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My Raspberry Pi 3 B project.


Posted: 07 Aug, 2017 21:45
Recently bought myself a Raspberry Pi 3 and got an idea to put it in the case of a broken NES i've had for a long time. The modding and building took a couple of days because i had no idea what i needed in order to build the ports on the back of the NES, controller ports and whatnot. The configuring etc. took much longer because i had a clear vision of what i wanted the "console" to function like. Obviously i installed the Retropie image into the SD card.

Here are a couple of pictures of the project: (Didn't know how to embed images into the post :( )

After completing the build i installed the Mini-NES theme and background music to really make the thing feel like using an actual console. And the best part of the whole system is... It supports Retroachievements! I couldn't be any happier with this build! Obviously someone with actual skills and more money could build a way better Pi-in-a-NES than me but still i like this thing very much.

The only thing it still needs is a port for the power cord which is hopefully coming in the mail soon.

Anyone else using a Pi to play their retro games? Show me your builds!

Posted: 07 Aug, 2017 22:12
Last Edit: 07 Aug, 2017 23:12
Nice build, ive done the same thing with the original pi 1 B but since ive upgraded to a PI3 board but im still not happy which my setup. I keep going back to messing around with it. I kept the original ports and modded a SNES controller with a NES controller connector. My usb hub is build into the old cartidge.

I had pictures on my site of the old setup but since moving host, most my pictures dont work anymore. (somethign ive been meaning to fix lol)


I mostly use my GameBoy Zero for playing games recently.

Posted: 07 Aug, 2017 22:48
Those USB ports on the cartridge look amazing! I'd steal your idea instantly if i wasn't planning to add a small fan on top of the Pi :D

Have any of you ever had problems with overheating on a Pi that's not overclocked? I'm not gonna overclock mine but still I'm afraid of overheating.

Posted: 07 Aug, 2017 23:09
Since changing to the Pi3 I havent had the top on the shell. The cartridge still moves, So Im still trying to think of a way to solve that, might change the design. My hdmi adapter doesnt like my new tv either, so that needs changing as well. (got one on order). Ive been so busy I havent had time to think about it and make changes. Im also adding a fan and attaching to the grill on the top of the case.

Posted: 07 Aug, 2017 23:13
I was also thinking about placing the fan under the grille on the right side of the console, but my Pi is on the left side. Wonder will the fan do any good if it's under the grill?

Posted: 07 Aug, 2017 23:22
Didnt think about that lol, anything is better than nothing but i think your right it needs to be above the pi really. Even if the pi is getting hot on the left of the case, it would be heating up all the air on the inside of the case and a fan blowing air out by the grill would work. You could have a couple of small fans all the way along the grill. Adding a small angle to them would also help.

Posted: 09 Sep, 2017 16:06
Last Edit: 10 Sep, 2017 05:29
I love the Raspberry Pi 3 such a great tiny machine. I don't got any special case or anything just a little red chrome case with a fan that was built for it.


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