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"Problems Writing File"


Posted: 19 May, 2017 00:03
So apparently, due the RANes update not installing, I can't log in and get acheivements. The problem seems to be with RA_Integration.dll

Any work-arounds?

Posted: 19 May, 2017 00:33
Delete RA_Integration, maybe even RA_Keys. After that it should redownload without needing to overwrite anything, so it should download correctly.

Posted: 21 May, 2017 05:04
Last Edit: 21 May, 2017 17:35
Well I don't know if they fixed it in the official version but what've seen is that dll attempts to write to the log file in a folder that doesn't exist. Sure "a", is the appending filemode and creates a file that doesn't exist but it does not create a folder. This isn't Linux... GCC and clang have that functionality but not VC++.

My proposal fell on deaf ears but the fix is really simple. Just make sure all directories exist when the server version is newer than the client version. If they don't just create them. It's as simple as that.

Posted: 21 May, 2017 17:38
Last Edit: 21 May, 2017 17:39
I'm assuming you downloaded a new RA client version (RANes). There actually is a work around from the root folder make a folder RACache and one inside it called Data.


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