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Dragon Spirit


Posted: 09 Feb, 2014 23:18
Last Edit: 05 Apr, 2018 12:49
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Created 09 Feb, 2014 23:18 by

1. Dragon Spirit (USA).pce )
Dragon Spirit (U).pce
RA Checksum: 1fe13078c7aba4ef0777d5a470d56986
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Posted: 09 Feb, 2014 23:22
Right, I have made some cheevos for this

Beat each stage (except for 8 as need to find the end goal address)
Beat each of the first 3 stages by only killing the boss. (may have to revise stage 3)
I'm thinking of doing some cheevos of completing a stage without getting hit although I would need to know where to stop as the later levels seem impossible to complete without getting hit.

Any feedback / ideas would be much appreciated.

Posted: 13 Feb, 2014 06:35
To a casual gamer unfamiliar with Dragon Spirit or the shmup genre in general, the game's later levels may seem impossible period, end of story. Haha. I'm honestly unsure if it'd be a good idea to take up points with those kinds of achievements; perhaps some like completing stages without collecting powerups (white/green dragons), completing with only one head, etc. Just throwin' stuff out there, there aren't too many things to go on for the game.

Posted: 13 Feb, 2014 10:17
I think I'm only going to play with the first level for no hit, boss only challenge, just to give some peeps a challenge.

I like the idea of one head minimum flame cheevo. I may add a couple of get x number of points as cheevos too, a leader board isn't out of the question either.

I prefer a mix of cheevos for games, some easy ones to get newbie players interested, some medium ones for peeps that have played the game and some hard for experts.

Posted: 13 Feb, 2014 21:47
I've just seen this - completed the entire game without getting hit.

Posted: 17 Feb, 2014 20:40
I finished the first level and it told me I beat the game haha. Might wanna look into that.

Posted: 17 Feb, 2014 23:21
Cheers for the feedback, hopefully should be fixed now.

Posted: 27 Feb, 2014 12:35
played earlier and took note of what i came across on hardcore, here's what i've got:

& -- both unlock when area 1 is started

-- unlocks after finishing stage 7 rather than 8

-- unlocks when a white, green or the first head upgrade is obtained rather than getting all three heads

Posted: 27 Feb, 2014 12:52
ok cheers, will try and have a look tonight

Posted: 27 Feb, 2014 12:55
no prob, thanks for doing all that :) i beat it regardless just for good measure and i just mastered it.

Posted: 06 Nov, 2017 10:00
Last Edit: 06 Nov, 2017 10:02
Anyone explain what needs to be done to achieve the Mega Dragon (10) (16) !!!!! I've tried it 100 times already! and blue and green and white!


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