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Ms. Pac-Man?


Posted: 05 May, 2017 22:57
Last Edit: 05 May, 2017 23:36
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Created 05 May, 2017 23:57 by

Edit: To get the achievements set difficulty to Normal or harder, 1 player or 2 player alternating (player 2 is untested), no pacboost.

This game should be titled "Ms. Pac-Man" or "Ms. Pac-Man (U)". How do I do that?

Posted: 05 May, 2017 23:16
Last Edit: 05 May, 2017 23:17
I'd appreciate it if someone could make an achievement for getting all the kinds of fruit on each type of maze worth 15pts each (with all the same restrictions as the other achievements, so people don't cheat). I'll probably look into it soon, but I have 340 points worth of achievements so far and that'd push it to 400 :).

Posted: 05 May, 2017 23:18
There's already an entry for that game

Posted: 05 May, 2017 23:22
Last Edit: 06 May, 2017 02:56
Box art:

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Edit: Okay, how do I access that entry? Can I move my achievements over easily? I made 24.

Edit2: My checksum is f62625b0f5b12482d31f2fc5e7097410

Edit3: I'm going to triple check things and work on pushing the achievements up again. I just don't know what I should be doing right now, I don't see any edit button or any way to merge the two games. The other game doesn't have any achievements (as far as I can tell) so this seems to be at least somewhat sensible. I'd appreciate it if someone could fix up the split :).

Edit4: Achievements don't seem to appear in RetroArch, I'll just wait and stop touching things I guess.


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