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Super Mario 64

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Posted: 27 May, 2017 19:51
I agree with

Posted: 27 May, 2017 21:13
Great job, congratulations

Posted: 28 May, 2017 10:31
"Half empty of half full?" triggers for me with only two of the three states of the level entered (half-full and full, but not empty).

Posted: 28 May, 2017 14:21
Last Edit: 28 May, 2017 14:22

Mmm right. It seems that the value was set to 0 for a few frames so I had to look for any timer & pause it for some frames when loading the map (I always tested it from lowest to highest, hence I didn't noticed before). It should work now at it's supposed to. Thanks Protoblubb.

Posted: 28 May, 2017 14:56
Hello everyone,

I finished the game but Thanks For Playing doesn't pop out.
Otherwise good job, everything works very well ^^

Posted: 28 May, 2017 15:06
I just fixed right now, sorry about that.

I used a map address that was only used in debug and not in real time, hence it couldn't trigger for anyone. I changed it to check other things and now it should work as intended.

Posted: 28 May, 2017 17:36
I completed this mission with approximately 81 stars and she did not release the achievement .... should I get it when I finish the 120 stars?

Posted: 28 May, 2017 18:07
No, it should be at any time, just wait until you see the last scene.

By any chance were you playing before I made the changes? Maybe you still had the older code and hence why it didn't triggered for you.

Posted: 28 May, 2017 18:10
I think that yes I am playing since 10:00 here in Brazil now it is 3:00 pm so I think it was before the same changes, I will try after now I have taken a break thanks ....

Posted: 30 May, 2017 08:50
What to play in n64?

Posted: 03 Jun, 2017 15:44
Idea of achievement :

- Speedrunner skill - Beat the final bowser with less than 70 stars

How to do BLJs (Backwards Long Jumps) In Super Mario 64

Posted: 03 Jun, 2017 15:47
Sorry, but no bugs should & would have achievements here, no matter how famous they are.

Posted: 07 Jun, 2017 07:55
Last Edit: 13 Jun, 2017 09:24
2 Possible Achievements on root:
1. You're Master! - On the root with 0 star
2. How you do that? - On the root without using cannon

More suggestions:
- Collect max. "100x 1-UP" without talking Yoshi
- Triple Jump after talking Yoshi
- Defeat King Bomb omb (course 1)
- Defeat King Whomp (course 2)
- Defeat two eyeroks (on course 8)
- Defeat ice bully (course 10)
- Collect all blue coins on course 5? (total 14 blue coins, 3 eyes, 11 ghosts)
- Mix metal and vanish caps on course 9

As challenge:
- Walk to pyramid without pressing 'A', without being damage, without getting tornado, without using warp (On "Shifting Sand Land" Course 8)
- Defeat all big boo's in one playtrough without being damage (on course 5)?
- Defeat two big bullies in one playtrough with using koopa's shell in shorter than 30 seconds (course 7)

Posted: 08 Jun, 2017 00:31
Last Edit: 08 Jun, 2017 00:33
Collect every possible coin on x course.

I'd imagine that's an easy one to put in.

Posted: 13 Jun, 2017 09:29
That's a good idea but the problem is how to collect all coins on Course 5 (beetwen star number 1 and 2)? As Star number 2 will spawn 5 little boos (ghosts) on carousel.
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