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~Bonus~ Contra

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Posted: 04 Jul, 2017 22:14
Last Edit: 21 Jul, 2018 14:50
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Created 04 Jul, 2017 23:14 by

This is the very first, experimental *Bonus* set of achievements. The goal here is to make place for achievements which don't fit in regular set, allowing the regular set to be better balanced and more approachable while giving a place for very hard challenges, achievements requiring glitches, and other out-of-place-for-regular-set type achievements.

To properly link your ROM to the list you need to:
1. Download patch
2. Download Floating IPS software
3. Apply the patch on a ROM file, which meets specifications:
Contra (USA).nes
Contra (U) [!].nes
Contra (1988-02)(Konami)(US).nes
RA Checksum: 5a5c2f4f1cafb1f55a8dc0d5ad4550e5
ROM Checksum: 7bdad8b4a7a56a634c9649d20bd3011b
CRC32 Checksum: C50A8304
You can check the the CRC32 checksum by dropping your ROM file here
4. In result you should recieve a file with the following checksum:
CRC32: 617d1e92

Posted: 04 Jul, 2017 22:15

Posted: 06 Jul, 2017 12:07
@ Contra? This is a hack?

Posted: 06 Jul, 2017 14:27
Last Edit: 02 Sep, 2017 02:22
Right now is "*Bonus* Contra". This is a test addendum set containing harder challenges,The idea is to bring all side content to such set, making the regular one more accessible to complete to any player.

Posted: 06 Jul, 2017 14:43
Wow, that is a great idea Salsa!

Posted: 06 Jul, 2017 17:50
Very cool idea!

Posted: 17 Jul, 2017 01:21
The set is now officially complete.

Posted: 17 Jul, 2017 01:22
Awesome ill get to it soon!

Posted: 17 Jul, 2017 03:52
That's how this should be done, and not changing old sets.
Great work.

Posted: 18 Jul, 2017 03:26
Old sets should be changed regardless, but this way we could seperate something not for everyone from achievements most players approach to get completely.

Posted: 01 Aug, 2017 07:22
Last Edit: 04 Sep, 2017 18:32

Posted: 01 Aug, 2017 07:23
Last Edit: 02 Sep, 2017 02:20

Posted: 02 Sep, 2017 02:27
Last Edit: 02 Sep, 2017 03:11
Salsa and I have split the set into the bonus sets (as it is) and a multiplayer only set, and removed the lock. These efforts are in hope to make both sets more attractive to RA's playerbase. Instructions on patching your contra rom to the Bonus set rom can be found in the top level comment.

Multiplayer set:

Posted: 07 Sep, 2017 22:26
Last Edit: 07 Sep, 2017 22:27
I've added two leaderboards to this set:

How Crazy Are You? (One Continue): How far can you get without continue (includes loops)
This starts when the player enters a single player normal game.


How Crazy Are You? (One Life): How far can you get in one life (includes loops)
This start when the play enters a single player Konami code game.


They are coded with this syntax: 11:00:71 == LS:bb:ss (L = Loop, S = Stage, bb = Big Progress, ss = Small progress)

Posted: 07 Sep, 2017 22:39
I wanna see a bunch of old unfinished snes sets finished. Like Ninja Warriors.
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