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PC Achievements for Old Games


Posted: 12 Aug, 2017 08:03
Last Edit: 14 Aug, 2017 05:53
I was playing some old PC games and thought it would be really cool if they had achievements. Many aren't even available on Steam, and of the ones that are few had been given achievements and probably never will. Is there any interest in adding achievements for old PC games?

I made a proof of concept achievement detector for one of the games I'd played, Star Wars: Episode I Racer. It watches for when you start the game, and then watches for you to earn achievements.

Here's a sample achievement that unlocks when you finish a race.

Link to the source code:

To run, you need Python 3.x, PyQt5, and pywin32. To install the libraries, use:
pip install pyqt5 pypiwin32

Posted: 14 Aug, 2017 05:56
I added an achievement unlocked popup. It only works for windowed or borderless fullscreen games.

Posted: 14 Aug, 2017 10:27
I think this would be a great idea and I too thought about it for a long time.

Great work on your proof of concept. I guess to integrate this to RA, it would be necessary to develop a toolset of memory inspector and achievements editor specific to pc games.

Posted: 14 Aug, 2017 12:07
Last Edit: 14 Aug, 2017 12:09
Thank you for the kind words.

There already exists a complete and functional toolset for memory inspection: Cheat Engine, and many ASM debuggers like IDA or x264dbg. I know I personally could not improve on these.

To be bare-bones but user-ready, I think it would need:

* Support from RA staff to add achievements to the database
* Improvements to the base code and UI or even a full rewrite
* Connectivity to the RetroAchievements website

To really shine it would need:

* Tool for creating and editing achievements
* Tutorials and documentation for doing so

I'm wanting to gauge interest and support before I put more work into it.


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