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New RAProject64 Emulator (beta)

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Posted: 10 Jun, 2017 00:39
This could be solved with Scott help, or does you have not updated this profile changes into your custom dll??

Posted: 10 Jun, 2017 00:46
Last Edit: 10 Jun, 2017 01:22
@salvadorc17 I'm not sure what you mean, probably something lost in translation, but the issue was resolved when I changed my avatar to this one. As long as the emulator works, nothing else matters to me.

Game on!

Nevermind, I didn't realize you were referring to the Scott, I got confused because my name is Scott also.

Posted: 10 Jun, 2017 19:40
Last Edit: 10 Jun, 2017 19:42
"Just remove RA_Integration.dll from the folder before you run the emulator, click through the prompts and log in again, that should work. :)" I tried and it didn't worked at all :/

Edit : Oh wait! It worked for RANes. Didn't checked the others.

Posted: 20 Jun, 2017 00:30
FINALLY! N64 support!

Posted: 20 Jun, 2017 02:30
Small problem here: The non-RA version of Project 64 had an option to change the "Default Memory Size" from the standard 4MB to 8MB, but the RA version does not. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, since plenty of games work just fine with that, but SM74 is NOT one of them.
I never ran into any issues with games NOT working with the 8MB setting (back when I'd emulate games OUTSIDE of RA), so if the option to choose isn't possible then making it 8MB may be what we should go with.

Posted: 20 Jun, 2017 02:43
Yes, it does have the same option to change memory-size. Not only that, it has the ability to change this per-game and remember those settings for later(so did the older versions for that matter, but it was less direct about stating that).

If you right-click a game in the main-window's ROM directory, you can select "Edit Settings" to change different things... at the bottom of the "tree" there is an option named after the game, that's where the settings which include Memory Size are located.

If you do not have the ROM directory chosen(and have an empty main window), you can still do this, but you need to load the game first, then quickly go to Settings and look for the settings with the name of the ROM you are using, then change it from there.

In general, it's best to use 4MB unless the game requires it. This might be an issue with rare circumstances like "Army Men: Sarge's Heroes" and others like it, where the actual memory addresses COMPLETELY shift whether it's using 4MB mode or 8MB mode.... in the case of Sarge's Heroes, the 8MB option increases draw-distance but ALSO lowers framerate, so in that case ONE version would need to be chosen and used otherwise the addresses will be all wrong. As well, according to the RDP-readme for PJ64, it's recommended to always use 4MB unless the game requires it... but being a bit old, who knows.

Still, it will need to be researched for various games by their developer about which one is needed and if using either version causes as bad of a difference as Sarge's Heroes, which is the only one I've seen so far(and probably Sarge's Heroes 2?) that causes such a major shift in addresses depending on which one is used.

Posted: 20 Jun, 2017 21:58
Last Edit: 20 Jun, 2017 22:04
Just skimmed a bit.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure most games were on the N64 were done in C. Instead of ASM so slight changes to the code dramatically alter the address table.

With non-RA and RA you have to load the game first then override the game settings in "settings". I'm sure there was another way but I can't remember.

Posted: 20 Jun, 2017 22:57
Last Edit: 21 Jun, 2017 14:12

The other way is to just right-click a game in the directory and click "Edit Settings". If you don't have a rom-directory linked, then run the game, then click "Options --> Settings" and the above settings will be at the bottom of the list under the name of the game.

Posted: 21 Jun, 2017 00:56
Just tried that, and while I DID have some options for plugins or the recompiler, I don't see any options for memory... I must be missing something, but rereading your advice isn't helping me figure out WHAT.

Posted: 21 Jun, 2017 00:56
Last Edit: 21 Jun, 2017 00:56
Blasted double post!

Posted: 21 Jun, 2017 01:28
I'm not sure what else to say, unless somehow you're using an older version(the one we're using is 0.53 RA version of PJ64 2.4). The memory size option at the top, the one that says 4MB, that's where you change the game to 8MB. You get this menu by either right-clicking the game from the front-page directory, or clicking on Settings in the Options menu while the game is running. To be clear, I'm clicked onto the "Config: Pilotwings 64 (U)" section of this menu, not Recompiler or Plugins. This menu only appears if you right-click a game and click "Edit Settings" or at the bottom of the Settings menu while a game is running.

Posted: 21 Jun, 2017 01:34
Odd, now it's working? I can't seriously have failed to just NORMAL clicked the "Config: Game Title" text instead of right clicking or expanding it, right?

Posted: 21 Jun, 2017 03:54
Stupid Norton! I'm TRYING to tell you that no, this emulator I downloaded is NOT A THREAT! YES, I know it's trying to access the Internet and isn't a browser, that's the POINT! You'd THINK that if I told you to "trust" it that you WOULD trust it, and NOT BLOCK THAT! I mean, you got the message with all the OTHER RA emulators, and weren't ORIGINALLY being stupid here, so WHY?!?!

Posted: 21 Jun, 2017 04:00
Of course I think of how to get it through Norton's head AFTER posting the last comment! Needed to go where you create custom firewall rules and change "block" to "allow".

Posted: 22 Jun, 2017 09:52
Had a quick look in the forum but couldn't find anything about this, but is the achievements supported in RetroArch?
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