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Phantasy Star

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Posted: 12 Apr, 2017 01:40
Last Edit: 14 Aug, 2018 17:01
Official Topic Post for discussion about
Created 12 Apr, 2017 02:40 by

(or in this case those which should work)
1. Phantasy Star (USA, Europe) (Rev 3).sms
Phantasy Star (UE) (V1.2) [!].sms
Phantasy Star Rev 3 (1988)(Sega).bin
RA Checksum: 1110938df80f4e44c8213d7f85cfb5e6
CRC32 Checksum: 00BEF1D7

2. Phantasy Star (Japan).sms + patch (SMS Power official unofficial english retranslation)
Phantasy Star (J) [T+Eng1.02_SMS Power].sms
RA Checksum: a0f614f26e99633493e3a3339bc85586
CRC32 Checksum: 70e89681
Download patch: (Link)

3. Phantasy Star (Brazil).sms
Phantasy Star (B) [!].sms
Phantasy Star Rev 2 (1988)(Sega - Tec Toy)(BR).bin
phantasy star (brazil).bin
RA Checksum: 1b69716f9f4053e1533f654c091ae410
CRC32 Checksum: 75971BEF

4. Phantasy Star (USA, Europe) (Rev 2).sms
Phantasy Star (UE) (V1.1) [!].sms
Phantasy Star Rev 2 (1988)(Sega).bin
phantasy star (usa, europe) (v1.2).bin
RA Checksum: 5ba9114edea5deb5282fd9ad7d4b2d62
CRC32 Checksum: E4A65E79

5. Phantasy Star (J) [T+Rus1.02 Chief-Net (06.05.2015)].sms
RA Checksum: 5ecb5172f7b1b88da6221fb2f8da6ba6
CRC32 Checksum: 73CE0028

About "Phantasy Explorer" achievements
You can do those challenges anytime in the game. You need to get to all treasure chest spots in current dungeon (empty ones too) - you need to stand in the exact spot where you unlocked the chest. That also aplies to all essential points which conclude the dungeon (for example place where boss have been). You can escape from battles, you can use items, magic (except for Troop and Bypass) and heal your party. After reaching all points you need to stand before the exit to trigger the achievement. You need to do it in one run (no loading save allowed), and in one session (if you will load another ROM or exit the emu the progress will be lost).

For example - checks for

Significant names which differs between translation (Rentranslation = Official Localization)
Alisa = Alis
Tylon = Odin
Lutz = Noah
Tajim = Tajima
LaShiec = Lassic
Dark Force = Dark Falz
Light Talisman = Magic Lamp
Polymeteral = Polymaterial
Shield of Perseus = Mirror Shield
Frade Cloak = Frade Mantle
Spiky Fur = Thick Fur
Aeroprism = Prism
Animal Glove = Gloves
Psycho Wand = Wand
Laerma Berries = Laerma Nut
Saber Claw = Iron Fang
Silver Tusk = Silver Fang
Damoa's Crystal = Crystal
Carbunkle = Amber Eye
Soothe Flute = Flute
LandMaster = Landrover
FlowMove = Hovercraft
IceDecker = Icedigger
Robot Police = Robotcop
Golem = Titan
Motavian Maniac = E.Farmer
Motavian Teaser = N.Farmer
Motavian Peseant = Barbarian
Head Dezorian = Evilhead
Manticort = Manticor
Manticore = Sphinx
Centaur = Horseman
King Saber = Centaur
Wise Dragon = Blue Dragon
Frost Dragon = White Dragon
Gold Drake = Gold Dragon

Posted: 26 Apr, 2017 00:41

Posted: 19 Sep, 2017 04:34
Last Edit: 19 Sep, 2017 10:46
So it has no achievements, how do we create or suggest new ones?

Posted: 19 Sep, 2017 12:30
We recieved the support for Sega Master System just recently (April this year), and later introduction of Nintendo 64 (in late May) made that system to have priority for everyone and all other releases got messed up because of it. Please be patient.

