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Posted: 25 Jul, 2017 08:19
Just wanted to give a quick rundown of my experience. When I first put together my retropie (running a raspberry pi 3) I was totally stoked to learn everything it could play. My disappointment set in pretty quickly after learning that the N64 emulation was shoddy at best. Then after learning that N64 cheevos were a thing, I became determined to make it work. I tried changing every setting there was, I tried flashing a separate card that was dedicated to only N64 (to free up memory/space) and I even tried running the games from the command prompt without the frontend. Unfortunately even a "low end" 64 game like Mario 64 still would be almost unplayable in my opinion. It was incredibly frustrating considering ps1 games ran just fine. I've actually gotten a few cheevos to trigger on it after updating the cores but the gameplay is not enjoyable. At this point I've resigned to getting the 64 achievements on the PC. My next attempt at a game box will be with a Banana Pi as it looks like its double the memory and processing power with the same RA compatibility and hopefully it will have more luck. If anyone has any advice or help with maybe making the raspberry work like I want it to, I welcome it. Also please keep up the good work, y'all are amazing!

Posted: 25 Jul, 2017 11:48
Last Edit: 25 Jul, 2017 11:50
I've been trying to get n64 emulation to work on my RP3 build within a nes shell. I find super Mario 64 is playable but it struggles to load all the textures proberley.

I've also tried loading the HD texture pack on retroarch and I can't get that to work but does look amazing in project 64.

I have got a old banana pi but I don't think retropie runs on it. I no retropie runs on a orangepi but not sure on spec.

Have you tried these setting

Posted: 25 Jul, 2017 17:20
That's exactly the issue I had with Mario as well and it bugs me. Other games lag quite a bit and the graphics are off on most. I know that N64 has never been perfect but the difference between the RP3 and my pc is astounding. I originally checked out the page you linked and I still haven't had much success. Alas, I think I'm stuck with the PC for the N64 cheeves. I appreciate the assistance though.

Posted: 04 Jul, 2018 11:52
Mupen glide 64 seems to work ok on my raspberry pie 3+ (altho with low resolution)
But I dont seem to get any achivments? It works on my other rapberry pie emulator


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