehicles = 12 X marks

The X marks are achieved by winning cups on various difficulties (i.e. Joker on Novice = 1 X)

You should lock the use of this code, if you want people to earn everything:

Unlock everything:

At the title screen, press start to get the mode select, and enter:

L-Shoulder, Z, R Shoulder, Up-C, Down-C, Left-C, Right-C, Start.

You should here a sound, now choose GP Race and a new difficulty will open up.

On the select course screen, a new set of random tracks called the X Cup are opened, and on the select machine scree, you now have access to every vehicle in the game.

With all of that out of the way, here are some ideas for Grand Prix Mode achievements:

Eye For An Eye - Get an extra life in a single Grand Prix race (5 kills)
Mach Speed - Have the speedometer reach 2,000 KPH in a race
Get The Broom - Score 600 points in a Grand Prix cup (Standard or higher recommended)
I'm Not Dead... Yet - Lose all your lives but your last live on the very 1st race and go on to win a cup (Standard difficulty, NO Extra Lives allowed!)
Unstoppable - Same as I'm Not Dead, but on Expert (or if you are really giddy, make it Master!)
No Contest - Win a Grand Prix race by at least 5 seconds (any difficulty because of the rubber-banding of the AI)

...and of course copious amounts of clear x cups on x difficulty achievements. : - )

Time Attack:

There are 24 staff ghosts on F-Zero X. The list for the unlock AND defeat times is on this FAQ:

These ghosts are a *&^!@ to beat. I have only personally beat 2 back in the day.

Here are some achievements that would work for TA:

For 1, 6, 12, and 24 Staff Ghosts Unlocked
For 1, 6, 12, and 24 Staff Ghosts Beaten

As a bonus Time Attack achievement, this was a personal goal when I was younger and when I did it I was so happy!

Blue Streak - Complete Big Blue 2 in Time Trial under one minute.


To answer SuperMeatBro, it is possible to be the only one to finish. I had two races in X Cup where all 29 racers jumped off a ramp and all fell into the pit However, I think "killing" all of the opponents in a race is possible, but definitely not easy by any stretch.

Here are some miscellaneous ideas:

Finish Silence 1 in first place while only turning right (Standard or up)
OCD - Hit every zip boost (the arrow thingies) in one lap on Big Blue 1.
Death Wish - End the 2nd lap of a race with NO energy left and without recharging, go on and win (difficulty is everybody's call here)

This is all I can think of that could work. I cannot wait for this game to eventually get a set!

Posted: 27 Sep, 2017 00:04
This guy know his F-zero X
I had a friend who mastered the master cup a lot of time in front of me, i think his reccord for death race mode is something like 45 secondes, which is fucking insane.

Posted: 27 Sep, 2017 00:35
Last Edit: 27 Sep, 2017 00:37
Trying to stay away from any achievements that are just "unlock x", since those would either be one time only or open to abuse through save loading.

I think I'll probably cap difficulty at Expert and make the staff ghost achievements only for unlocking them rather than beating them. If I go through with this, then Master difficulty and beating staff ghosts would be saved for the bonus set.


Posted: 27 Sep, 2017 01:43
Last Edit: 27 Sep, 2017 01:44
I think that's a good idea, Slyshock.

"This guy know his F-zero X"

Not exactly, but I loved this game as a kid and played it a lot.

Wanna see some insanity, check this out:

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="
" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Posted: 27 Sep, 2017 20:24
I see that's Piccolocube's (AKA Uchiha Madao) run. It's good for a single segment run, but F-zero X can be way more impressive (I'm still waiting for other cups getting a TAS).

45 secs on Death Race is really good, mine is 42"697 (and seems I'm at "12th place" on F-zero Central), so it's quite a feat. Back in the day I tried with all the cars until I subbed 1 minute with each one. Surprisingly, the TAS last less than 7 seconds.

F-zero X have a really high learning curve in order to master it, so many things that could be considered an achievement, can't make a cut here (e.g. Beating all, heh even just a single Staff Ghost can be hard until you learn to slide). Hitting 3000 Km is another challenge that it might be too hard for regular people as it is get 100% (mastering all cups in all difficulties with all cars -> 5x4x30 = 600)

As for getting kills, in either the King or Joker cups have the best tracks to do so. My personal best is little less than 150 kills (the max is 29*6=174). The hardest part is when the CPU dies but you don't get the credit...

Posted: 28 Sep, 2017 04:38
Last Edit: 28 Sep, 2017 20:54
These are the more standard achievements I'm doing:

1-24: unlock staff ghosts
25-29: clear cups on any difficulty
30-34: clear cups on expert

Would it be preferred if all achievements of the same type had a generic name with only the name of the track/cup changing, or if each track/cup's achievement had a unique name? If the latter, I'd appreciate ideas.

Also, here are some miscellaneous ideas that I either came up with on my own or adapted from a suggestion, tell me if any of these sound unreasonable (or what would be a good benchmark for unspecific ones):

Win a cup after killing 29+ racers
Win Joker Cup without losing a life (Standard or higher)
Win a Grand Prix race without dropping from 1st for the entirety of the final lap (standard or higher)
Win without boosts
Stay in the air a certain amount of time
Spin a certain amount of times or more and win
Maintain a certain speed (as opposed to just achieving it for a moment)
Win a race without a certain input
Win a race without hitting anything (no Jack Cup tracks)

As well, I can do achievements for winning certain tracks with a certain machine/stat combo if anyone can think of any interesting ideas on that front (like something with terrible turning on Big Hand, perhaps?).

Posted: 08 Dec, 2017 17:38
Hi. I'm playing F-Zero X and it's really important to say that people need to play on the N64 original controller. Without the original the game don't respond the way they should on the turns. Making things even more difficult for the casuals gamers. Example of this , I have to regulate the sensitivity on each track using a ps3 controller and even so it's impossible to find equilibrium in all tracks. I lost at minimum 10 seconds for my original records on the N64 ,just because of this minor detailed.

Posted: 23 Jan, 2019 01:38
Even with a ps3 controller you just gotta figure out the right settings I never used a n64 controller and I beat all the staff ghosts.


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