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Conkers Bad Fur Day

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Posted: 13 Dec, 2018 20:18
Thanks I appreciated watching that. This is my kind of thing, being a former housekeeper.

Posted: 13 Apr, 2019 03:01
Last Edit: 13 Apr, 2019 03:25
Hi, I've been working on completing this set for a few days. They all seem doable except "Enter the Vertex" which is complete the heist without using slow-mo. I have tried this for hours, and I always get ripped to shreds by the third wave. I try to sneak around the wall until I can see a sliver of the enemy and shoot them. Even doing this, the guards blow the columns away too fast, and I have to constantly reposition myself trying to find a spot I can shot them from. Is there some special tactic I'm missing?

Posted: 13 Apr, 2019 17:52
Last Edit: 13 Apr, 2019 21:57
Hi , actually that achievement was my last achievement to Master this set and I even was thinking to demoted it because the difficulty 😣

The strategy is just be at the blind spot of the pillars and shoot the weasels, I will upload a tutorial, so maybe will be more easy 👌 stay tuned!

Tutorial is up at the cheevo page

Posted: 16 Apr, 2019 04:32
Last Edit: 16 Apr, 2019 07:53
Well, I got it FINALLY. It wasn't too difficult with some patience and the advice of staying on the right side. For the record, I found staying one column back on the right for the last wave of enemies to be helpful. They can only destroy the columns so far and they seem to have a harder time shooting you behind the farther column than the one right next to the lasers.

Edit: Also, can I get some clarification on what "I'm More of a City Guy" is asking you to do? It says "caveman's home". Does it mean go to Uga Buga before completing the barn section? If so, how is that possible? As far as I'm aware, you have to complete that section first. Is there some way to sequence-break?

Posted: 16 Apr, 2019 18:30
Glad the tutorial was useful 😋

Yes is Uga Buga I typed "Caveman's Home" because is at the area when the Red Dinosaurs are "patrolling", is not really at Uga Buga is like in the entrance of uga buga so i didn't know how to called it and that's why "Caveman's Home" 🤣

Just after you open the Barn go to the Poo cabin and then beat bat's tower you will have enough money to go to Uga Buga

Posted: 18 Apr, 2019 04:02
Last Edit: 18 Apr, 2019 05:38
Okay, so hopefully this is the last achievement I'll need help with. I'm trying to complete the no damage on the turret achievement against the tediz. It's been a long time since I played the game prior to this achievement run, but it seems like when I'm shooting, the shots don't reach the target until a half second or so after I shoot. This makes it nearly impossible to shoot the tediz when they're moving. I'm not sure if this is the way the game is or something with the emulator. The tediz can be right in front of the turret stabbing it and I have them right in front of the crosshairs, but the shots don't seem to hit them until they get two or three stabs off sometimes. Any advice?

Edit: Okay, so I made it through the turret room without taking damage. I started from the chapter menu and made it through the surgery room and the turret room the first time without damage. The achievement didn't trigger. I jumped off the turret at some point. Does the achievement not trigger if you leave the turret or something?

Posted: 19 Apr, 2019 19:11
Last Edit: 19 Apr, 2019 19:12
About the Turret tips, the turret works like that in this game I do not remember if was like this on the N64 🤷♂️
Just memorize the tedyz routes and you will get it, they're the same every time, so only be patient and you will get it 😋

About the cheevo not triggering, the achievement had a protection if the player does not use the turret enough that's because you can beat the turret sequence getting harmed go to the previous room (to reset the cheevo) and go through the torret room again and finally go to the next room and the achievement will trigger, basically cheating the achievement

That's because when I coded this achievement I did not know about the coordinates address (I just founded when I was making the ~ Multi ~ Conker set)
I just changed the achievement so you will no longer need to go to the next room to trigger, the achievement will trigger when you beat the turret sequence and the door is opening, so the achievement is no longer tracking the time you use the turret 😉

Posted: 19 Apr, 2019 21:43
Okay, I got it. I'm not sure how much time needs to be spent on the turret, but I realized it's possible to use the pipe near the rope in the room as cover. It is still difficult, but it's possible to use your own guns which are far more accurate and ironically seem to kill the tediz faster. Not having to be on the turret allows you to immediately jump off it and run behind the pipe using much the same strategy as the heist Enter the Vertex achievement. I'm not sure if this is something you wanted to allow for the achievement or not.

Posted: 19 Apr, 2019 23:22
You can play it as you want but my intention was for the players to use turret XD

I don't have any problem using the turret, but remember you can escape from the turret on this achievement but you can't do it for the Honeycomb achievement 😉
Good luck on that 😁 heheh

Posted: 20 Apr, 2019 00:24
Yeah, I've been working on the honeycomb one. It isn't too hard until the last wave. If one of them is moving in to attack, you're almost guaranteed to hit them if you fire in the general direction they're coming from. The problem is if multiple ones attack from different sides at the same time. I was already really close to getting it, but I got stung near the end of the last wave. My major issue is that I don't have a save close to that part, and I have to go through fighting Buga the Knut just to get another three chances at it.

Posted: 20 Apr, 2019 02:02
You can use chapter mode XD
If you don't have all chapters just type WELDERSBENCH at the cheat menu and this will unlock all of them

All cheevos beside the story related ones and the ones who said "story mode only" can be unlocked doing this 👍

Posted: 20 Apr, 2019 03:45
Oh, I know that, but the chapter after Buga the Knut is too far. You can only trigger the second hive scene by going through Buga the Knut first.

Posted: 20 Apr, 2019 07:54
No men lol, just go to Windy at chapter menu and then to "Wasps Revenge" xd

Posted: 20 Apr, 2019 08:09
Last Edit: 20 Apr, 2019 08:14
Yeah, you're right. Welp, I'm an idiot. That would've saved me some time and annoyance. :P

Edit: Got it on my second try after not having to worry about going through Buga again. XD

Posted: 20 Apr, 2019 21:13
Last Edit: 20 Apr, 2019 23:03
Okay, so I'm down to just the multiplayer achievements now. I'm working on the hold 1st place for the entire match one. I tried it in Total War with 3 minutes on the clock. I grab a weapon and shoot the enemy, but the second I shoot them, my place drops to 2nd. I thought it was because I missed at first, but even if I shoot them with my first shot, I immediately drop to 2nd. What's going on here?

Edit: One more question and hopefully this will be the last time I need help before completing this set. On the Ready for the Mushroom Cup achievement, you have to stay in 8th for an entire lap and still get first. Since you start in 1st, I assume this means you have to wait until the second lap and then go from 8th to 1st in the final lap. Even with having the board at full speed and collecting every powerup, this doesn't seem possible. What am I missing?
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