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Mario Kart 64


Posted: 21 Apr, 2017 04:11
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Posted: 27 Jul, 2017 23:53
I am not a good programmer, but I can recommend some achievement ideas for this game. I would love to play it on here. I have been a MK64 fan for a long time.

Completing Each Cup Regardless of difficulty level (50cc, 100cc, 150cc, etc.)
* Mushroom Cup (any difficulty)
* Flower Cup (any difficulty)
* Star Cup (any difficulty)
* Special Cup (any difficulty)

Completing ALL cups (one achievement for each):
* 50cc
* 100cc
* 150cc
* Extra

Winning One Cup with each character (one achievement for each):

* Mario
* Luigi
* Yoshi
* Toad
* Bowser
* D.K.
* Wario
* Peach

Here's where the difficulty will ratchet up a bit. There are 3 secret ghosts you can race against in Time Trial. Here are the requirements to unlock each one:

| Luigi Raceway: 1'52"00 |- Luigi
| Mario Raceway: 1'30"00 | - Mario
| Royal Raceway: 2'40"00 | - Peach

There should be an achievement for each one you unlock. Setting the achievement to unlock when you reach these barriers at the end of a Time Trial is a foolproof way to do it.

Of course, we need achievements when you beat each one (not easy, but I have personally done it).

It'sa Me - Beat the secret Mario ghost at Mario Raceway
Dethroned - Beat the secret Peach ghost at Royal Raceway
Green With Envy - Beat the secret Luigi ghost at Luigi Raceway

And one more for bonus...

Who's The Star Now?! - Beat the secret Mario ghost with Luigi

You could also have achievements for not getting hit during a race, taking certain shortcuts, using a blue shell, getting hit by a blue shell, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Posted: 16 Aug, 2017 04:23
* Nice Try - Attempt to free Marty.


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