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Donkey Kong 64

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Posted: 07 Dec, 2017 01:48
Damn you should it would be so cool

Posted: 13 Dec, 2017 23:29
Last Edit: 13 Dec, 2017 23:29
damn i hope you will

Posted: 16 Jan, 2018 13:16
still waiting

Posted: 03 Feb, 2018 04:13
Sorry to anyone who wanted a set for this game. I've been busy, thus haven't had the time to work on this. I can, though, upload my unfinished set for anyone to try and finish it, if they'd like. Either reply here, or PM me if you'd like to finish it and want me to upload the achievements. Or you can just start from scratch. Either way, won't bother me.

Posted: 15 Apr, 2018 22:08
Last Edit: 15 Apr, 2018 22:13
I really want this in my life. I wish I knew how to make achievements.

Posted: 24 Apr, 2018 18:09
Last Edit: 24 Apr, 2018 19:10
please achievements

Posted: 24 May, 2018 16:57
Last Edit: 24 May, 2018 17:23
In before everyone who's been riding this game's coconut gun spends 12 minutes on it before spamming the forums about needing achievements for some other game.

Posted: 24 May, 2018 21:28
Last Edit: 24 May, 2018 22:57
If an admin could paste this to the opening post that would be appreciated.

Donkey Kong 64 (USA)
RA Checksum: 9ec41abf2519fc386cadd0731f6e868c
CRC32 Checksum: d44b4fc6

Use file 1 for best results, if you use a cheat you'll be locked out of all achievements and leaderboards until you turn them off.

Posted: 24 May, 2018 22:55
Last Edit: 25 May, 2018 07:54
Don't grab all 500 bananas in a level, original achievement was too large and is going to have to be split.

Alright, should be safe to grab them now.

Posted: 26 May, 2018 01:38
Hey Ben, which plugins do you recommend to run the game at best performance? Cheers.

Posted: 26 May, 2018 03:28
by performance do you mean speed or accuracy? GlideN64 is the best default plugin for running games in terms of accuracy but it's a little more demanding.

Posted: 26 May, 2018 11:24
Last Edit: 26 May, 2018 11:25
For video, GlideN64 v3 or Angrylion are the only ones I can recomend, every other one should be avoided with 1 minor exception (that being capturing the underwater banana fairy in Gloomy Galleon. For some reason you can't get it with GlideN64 and you'll have to use Jabo for that one segment). Any other plugin and you end up with bone displacement and could end up going out of bounds just by climbing up a tree.

For the rest I use:

Shunyuan's HLE Audio 1.8.2
Jabo's DirectInput 1.7.012
RSP HLE Plugin

but I'm not as well-versed with those as I am with the graphics so there might be a better combination.

Posted: 05 Jul, 2018 12:00
Last Edit: 05 Jul, 2018 12:51
Added brackets to the following achievements to signify that they're missable and will do some reorganizing to give them first priority on the achievement overview.

Posted: 05 Jul, 2018 22:41
Thanks! This helps plan a play through.

Posted: 01 Sep, 2018 01:55
Last Edit: 01 Sep, 2018 16:47
originally this cheevo was named Expand Dong did you guys prefer the old or the new!
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