Posted: 19 Sep, 2017 15:36
Cool, I was curious as to how or whether I should even try

Posted: 19 Sep, 2017 19:51
Last Edit: 20 Sep, 2017 18:59
Alrighty, so here's some ideas for achievements that I was tossing around in my head. Feel free to build off them if you like them!

-Obtaining any core items for the plot to advance, such as Alshline, Mirror Shield, etc.
-Beating story bosses like Gold Dragon/Lashiec/etc
-Simple one of finding the meseta in the 'dungeon' in the starting town
-Maxing out level
-OPTIONAL BUT DIFFICULT: defeating the Saccubus.
-Defeating Dark Falz with no party deaths

EDIT: Just remembered that there's a Roboguard that you can pass if you show him an item, but you can also fight him. Could have achievements for beating him.

Posted: 27 Oct, 2017 07:36
Last Edit: 27 Oct, 2017 17:08
I have a couple of ideas:

-Slay a Red Dragon before recruiting Noah
-Defeat Dark Falz with all of the Laconian items equipped.

Posted: 27 Oct, 2017 17:20
Last Edit: 27 Oct, 2017 18:52
Cool. Keep those ideas comming. For now the official ETA of the set is December 20th (the eve of 30th Anniversary of the very first release). I think that day will be perfect, and I will try to do everything for it to be ready till then.

Posted: 27 Oct, 2017 18:07
Eu ia comecar a jogar, as vou esperar entao o set!

Posted: 31 Oct, 2017 02:33
* What was I supposed to do again?: Reach the top of the tower without the Prism, but after getting the Laerma Nut
* You Monster: Let Dr. Mad kill Myau and defeat him
* You Again?!: Defeat Dr. Mad in the Baya Malay passage
* An Axe to Grind: Defeating Lashiec with Odin equipped with the Laconian Axe
* An Axe to Grind II: Defeating Dark Falz with Odin equipped with the Laconian Axe

Posted: 16 Dec, 2017 17:14
Last Edit: 14 Jan, 2018 21:09
Not sure if I will be able to make this set on time, but I've decided to bring my complete (maybe not ultimate) list of achievements. Some of them are already coded, but I'm not 100% sure if it's the final form (especially titles/descriptions):

