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Donkey Kong


Posted: 04 Feb, 2014 07:39
Last Edit: 18 Jun, 2018 12:02
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Created 04 Feb, 2014 07:39 by

1. Donkey Kong (Japan, USA) (SGB Enhanced).gb
Donkey Kong (JU) (V1.0) [S][!].gb
donkey kong (world).bin
RA Checksum: 60e55697da19bb160316ec290a7a7437
CRC32 Checksum: EDAB3378


Posted: 04 Feb, 2014 14:15
I'll give it a shot

A. An achievement for picking up all three makes sense
B. Triple jump achievement first time?
C. Finishing a level with Under 10 seconds left?

I can't imagine much else cause I'm not sure if the game would have memory tracks for 100% each level

Posted: 11 Mar, 2015 16:46
Last Edit: 11 Mar, 2015 19:20
I'm getting several achievements not triggering. Between a Rock and a Sharp Place, Iceberg Make-over, That Sinking Feeling, He's Still Tailing You Big Guy. Shelving this game 'til these achievements and further achievements are confirmed working.

EDIT: Went back to try again just 'cause I'm tenacious, and it gave me every award I was missing sans Iceberg Make-over when I went to the file select. Weird.

EDIT 2: Stomped ALL THE WAY THROUGH the game back to Iceberg, not a fun slog, I assure you. Got all the items on the first stage and it flagged that time. Spectacular.

Posted: 11 Mar, 2015 23:07
The achievement look at the memory values stored when you clear the levels. Not sure why they weren't triggering initially, unless you weren't connected to the site. However they do back-enable because of what the achievements look for.

As for the make-over ones, you just have to get the 3 items in any stage of a particular world for it to trigger. Those do NOT back-enable. You can go back to any world and get them in any stage of that world though.

Posted: 12 Mar, 2015 00:27
Yeah, I figured as much. Just for some reason the applicable achievements didn't trigger. I was connected to the site as far as I know, 'cause achievements were working fine up 'til that point. Maybe it was just a hiccup or something.

Posted: 13 Mar, 2015 14:36
yeah, I went through the game recently and they all triggered perfectly for me. Think it was just a glitch in the system during your case. =(

Posted: 10 Oct, 2017 08:13
Last Edit: 10 Oct, 2017 08:33

Posted: 17 Jun, 2018 18:02
No More Monkey Business doesen't unlock for me.

Posted: 17 Jun, 2018 18:29

Posted: 18 Jun, 2018 09:35
I unlinked Donkey Kong (World) (Rev A) (SGB Enhanced).gb because I think the set has been created with the other rom: all tickets are from people using it and got when he used Donkey Kong (Japan, USA) (SGB Enhanced).gb.
Closed both opened tickets and edited the Master MD5s list :)


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