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Mario Kart 64

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Posted: 25 Sep, 2017 13:31
I've modified the conditions for this achievement range:


- Delta on the bool for having the trophy, since it made the achievement impossible for those that missed it due to being in casual mode or offline, or those who had a previous save file.

- Checks for the cup and CC chosen from the menu before starting. I checked using both RAP64 and nemu64 and these both persist until the menu is reloaded after the game.
- A 30-hit frame counter on GP placing being 0. I'm assuming this is what he didn't know how to plan around, as it's initialized to 0 when the ceremony starts (I think "cheat protection" was a cop-out).

Typically I'd ask the set creator before modifying his achievements but after what happened here I assumed it wouldn't get done because the creator didn't seem to view it as an issue and got defensive and emotional about the situation instead. If I'm going to have to go around fixing things though I'd like to 2nd the request to drop for being redundant.

All that aside there are some great ideas in this set but the dude who made it needs to handle himself better.

Posted: 25 Sep, 2017 14:13
Last Edit: 25 Sep, 2017 14:33
3rd on that. Not a fan of having to redo everything or download a save file because of a desync or something. Not saying cheat protection is a bad thing but anything can happen.

Doesn't help that MK64 Autosaves after every cup, so if something happens you can't go back and do it again unless you make a backup save after every single cup.

About 99% of the time people are gonna have issues with a set no matter how hard you work on it, whether it's a bug or an intended feature that causes more issues than it fixes. That's not saying the set is bad, just something was overlooked. No need to freak out over it.

That being said, I still respect Magnus as a dev, and hope that he can take things better in the future.

EDIT: Thanks for fixing cel. I'm gonna finish this set tonight

Posted: 25 Sep, 2017 14:35
Last Edit: 25 Sep, 2017 14:44
I think you should ask him regardless. Treating someone who got too emotional, and too personal about something, as unworthy to communicate with, can make the situation worse...

Mag is respected developer on this site, who made a lot of top notch achievements, and he is very sensitized about any flaws in the code, thus he would take care of them. Same with any suggestions about making achievement easier or harder. If you respect him - let him fix his own achievements, becaue he can do that, and he is still here.
Repeating that he did something wrong over and over won't going to help here. There is very thin line between fair denouncement and persecuting.

Posted: 01 Oct, 2017 00:26
The only real issues comes from the achievements that force game glitchs.

Posted: 01 Oct, 2017 00:56
Such as?

Posted: 01 Oct, 2017 02:57
Tss, nobody glitched to beat peach's ghost! :deng:

Posted: 23 Jan, 2018 21:52
Last Edit: 24 Jan, 2018 02:49
Someone can make the achievement : Easy Peasy (complete the rainbow road in 150cc and in first place)

PS:Sorry for my bad english, i'm brazilian
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