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Live-A-Live (J2E)

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Posted: 30 Jan, 2014 17:22
Last Edit: 04 Feb, 2019 12:27
Official Topic Post for discussion about


1. Live A Live (J) [T+Eng2.0Deluxe_Aeon Genesis].sfc
RA Checksum: 65884a7aff5949fa171072fd994f29ee
CRC32 Checksum: 5AD071F3

2. Live A Live (J) [T+Eng1.00b_Aeon Genesis].sfc
RA Checksum: dc2e53cbf532a14c28f0a3840d65fa57
CRC32 Checksum: 1EAFB345

3. Live A Live (Japan).sfc
Live A Live (J) [!].sfc
RA Checksum: c223de99d22665b62c91e02727963bd4
CRC32 Checksum: 6291EE08


Posted: 30 Jan, 2014 17:22

Posted: 30 Jan, 2014 20:45
I have some achievement suggestions.

Beating "x" chapter (One for every chapter)
Obtaining the King's Fang (An item you get from an optional boss)
Obtaining the Basic Rock (A secret item)
Setting up every trap in the wild west chapter
Beating Captain Square
Finishing the Ninja chapter with 0 kills
Finishing the Ninja chapter with 100 kills
Obtaining the Suijin Scale (An item you get from an optional boss)
Obtaining the Masmune (An item you get from an optional boss)
Getting O-Robo (An optional party member)

Posted: 21 Jun, 2016 13:58
I will try to find some values to make achievements for this game, using the ROM : Live A Live (Japan) [En by Aeon Genesis v2.0Deluxe]... but when I launch the game, It is written : [bad checksum], is It a problem ?

Posted: 21 Jun, 2016 21:13
I always wanted to play this game!
The bad checksum could be the patch, if the achievements works I think it has no problem.

Posted: 22 Jun, 2016 11:54
Last Edit: 22 Jun, 2016 14:38
Would love to see this set. Incredible game.

As long as 3 people believe in you
As long as 2
As long as one other person
He was right

For beating the last chapter with 4 3 2 and solo parties.

Maybe also one for NOT using Sundown Kid in the final chapter. Would be interesting to see how that goes since everyone uses him because that one move is so broken it isn't funny.

Posted: 23 Jun, 2016 03:53
Last Edit: 24 Jun, 2016 07:02
I made a txt file with the achievement ideas: (For the people confused about the strange achievements like the Antenna or the Protege it's regarding the Watanabe's Father who bites it in each chapter)

* How many Brothers again?: Obtain a set basic crafting items from the Cavemen
* Fertility Symbol: Give Pogo a Nosebleed
* Ed's Mammoth Ribs: Defeat King Mammoth
* Thirsty?: Obtain the Cola Bottle from King Mammoth (Item Drop): Very Difficult as King Mammoth is very hard to find and fight.
* Zarathustra: Obtain the Basic Rock
* Collapse: Witness the demise of a Caveman's Father
* Love: Complete the Prehistoric Scenario

* My Favorite Pupil: Train and boost the stats of only 1 character
* Won Ton Kung Fu: Witness the failure of a Protege
* The Gauntlet: Defeat Odi Wang Lee's Warriors and Lee himself without saving after the Event where he is introduced
* Coup De Grace: Use Xuan Ya Lian Shan Quan as the Finisher against Odi Wang Lee
* New Martial Arts Style: Defeat Odi Wang Lee without using Xuan Ya Lian Shan Quan
* The New Master: Complete the Kung Fu Scenario

* Commit Seppuku: Defeat Hayate after abandoning the mission.
* Guardsman: Witness the Failure of a "Master" Thief
* Goemon was Here: Open a chest with Goemon's signature on it
* Frogman: Defeat Lord Iwama
* Spectral Blade: Defeat Majin Ryunosuke
* How is that Possible?: Obtain a 2nd Muramasa
* Such an Annoyance I: Put to rest the old lady
* Pacifist: Have a Kill Count of 0 at the end of the Scenario
* Assassin: Have a Kill Count of 100 at the end of the Scenario
* Medical Ninja: Obtain the Medicine Box
* New Age: Accept Ryouma's offer at the end of the Scenario
* I am Shinobi: Deny Ryouma's offer at the end of the Scenario
* Ninja: Complete the Bakumatsu Scenario

* The Sheriff's Challenge: Defeat The Entire Crazy Bunch without outside interference from the Townsfolk
* And Then there was One: Have the Townsfolk reduce the Crazy Bunch to only the Leader
* Did You Learn Nothing?: Let Maddog Live
* It Ends Now: Kill Maddog
* Rekindled Morale: Complete the Wild West Scenario

* Never Heckle a Luchador: Witness the Demise of a Heckler
* Adaptable: Learn all Techniques in the Scenario (Including the Hidden one)
* Champion: Complete the Wrestler Scenario

* Cyborg: Fill up Akira's Accessory Slots with Robot Weapons
* Pervert!: Obtain Taeko Punch
* Experimental Potion: Create a Potion No. 9
* Is He Doing Well?: Defeat Liquid Human W1
* 80's Mecha Ending: Complete the Near Future Scenario

