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New RAProject64 Emulator (beta)

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Posted: 29 May, 2017 22:18
Your profile picture is too big~

The site reformats images and that usually makes them larger than the base file~

Try different pics until one works~

(The limit is 32kb~)

Posted: 30 May, 2017 10:17
I know it will take time, but will this eventually be integrated into a retro arch core as well?

Posted: 30 May, 2017 15:34
Wow, this is something great, absolutely awesome, I will test it now

Posted: 30 May, 2017 15:57
Which core i have to use? Sorry, for my bad english

Posted: 31 May, 2017 14:07
Last Edit: 31 May, 2017 15:47
nothing even works i keep getting no controller and no mempak inserted errors been messing for an hour now please help
nvm the default setting for controller just seems to mess with my logitech g310 controller >.>

Posted: 01 Jun, 2017 05:02
So, the emulator keeps crashing for me whenever I go to load a ROM or even change my control scheme. Any help?

Posted: 01 Jun, 2017 22:11

Posted: 02 Jun, 2017 16:07
Last Edit: 02 Jun, 2017 16:08
ainda não é suportado no retroarch... Apenas os outros sistemas logo logo vai funcionar

Posted: 02 Jun, 2017 16:48
Tomara, tomara

Posted: 03 Jun, 2017 02:04
I have encountered an issue with my GoldenEye 007 set

On the website, it correctly lists the achievements as 103 and the score 400 points. However, when using the emulator, it loads only 86 of them for 325 points.

It seems there is a limit in place. Is this able to be lifted/extended, or should I remove the excess achievements? In the achievement creation, it shows the 86 correctly then ... afterwards.

Posted: 03 Jun, 2017 02:10
Looking at it, except for when it comes to enemy rockets, you could be able to compact things a bit more by using 16-bit addresses instead of 8-bit. When it comes to enemy rockets, you would then have probably one be just 8-bit to Reset and the other 8-bit to Require.

Posted: 05 Jun, 2017 16:58
I found a small issue with RAP64 while bug-fixing an achievement in core. When the emulator is paused, the tool set is still checking the RAM for achievement conditions. This could break achievements (depending on their logic) and makes fixing an achievement that is active and has more than 6 conditions impossible.

Posted: 05 Jun, 2017 17:13
I've seen that happen once or twice, but in terms of developers, I've also caused it to refresh and actually stop Hit-Counting, although I don't remember what it was I did. But in terms of a player I guess it might cause problems..

Posted: 05 Jun, 2017 17:38
Yeah, if a condition requires an address to be a certain value for 10 frames, but the player paused the emulator during an action that only had the address at that value for 5, the achievement will pop.

Posted: 07 Jun, 2017 13:19
Last Edit: 07 Jun, 2017 13:36
Sorry, I'm new here, wanted to play Ocarina of Time on the emulator but I was wondering : what is the "Hardcore Mode" ?
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