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Live-A-Live (J2E)

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Posted: 17 Sep, 2017 17:53
Sorry KurkaWodna but I think you should help people asking for hints, like you did for the caveman name, because some of the achievements are very frustrating. I tried a lot of Clint Eastwood character for the cowboy name and I can't figure it out. It's not fun at all.

Posted: 27 Nov, 2017 08:30
(6 spaces)

And I'm sure the last one's going to be a character from Monty Python. Robin, perhaps? The candidate list isn't that long. I'm sure it won't take long to crack.

Even having figured them out in a fairly short amount of time (using Google, badge images, Tineye, imdb, and the creator's hints in the comments on a couple), I really feel including them was a poor choice. The rest of the set is solid, I appreciate the work that's gone into it, and I'm loving how much work is ahead of me for this one, but I don't think people should be held back from mastering the set because the idea of naming the character in the Mecha chapter AAAAAA didn't cross their minds. It seems rather arbitrary and frustrating, and takes away from the excitement of having such an expansive list for a great game like Live-A-Live.

I strongly recommend demoting those achievements.

Posted: 27 Nov, 2017 08:45
Seconding the above, they don't feel like achievements for Live-A-Live rather than achievements for pop culture.

Posted: 05 Feb, 2018 20:24
And, in the mean time, or in case they don't ever get demoted, the remaining two name achievements were:

HumanS (I'm guessing for "human soul") in the sci-fi chapter's extra name achievement
Arthur for the medieval chapter

Posted: 30 Mar, 2018 17:17
So, question about the achievement "Adaptable" which requires you to learn all the techniques in the Present Day Chapter. One of the techniques you can learn is "Earth Rending Fury" but I decided not to learn it because you get it at Level 16 anyway. I learned all of the other moves. Is it required to learn the Level 16 move in this chapter to get the achievement?

Posted: 31 Mar, 2018 10:27
Last Edit: 02 Apr, 2018 19:47
Another problem/question. So I am using save states to help with the 'beat chapter without saving' achievements cause some of them are lengthy. I didn't save at all during the Kung Fu or Mecha Chapter and the respective achievements did not unlock, yet the ones for the Prehistoric, Western, and Present Day chapters worked fine.

Why is this? It cannot be that I am using save states because otherwise I would have none of them.

EDIT: It also seems this doesn't work for the Sci-Fi Chapter either.

Posted: 06 Apr, 2018 05:11
I obtained the cola bottle just now, and "Even Dinosaurs Cannot Resist" did not unlock. It was a pain to even get and I do not wish to repeat the process. I have a screenshot to prove it. If one if the admins can assist me that would be great.

Posted: 14 Jan, 2019 23:26
Last Edit: 15 Jan, 2019 00:57
The creator of this achievement set is long gone from RA and likely does not plan to update this set. I really don't believe these "name" achievements have any merit in the game.

Posted: 14 Apr, 2019 08:35
Name cheevos are pretty bullcrap because they work only for one specific linked rom. You simply cannot complete the set on any other linked rom except the one mentioned by author (unless some garbage collection of letters in other versions will unlock those).

Posted: 15 Apr, 2019 18:39
Last Edit: 15 Apr, 2019 18:39
Because I just spend a lot of time grinding this game here is quick guide for those who will want to finish this set in a future:

The solution for Name cheevos has been mentioned by ImpliedKappa few messages above.

Most of the secrets can be found by following this screenshot let's play: Link

There are few obtuse one that are not mentioned there so here is a quick guide for those I had trouble with and are not mentioned in cheevo's comments:

I always said that coca cola was deadly - kill final boss of Caveman chapter with Cola (a item taht randomly drops from King Mammoth)

Show mercy - feed the merchant in the prison multiple healing items

Don't be stupid ! - give Annie's dress back to her

Better ending - run away from the final fight

EEEEEEEEEk ! - teleport around till it triggers

What does these buttons do ? - shoot yourself out of an airlock

Get It? - after the communication antennas break inspect one of the computers in the cockpit

What's inside this mechanical heart ? - screw this cheevo with a rusty spork. HumanS mentioned by ImpliedKappa didn't work for me, had to write 'HUMANm'. This cheevo is an absolute trash, the solution is not mentioned anywhere and had to inspect memory to figure it out.

Posted: 11 Oct, 2019 13:39
Can the "without saving" cheevos be done saving before the chapter or you need a 0 saves game?

Posted: 11 Oct, 2019 14:09
If I remember correctly you can do it with saves before chapter

Posted: 21 Jun, 2020 23:24
Last Edit: 22 Jun, 2020 00:31
I feel like this set could really use a revision. The set actually has a good deal of solid achievements already, so it doesn't need a complete re-working, more just a look-over to tweak a lot of the issues that cause confusion, and polishing things up a bit. Getting to what I see as the issues with this set:

First are the 8 character naming achievements, such as , which feel really out of place, since they have very little to do with the game itself and essentially require being familiar with whatever movie the achievement creator had in mind. I think these could probably just be removed.

The second issue in this set is that multiple are essentially "mystery meat" achievements, where the actual objective in question is often reasonable enough (far as I can tell, anyway), but the achievement names and descriptions are so vague or confusingly worded that players have no way of knowing what you need to do to actually achieve them (outside of someone kindly noting it it in the comments, perhaps). So many (if not all) of these can probably be left in the set, but they really need clearer descriptions, at the very least.

A few examples of these mystery meat achievements are , , and (among numerous others).

The third issue is that there are a lot of misspellings and grammar issues in this set. A few examples are "dinosorus" in a couple achievements (should be "dinosaur"), "Health everyone in the village" (should be "Heal everyone in the village" - should probably specify what village it's talking about, too), and the many achievement names that have spaces just before their punctuation for some reason.

Also, I should note that the achievement "This's awesum!" isn't a misspelling, since the English patch has an item with that exact name.

Posted: 16 Oct, 2020 05:36
Last Edit: 16 Oct, 2020 22:20
So Kurka "reddit is my inspiration for my personality" Wodna bailed, so he doesn't have to admit that his "humor" would make the entirety of Working Designs regret their life decisions? He deserves a permanent ban for this disaster, quite frankly. Seriously, compare his achievement sets for the likes of Earthworm Jim. Now look at this one. Even Victor "what do you mean, translation means not replacing everything with things I like, and actually respecting the guys who developed this game" Ireland himself was more subtle about his inability to be humorous without regurgitating pop culture references.

I'll see if I can make an achievement list that doesn't belong in a 9gag gallery of the world's most funny maymays. Aside from removing every name achievement and wiping every single painful meme icon, think there's anything else to add? I kind of want to delete the no-save achievements, to be honest. I get it for Wrestler, but the likes of Mecha would be a nightmare, I imagine.

Posted: 18 Oct, 2020 08:48
Last Edit: 18 Oct, 2020 08:49
You're a pretty new user as I can see in your profile but you seem to know quite a bit.
I've been looking forward to the day these achievements get an overhaul as have many users on the site. Actually revising it is a very big effort so I assume that's why no one has do them.
This is a really good game and I believe the quality of the set turns people off out of it(like me for example). I never met Kurka Wodna or whomever Victor Ireland is, so it's nothing personal when I say this set is quite poor and a failure to put it mildly.

As for demotions feel free to point out which of these violates the developer code of conduct for unwelcomed concepts ( ). If you do end up revising it like you said you would(giving it decent names, precise descriptions and dignified icons) that would be highly appreciated. Same goes for his other sets
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