- Obtain Laconian Pot (The Priceless Can)
- Visiting Suelo for the first time (A Dome Haven)
- Obtain the Roadpass (Secret Special)
- Declare being sick (Hypochondriac)
- Recruit Myau (Feline Companion)
- Recruit Tylon (A Myth Worth Hero)
- Reach Eppi (The Wildwood Community)
- Obtain Shortcake (Pastery from the Caves)
- Defeat Roboguard (Rage Agains the Machine)
- Defeat Saccubus (Nightmare Buster)
- Recruit Lutz (An Esper Dream)
- Obtain Iron Fangs (Battle Kitty)
- Visit Dr. Luveno (Rad Scientist)
- Build a space ship (Spacecraft)
- Use Polymaterial to reveal Hapsby (Science Fiction Experiment)
- Equip Alis with Light Saber (The Force is Strong with This One)
- Defeat the Blue Dragon (Boraksaghegirak)
- Cross Antlions without Mighty (Nordic Walking)
- Have Passport taken from you (We Know You Don't Need It!)
- Cross the cloud of toxic gas (Biohazard)
- Defeat Tajima (The Pupil Became the Master)
- Give Myau to Dr. and then defeat him (You Monster!)
- Defeat Red Dragon (Imvaernarhro)
- Defeat Red Dragon without Lutz in the party (Dragonslayer)
- Have Mighty, Hovercraft and Ice Digger (Phantasy Convoy)
- Defeat Titan (Crash of the Titan)
- Obtain the Nut of Laerma (A Miracle Fruit)
- Defeat Medusa (Stone-cold Eyes)
- Defeat Dr. Mad in Baya Malay cave (You Again!?)
- Obtain the Crystal (The Algonite)
- Obtain Soothing Flute (Phantasy Instruments - The Ears)
- Obtain Magic Lamp (Phantasy Instruments - The Eyes)
- Obtain Sphere (Phantasy Instruments - The Mouth)
- Obtain Miracle Key (Phantasy Instruments - The Hand)
- Reach the top of the tower without the Prism, but after getting the Nut of Laerma (What Was I Supposed to Do Again?)
- Defeat Gold Dragon (Villentretenmerth)
- Defeat Shadow (Persona Obscura)
- Defeat Lashiec (The Dark Tyranny Collapses)
- Defeat Lashiec with Laconian equipement and without deaths (Revenge is Best Served Epic)
- Finish the game (Phantasy Star)
- Defeat Dark Force with Laconian equipement and without deaths (Heroic Poem)
- Alis have 30 lvl Diamond Armor, Laconian Sword and Laconian Shield (The Harbingess of Harmony)
- Tylon have 30 lvl Laconian Armor, Laconian Axe and Mirror Shield (The Knight of Laconia)
- Lutz have 30 lvl Wand, Frade Mantle and Laser Shield (The Sage Prodigy)
- Myau have 30 lvl Silver Fang, Thick Fur and Gloves (The Kilkenny Cat)
- In one session talk with Barbarian, Dezorian, Horseman and Farmers (Advanced Oratory)
- In one session talk with Centaur, Evilhead, Manticore, Sphinx and Tarantula (Heir of Demosthenes)
- In one session talk with Green, Blue, Read and White Dragon (The Dragontongue)
- Open all treasure chests on Palma (Interplanetar Treasure Hunter I)
- Open all treasure chests on Motavia (Interplanetar Treasure Hunter II)
- Open all treasure chests on Dezoris (Interplanetar Treasure Hunter III)
- Have 65535 Meseta (Slightly Rich)
- Explore Medusa's Cave with no KOs or escaping (Phantasy Explorer I)
- Explore Naharu Cave with no KOs or escaping (Phantasy Explorer II)
- Explore Naula Cave with no KOs or escaping (Phantasy Explorer III)
- Explore Scion Cave with no KOs or escaping(Phantasy Explorer IV)
- Explore Casba Cave with no KOs or escaping (Phantasy Explorer V)
- Explore Tajima's Cave with no KOs or escaping (Phantasy Explorer VI)
- Explore Forgotten Tower with no KOs or escaping (Phantasy Explorer VII)
- Explore Guaron Morgue with no KOs or escaping (Phantasy Explorer VIII)
- Explore Laconian Shield Cave with no KOs or escaping (Phantasy Explorer IX)
- Explore Corona Tower with no KOs or escaping (Phantasy Explorer X)
- Explore Medusa's Tower with no KOs or escaping (Phantasy Explorer XI)
- Explore Baya Malay with no KOs or escaping (Phantasy Explorer XII)

Feel free to bring comments and new ideas.

Posted: 19 Dec, 2017 06:58
Last Edit: 19 Dec, 2017 08:53
Isn't the max meseta about 65k? Can you have 100k?

Posted: 19 Dec, 2017 21:58
I wasn't sure about the value format here, becasue I've made this list without an access to Memory Inspector. I guess I should write go with "max Meseta possible", but regardless I would code it for the ammount excessive to maxiumum ammount.

Posted: 19 Dec, 2017 23:47
I have a feeling it was just a 16 bit word with a max value of 65535. I remember that i stopped opening up chests around there because there was no need to risk a trapped chest.

Posted: 20 Dec, 2017 18:06
Last Edit: 20 Dec, 2017 18:08
Yeah, the max ammount is probably FFFF in hex. BTW. Sorry guys but I ended up being too busy (settling with major changes in my private life, and preparations for Christmas mostly) to make it on time. The set will be released in the January.
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