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Pokemon Stadium


Posted: 17 May, 2017 04:01
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Created 17 May, 2017 05:01 by


Posted: 18 May, 2017 08:37
Ideas :
0-Perfect Win
1-Win the Gym Leader Brock
2-Win the Gym Leader Misty
3-Win the Gym Leader Lt Surge
4-Win the Gym Leader Erika
5-Win the Gym Leader Koga
6-Win the Gym Leader Sabrina
7-Win the Gym Leader Blaine
8-Win the Gym Leader Giovanni
9-Win the Elite 4 Lorelei
10-Win the Elite 4 Bruno
11-Win the Elite 4 Agatha
12-Win the Elite 4 Lance
13-Win the Rival
13-Win 3 Min Games
14-Win 6 Mini Game
15-Win 9 mini game

Posted: 18 May, 2017 13:40
I'm pretty sure the Elite 4 and the rival are in the same run.
Achievement ideas:
Defeat each Gym Leader
Defeat each Gym Leader in Round 2
Beat each Stadium Cup
Beat each Stadium Cup in Round 2
Defeat Mewtwo
Defeat Mewtwo in Round 2
Win the Mini-game Championship against the different difficulties.
Maybe add some team composition challenges as well for certain Cups or Gym Leaders.

Posted: 19 May, 2017 02:41
What about an achievement about using a copy of Gary's team to beat Mewtwo. It could be called "getting even" in reference to the anime episode where Gary gets curve-stomped by Mewtwo.

Posted: 25 Jun, 2017 22:36
If only there was a way to make the save file from the roms of the Gameboy games compatible with the Stadium games, this would be an incredible trip down nostalgia alley

Posted: 29 Jan, 2018 02:25
pretty sure its possible. I know a lets player that did it on a LP years ago.

Posted: 02 Apr, 2018 19:16
yeah it is possible, if you use the Nrage plugin for inputplugin. then go to control configuration, then choose the tab controller pak and choose transfer pak. load in your pokemon red/blue/yellow rom and its save file and youre good to go


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