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Mischief Makers


Posted: 19 May, 2017 16:36
Last Edit: 19 May, 2017 16:46
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Created 19 May, 2017 17:36 by

Possibly close to uploading, just depends on how people feel about it.

Small notes:

Recommended GFX Plugin:
   • Low Performance: Jabo D3D8 1.7 (will cause Math Fun to be unplayable)
   • High Performance: Glide64 / GlideN64 / Project64

Jabo 1.7 is very fast for most games, but in this particular game, it will cause some sprites to have visible "edges" all around, and especially it causes a black box to be drawn over the Questions in the "Math Fun" event, making it unplayable, although it isn't necessary.

OpenGL plugins work best, but for me, they cause significant slow-down over 512x resolution.

ALSO - I'm sorry, but I completely cannot isolate a stable Time-Ranking anywhere. I wanted to include Average S-Rank as an achievement, but the only way I can detect it would allow a save-game to load it, and that would make the achievement worth very little points for how easy it would be to simply load a downloaded save, while legitimate gamers would work very hard to gain almost no points from it. If it can be correctly found later, by all means, add it. Otherwise, I believe attaining Average-A-Rank(which is detected easily by detecting the 53rd gold gem) is challenging enough for the time being.

Otherwise, the set is mostly boss-centric(as well as the last level in World 1 for consistency), including the game's own built-in no-damage-bosses, but also including ALL "bosses" to have their own no-damage achievements for the first time.

Still need to fiddle with improving the badges a little bit, decide point distribution, and test it a bit, otherwise it's just about ready for whenever we're ready.



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