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Yoshi's Story


Posted: 17 May, 2017 18:15
Last Edit: 31 May, 2018 00:45
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Created 17 May, 2017 19:15 by

1. Yoshi's Story (USA) (En,Ja).z64
Yoshi's Story (U) (M2) [!].z64
Yoshi's Story (1998)(Nintendo)(US)(en-ja).bin
RA Checksum: 586a092e22604840973b82dfaceac77a
CRC32 Checksum: A1453E0D

2. nus-nyse-0.u1
RA Checksum: d3436319d51df291ba71a2e512ddb7b5
CRC32 Checksum: 01A4B1E9


Posted: 21 May, 2018 08:42
Is there anyone working on a set for this game and if so, what's the progress of it?

Posted: 21 May, 2018 19:10
Dex was working on it but he lost his save states + local achievements, so I took over a few days ago (with his permission). We've got basically all the memory values we need, it's just a matter of making the achievements + badges themselves.

Posted: 22 May, 2018 08:19
Alright, hope it all works out and something comes out soon, I loved this game, so hopefully mastering the set won't be a huge problem for me :P

Posted: 29 May, 2018 20:53
Last Edit: 29 May, 2018 20:55
I made a set of achievements, most of which is pretty basic stuff. I wanted to include more interesting ideas but a lot of the game's memory is difficult to deal with, so I just went with basic level progression, collecting melons, and ones for each of the Trial Mode/Score Attack levels, with some extra stuff sprinkled in here and there.

If you want the most optimized way to go for 100%, you have to play each level in story mode (which means 4 playthroughs minimum) to unlock them in trial mode. It sounds tedious, but a playthrough can take like 30-45 minutes if you're not super slow, so it's not as bad as it sounds. The achievements for getting 30 melons can be done in either story mode or trial mode, but I recommend you go for them in trial mode since you're required to in order to get a high score anyway.

Anyway, everything else is really straightforward I think. Good luck on finding all the melons, you'll definitely need it (and also probably a guide).



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