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Posted: 13 Feb, 2014 16:45
Last Edit: 24 Dec, 2018 15:51
Official Topic Post for discussion about
Created 13 Feb, 2014 16:45 by

1. F-Zero (USA).sfc
F-Zero (U) [!].sfc
RA Checksum: 6f334790120e1fe1a972ff184d2cfc50
CRC32 Checksum: AA0E31DE

2. F-Zero (Europe).sfc
F-Zero (E) [!].sfc
RA Checksum: 13808b9b12b0627f7f1e29c6cb303911
CRC32 Checksum: F1D8F5DA

3. F-Zero (Japan) (BS).sfc
F-Zero (J) (BS).sfc
f-zero (japan) (bs).bs
RA Checksum: 1632f488d5920d90ed8bf309cd83ecec
CRC32 Checksum: 689130B5

4. F-Zero (USA) [tr Fr v1.0 TT].sfc
RA Checksum: 9cbcbb4e10469e068b5c5a2db24c65a6
CRC32 Checksum: 8A42D683

5. F-Zero SNES CD [f-zero_msu1].sfc
RA Checksum: c1e5ba090fe0fe0f62c5f067135110d0
CRC32 Checksum: 0D428172

RA Checksum: 40a54730ff47e35dbb4db847f8e0b907
ROM Checksum: eb22c25dea7d39173778d7000bad9d01
CRC32 Checksum: 20B5D848

RA Checksum: 3d5b0e20d6e9b62078add95ab7e9c5eb
ROM Checksum: f157f5d6dd950c525b28834a9c9ab5ce
CRC32 Checksum: 2690F1DB

8. F-Zero Age of SNES - Shiryu, Darkshock-f-zero_msu1.sfc
RA Checksum: 15ef4c1cbe9bac8013af65c091c1de2b
CRC32 Checksum: 82F22D13

9. F-Zero GX MSU Extended v1.1 Conn et al, NTI v2 Audio-F-Zero GX MSU Extended v1.1 Conn et al, Colines v2 Audio-f-zero_msu1.sfc
RA Checksum: a3e3313d6695c7fb93b18c26e31c292a
CRC32 Checksum: DD60457F


Posted: 13 Feb, 2014 16:46
Wow this needs.. So many more achievements than just one, I'm actually surprised there is but only one.

Posted: 21 Feb, 2014 06:50
Hey guys, I added a few little tiny achievements. They're my first achievements I've ever made. But there were saved memory addresses already (thanks guys that did that,) so it was easy-peasy.

I wish it were this easy to make achievements for games like Kirby's Dream Course, for an amateur newbie achievement maker such as myself. >->

Posted: 21 Feb, 2014 09:24
Greatly appreciated. It's good to see some more achievements on this after so long.

Posted: 28 Feb, 2014 22:46
Here are a few suggestions.

-Win all five races in one league without losing any.
-Reach 30,000 points.
-Finish each lap of a race in a different place. (i.e. 8th after lap 1, 6th after lap 2, 5th after lap 3, 3rd after lap 4, 2nd at the end.)
-Go out of the track without losing your car. (In some tracks, there is a separation that prevents you from going into the other version of the track. For instance, in Red Canyon 2, there is a separation that prevents you from entering Red Canyon 1 areas, but you can do that with the bumpers and a really long jump. This can also be done in White Land 2. Dunno if there's any other. If I recall correctly (haven't done it since I was a teenager, though), an automated thingie brings you back in the course, in a fashion similar to Lakitu in Mario Kart, so you don't die. I can make a video if you want to see what I mean.)
-Find the "secret" in Red Canyon 2. (Yeah, this track again. Anyway, there's a bumper at some point that seems to lead to nowhere but off track, but there's a big arrow, which is a bumper itself. It enables to bypass the mine section without danger. Again, I can make a video if you're not sure about what I mean.)
-Complete a lap in Silence without taking damage (except Practice Mode).
-Complete a lap in Fire Field without taking damage.
-Fill up one course's time results. (Having a full set of 10 times in a single track in the Records section.)

Posted: 02 Jul, 2018 01:22
Last Edit: 06 Jul, 2018 01:44
hey fellow racers! if you would like to practice on ANY track, i made some leaderboards for

Posted: 12 Jul, 2019 20:48
With the set cap gone, each set will be re-scored, proportionally to other sets using the new scoring system.

If you've played or mastered the F-Zero, or have a strong sense of it, you can help by entering how you feel the set should be scored. How you score it, along with other users, for this and a number of other important sets will have a big impact on how all sets are scored in the future.

Here's a link to the scoring sheet:
- - Requested by

Visit this thread for details on how you re-score a set easily and effectively.

Posted: 12 Jul, 2019 21:47
Thanks kdesks, I'll get started right away. :D

Posted: 12 Jul, 2019 23:31
I submitted my revaluing.

Posted: 29 Mar, 2020 13:49
Last Edit: 29 Mar, 2020 14:09
I would like to work on the suggestions brought up by Seijin.
Even if its long ago, I also have some fresh ideas, and tbh 14 cheevos for such a classic game are a bit lousy.

Posted: 30 Mar, 2020 06:26
Yes, totally agree, this game deserves more. Good luck!


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