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Rock n' Roll Racing


Posted: 02 Feb, 2014 22:52
Last Edit: 11 Apr, 2018 05:43
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Created 02 Feb, 2014 22:52 by

1. Rock n' Roll Racing (USA).sfc
Rock N' Roll Racing (U) [!].sfc
rock n' roll racing (usa).sfc
RA Checksum: 1978359063c02ad2badd3c0e993aca14
CRC32 Checksum: 7D06F473

2. Rock n' Roll Racing (Europe).sfc
Rock N' Roll Racing (E) [!].sfc
RA Checksum: ea99d9924329380fe4a0d523caf9d2e2
CRC32 Checksum: B02DAF39

3. Rock N' Roll Racing (E) [T+Bra].sfc
RA Checksum: 4b01b8c7900ac523351b2cc01870287e
CRC32 Checksum: 989ABB5F

4. Rock N' Roll Racing - MSU1 Audio.sfc
Rock n Roll Racing MSU1[!].sfc
RA Checksum: 0dd6d73652a885c9b90646602b53ac6c
CRC32 Checksum: AAE7584C


Posted: 02 Feb, 2014 23:01
So I have some Ideas for Achievments

1) Getting Started: Finish First for the First Time

2) Moneymaker: Acumulate 100k "Money"(15)

3)Bad to the Bone: Destroy 3 enemies in the same race(10)

4) Havoc: Buy Havoc (10)

5) Full Havoc: Fully upgrade Havoc (15)

6) Champion of the Newbies: Finish the game on the easiest setting (10)

7) Common Champion: Finish the game on the médium diffcult (15)

8) We are the champions: Finish the game on the hardest difficult ( 25)

9) Paranoid: Fully upgrade any car. (10)

10) Viking Natural Selection : Select Olaf (5)

11) Ready to Inferno: Reach the last world on highest dfficult. (15)

12) I love my old car: Finish the game with one of the initial cars on easy (15)

13) I really love my old car:Finish the game with one of the initial cars on medium (25)

14) We're married: Finsh the game with one of the initial cars on hard (35)

That's it for now

Posted: 02 Feb, 2014 23:22
went ahead and added some art for you :)

Posted: 03 Feb, 2014 01:02
Thank you Jonny

Posted: 26 Mar, 2014 23:58
Loved this game back in the day. Look forward to playing it with achievements:)

Posted: 11 Apr, 2015 22:59
Created achievements, i had other ideas but some of them became inviable with the password system.

any problems, just tell me.

ROM : "Rock N' Roll Racing (U) [!].smc"
CRC32: 7D06F473

Posted: 09 Feb, 2017 08:31
Last Edit: 13 Feb, 2017 04:38

This game has a VS mode you can play solo, and the tracks you play in a given sitting cycle through the first 31 of the game's available 36 available single-player tracks (effectively all of the tracks from the first five planetary tilesets, plus the first two of the sixth Inferno tileset). What I always liked about this mode in particular is that you can play these 31 tracks with any of the six tilesets you want and with any car you want, whereas the single player divides the tracks exclusively into their own tilesets.

So I created a series of "marathon run achievements", each of which has you racing all 31 tracks in a row on Warrior difficulty, all as a certain car, on a certain planet, and with a requirement for at least a large proportion of the possible 12,400 points you can earn over the course of these 31 races to have been accumulated by the time you enter the race menu screen after the 31st race has ended. The progress for these achievements will reset themselves if at any point you change a car or planetary tileset in the race menu (besides when you are setting up your planet and car before you start the first race in your run), as well as whenever the tracklist cycles back to the 1st square-shaped track as you begin it again. Thus, each of these achievements would require separate restarts of the game to count (so you can't carry over points between runs of 31-tracks-in-a-row sets).

The achievements are as follows:

To prove they work, I accomplished several on hardcore, and each of these takes around 50 minutes. And fortunately, I was able to fix an exploit I was talking about in a previous version of this post.

So anyway, I think each of these marathon achievements could be viable to base its own leaderboard around; the memory does include addresses that charts a given race's in-game race time in both minutes and seconds, so maybe those could be stored cumulatively. If someone thinks that's a good idea and makes that a reality, that'd be awesome. ;)

Posted: 22 Feb, 2017 08:07
Last Edit: 25 Feb, 2017 17:32
Right, so some feedback on the game's main page has expressed that there are boring and time-consuming elements to having marathons of the VS mode in which 31 separate races have to be done in one sitting and for the majority of the races to require 1st place wins, and for there to be six of these nearly identical achievements even though the same 31 track layouts technically repeat in each one.

My original defense of them was that the password system of the single-player makes the current set of achievements one of the easiest games on the site to master on Hardcore otherwise; they may let you experience the full game as it was intended back then, but there's barely anything about them that lets you find some new kind of angle to extend the game into some new territory.

I'm not sure how else the VS mode's unique feature of allowing any tileset to apply to any track layout can be harnessed for the purposes of achievement exploration, since the mode only linearly cycles through the game's tracks from the 1st all the way through the 31st. The VS mode is the only way to have achievements not compromised by the game's password function, after all. But very few would want to put up with actually doing six 31-track sets in a row.

If the site included Blizzard-style "Feats of Strength" that did not have points attached and were purely for your own nerdiness, I might have submitted these marathons under that label. But anyway, the closest equivalent looks like simply having them back in the Unofficial User-submitted Achievements section so that the idea of racing familiar tracks on atypical tilesets can still be communicated to anyone that incidentally looks in that section. But I need someone with the capacity to demote these particular achieves to be called in.

In the meantime, I had charted a lot of extra addresses and put together a few other achievements that I do think give the game's achievement list that extra edge of creativity that it needs to compete with other games' lists. Check them out: :)


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