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Posted: 01 Jun, 2017 19:22
Last Edit: 14 Feb, 2019 00:46
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Created 01 Jun, 2017 20:22 by

1. Taz-Mania (World).md
Taz-Mania (W) [!].bin
Taz-Mania (1992-07)(Sega).bin
RA Checksum: 659550d4c9588ff594a927eb173877d2
CRC32 Checksum: 0E901F45

2. Taz-Mania (W) [b1].bin
Taz-Mania (1992-07)(Sega)[b].bin
RA Checksum: 8b49c73381c0187d24c76417b65b4f5f
CRC32 Checksum: 4A682959


Posted: 12 Feb, 2019 22:16
Set is soon to be ready; will contain the following:

07 Basic Achievements in any difficulty, based on each "region"
17 "Hard" Difficulty Achievements, one for each level
14 "Challenge" achievements, which include lives, continues, score, crossing the ice flow without falling into the water, and especially, "No Spin" challenges for each "region".

No achievements will work with the cheat-code enabled. I had thought to allow it for some of the challenges, but for the "region" achievements there was no way to prevent the player from just skipping each level, or worse, refilling their health or making themselves invincible, so none of them will allow the cheat code to work.

Practice Mode is never used.

Long "No Spin" Explanations:
"No spin" achievements are all tested as possible; some levels require a bit of thinking or precise jumping to get past them. "No Spin" achievements can be on any difficulty... they exist mostly to challenge platforming-ability, not really for sake of making things hard. So you can do them on Easy.

The last boss was omitted from "no spin" on grounds that its sudden appearance seems to mostly need the player to spin in order to quickly hit it in time before it goes off-screen again.

"No spin" achievements currently include "Game Over - Continue" screens. This not only means you can keep attempting to do the "no spin" achievement for that area after dying as long as you have Continues, it ALSO means you can't spin during the Continue screen. In order to restart a region's no-spin achievement, you must be in the previous level before that region for at least one second.

Despite the animation that plays, Taz's "idle animation" does not break the "no spin" achievements when he spins around and throws a temper tantrum. It's only when the player presses the Spin-Button. Unfortunately the spin-button is used to do things like throw-bombs or weed-killer ; if you're careful, you can successfully throw a bomb or any item without problems. But if you press the button for too long, after throwing the item, you will briefly spin and cancel the achievement for that area.

Short "No Spin" Explanation:
Don't-Spin to Win. Have fun with challenging your jumping and enemy-bouncing ability and experience playing the game differently from what you might have before.

Weird/dumb RAM things:
The change from the last Factory level to the Ice Flow level is weird. Sometimes it goes directly from 5 to 7. Sometimes it goes from 5 to 6 then to 7. But in reality, there is no "level 6". This happens very rarely and I'm not sure why.

Things not added:
Item-detection in RAM appears to be unstable... just scrolling an item off-screen causes it to fluctuate. Add to that, respawning from a checkpoint causes all level items to reappear, whether they were eaten, destroyed, or avoided, so nothing was made with those in mind. And the hot-chili peppers are sitting directly in front of the player on the very first level they play, so it's not exactly a challenge to pick them up.


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