* Captain Of The Shooting Stars: Finish the Captain Square minigame without the Memory Card
* Incommunicado: Observe the destruction of the Antennae
* Impressive: Finish Captain Square while Kirk is watching
* Memories: Obtain the Memory Card
* Are you dense? I: Get sucked out the airlock
* Are you dense? II: Get short circuited
* Eye on You I: Lose to 01-D0
* Eye on You II: Read the log after defeating 01-D0
* Mechanical Heart: Complete the Science Fiction Scenario

* Healers... Who Needs em?: Obtain 99 Healing Grass
* Testament to Your own Skill: Do not open any chests in the Fantasy Scenario (That includes anything from the Treasury)
* The First Ascent: Complete the 1st Ascent up Demon Peak without Saving
* Please... Spare me...: Defeat all the Guards in the castle and talk to the Minister
* The Final Ascent: Complete the 2nd Ascent up Demon Peak without saving
* Fiery Armor: Obtain the Flame Armor
* King of Demons: Complete the Fantasy Scenario

* Sad End: Complete the Final Scenario as Oersted
* All is Lost: Invoke Armageddon or Lose to Odio's 2nd Form

* New Axe: Obtain the Bone Axe
* Proof of Mastery: Obtain the Master's Nunchaku
* Bloody Rain: Obtain the Murasame
* Make My Day: Obtain the Magnum .44
* Pro Wrestler: Obtain the Super Bandage
* Ghost Whisperer: Obtain the Gutsy Glove
* Beep Boop: Obtain the 17 Diode
* Such an Annoyance II: Kill off Voice Heart once and for all. (Defeat Voice Heart in the fight before getting the Master's Nunchaku)
* Smell Evil: Have Pogo Detect the scent of Evil
* Mind of Stone: Read the Minds of the Petrified
* Angelic Armaments: Equip All Ariel Gear on one character

* Tedious but Efficient: Defeat Odio Mole in the first phase of the final battle
* Demon Slayer: Defeat Odio
* Preserving her Memory: Survive Odio's Saint Alicia Attack
* Thus Time Spun Perpetually: Defeat Oersted atop Demon Peak after defeating ODio
* Live For Live: Get the Best Ending (Have all characters in the Final Scenario in your party at least once)
* Caveman: Get the Best Ending as Pogo
* Kungfu: Get the Best Ending as Xin Shan Quan Inheritor
* A True Ninja: Get the Best Ending as Oboro
* Cowboy: Get the Best Ending as Sundown
* Journey: Get the Best Ending as Masaru
* Flow: Get the Best Ending as Akira
* Circuits: Get the Best Ending as Cube

* Throughout Time in 80 Saves: Complete the games with 80 or Fewer Saves (Saves are logged on the Save Screen)
* Do the Truffle Shuffle!: Get over 50 Steps with HuiGuoRou
* Foodie: Find Sammo in the Final Chapter
* One Track Mind: Talk to Pogo as Li

Posted: 25 Jun, 2016 10:19
Wow, that escalated quickly !
Thank you for taking the time to write your ideas for achievements, I think that I'll Have a lot of work :p

Posted: 26 Jun, 2016 17:20
I had these a long while ago, was waiting for someone to start a topic for the game, that is all.

The Watanabe Achievements are:

Collapse, Won Ton Kung Fu, Never Heckle a Luchador, Incommunicado, Is He Doing Well?, Mind of Stone

May just scrap Incommunicado because it happens during the Cube's story anyway like Watanabe Sr. in Sundown's Scenario.

Posted: 02 Sep, 2016 08:00
Last Edit: 01 Oct, 2016 15:57

The 2 September, 22 years ago, a great game called Live A Live was born, and as a tribute to Live A Live here is 111 achievements !
Just a few words about them :

- Thank you to everyone who posted ideas on the forum, I did not used them all because sometimes finding values was not possible... and sometimes I just wanted to do something else :p (but I'm still open to others suggestions, this set of achievements will probably evolve)
- For the achievements where you have to guess a name, just write the name when you can, you don't need to select "END" to have the achievement, you may need to use uppercase, spaces, and maybe both !!!
- There is many "secret achievements" where you will have to guess yourself what to do, but don't worry there is clues everywhere (Title, Badge or in the description of the achievement Itself (see the list below))
-As you know the game is pretty long and I had to play and replay several times to make these achievements but I can't test all the achievements so if one of them trigger at the wrong time, or not at all please do a "bug repport"
- And I have done the achievements with this ROM : Live A Live (Japan) [En by Aeon Genesis v2.0Deluxe]


As long as one people believe in these achievements I won't lose hope !

Posted: 02 Sep, 2016 22:25
Last Edit: 02 Sep, 2016 22:25
Hi kurka, I'm really enjoying the game so far. If I find any problem I'll post here for you and other players :)

I think is wrong but I'm not sure. It triggered when I tried to use the Storehouse Key while locked in the jail cell (Ninja Quest)

If I find anything else I will update. :)

Posted: 03 Sep, 2016 08:10
Last Edit: 06 Sep, 2016 08:38
Oooops indeed It was not supposed to trigger here. Thanks for your repport the achievement will work correctly now (you can reset your achieved statut for this one if you want, It is an easy one ;) )

PS : Sorry for the bugs with the Achievements for finishing a chapter without saving the value to the saves was moving during the dialog too, now they should work.

Posted: 20 Oct, 2016 01:10
Any tips for the guess name achievements?

Posted: 20 Jul, 2017 11:24

Posted: 24 Aug, 2017 15:31
what if I saved on instinct, then started a new game with the save file still there?
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